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  1. Been a while since I’ve gotten to update my rig. But I’m excited to share the experience as I have had more time to tinker. Recently I added some LEDs to my bumpers. So far the fronts are good to go. The rears are mounted but I need another wiring harness. Too easy. Enjoy 19’ Silverado 3500 Road Armor Vaquero Front/Rear bumpers Banks Derringer/iDash Banks CAI
  2. My strongest suggestion is to go with Banks. I have the derringer, iDash, and the intake. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with their customer service and their products. Mileage went up almost instantly
  3. I agree with Cooley. I have the derringer, iDash, and intake on my 3500. From stock, it’s like night and day. Banks is a mad scientist when it comes to the L5P
  4. @WillDiet I have the iDash, derringer, and banks intake on my ‘19 Silverado 3500. Not the dif cover, yet. What I can tell you about my set up so far is I feel a completely different truck from stock. My milage is up on long drives. I enjoy being able to monitor all my temps and such (wt model). I’m a believer in “ I’d rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.” My opinion is you can’t go wrong with anything banks has to offer.
  5. Earlier this winter while I was on my way to work my check engine light came up. Luckily for me I had my Banks Derringer to check what code my truck threw. After researching this code and taking my truck to my local dealer, I was informed that my exhaust temperatures were outside of the factory parameters. That they were actually too low. This winter we didn’t see much snow but temperatures were regularly between zero and 15 in the early morning hours. My dealer replaced my exhaust temperature sensor and last weekend my truck threw the same code. I made another appointment with my dealer to have the code checked out. I informed them that it was the same code as before. With only being able to get an appointment a week later, my check engine light ended up going away on its own on one of the warmer days of the week. I really want to believe that the extreme low temperatures and high altitude have something to do with my truck having these issues. Only recently have I been using my engine block heater because of a recall that was out that just got fixed. I also have a Banks cold air intake, but I don’t know if that would contribute to this issue. Has anyone else experienced this code? ‘19 Silverado 3500HD w/about 14.3k miles.
  6. I’m new to diesels as of last January when I got my 3500. I was very skeptical and nervous the first time I smelled burning. I would look everywhere under the hood looking for something melted and do the same from underneath. I’m 99% sure the smell is from the regen. Normal stuff when you’re truck is cleaning itself.
  7. Been lookin around on the YouTube at light bars and cubes. Also, while making my rounds and the local harbor freight I noticed they now carry both. For the price and the availability, to me this isn’t sounding like a bad option. Feelings? Opinions?
  8. I have the banks CAI and I love it. Super easy install. Sounds great and truck jus has a new feel about it (also have the derringer) This is also my first diesel and after all the research I did beforehand, banks had the most positive feedback. Customer service was by far the best I’ve ever dealt with in anything. Any questions you have about their products to your specific truck, they have the answers. Based on my experience with Banks I feel like you can’t go wrong
  9. Finally making some progress. ‘19 3500 WT Banks Derringer+iDash+Ram air intake Road Armor Vaquero front/rear bumpers cant wait for wheels tires and lift. Little things coming soon: light bar for front bumper, front fog lights, rear cubes. Anyway...enjoy!
  10. After waiting for my bumpers to be built I got impatient and decided the truck needed more. Thanks to the awesome guys at banks engineering I went ahead and got the derringer and iDash and an intake. What perfect timing that everything shipped pretty much the same time. All in all my dream truck jus keeps turning into a dream come true truck. Enjoy!
  11. Last time I called the bumpers were just finishing up with their powder coat hopefully they’ll ship sometime this week. Definitely will post pictures once the bumpers come in. Also ordered some Banks goodies I can’t wait to start putting everything together
  12. Well it was a toss up between ranch hand and road armor. There was a back order on the ranch hand legend front bumper I wanted from my local distributor. I decided to go with the road armor vaquero front and rear bumper. I will post pictures when I receive and install them. Can’t wait !!
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