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  1. Been lookin around on the YouTube at light bars and cubes. Also, while making my rounds and the local harbor freight I noticed they now carry both. For the price and the availability, to me this isn’t sounding like a bad option. Feelings? Opinions?
  2. I have the banks CAI and I love it. Super easy install. Sounds great and truck jus has a new feel about it (also have the derringer) This is also my first diesel and after all the research I did beforehand, banks had the most positive feedback. Customer service was by far the best I’ve ever dealt with in anything. Any questions you have about their products to your specific truck, they have the answers. Based on my experience with Banks I feel like you can’t go wrong
  3. Finally making some progress. ‘19 3500 WT Banks Derringer+iDash+Ram air intake Road Armor Vaquero front/rear bumpers cant wait for wheels tires and lift. Little things coming soon: light bar for front bumper, front fog lights, rear cubes. Anyway...enjoy!
  4. After waiting for my bumpers to be built I got impatient and decided the truck needed more. Thanks to the awesome guys at banks engineering I went ahead and got the derringer and iDash and an intake. What perfect timing that everything shipped pretty much the same time. All in all my dream truck jus keeps turning into a dream come true truck. Enjoy!
  5. Last time I called the bumpers were just finishing up with their powder coat hopefully they’ll ship sometime this week. Definitely will post pictures once the bumpers come in. Also ordered some Banks goodies I can’t wait to start putting everything together
  6. Well it was a toss up between ranch hand and road armor. There was a back order on the ranch hand legend front bumper I wanted from my local distributor. I decided to go with the road armor vaquero front and rear bumper. I will post pictures when I receive and install them. Can’t wait !!
  7. I’m in the market for a set of new bumpers for my ‘19 3500HD. My gut is telling me ranch hand legend front with sport rear. But on the other hand the road armor vaquero has been on my mind as well. I’ve seen all the ranch hand testimonials and I’ve seen quite a few of them on rigs in my area. Now that spring is upon us I want to take the step in finally getting some protection against that wandering doe crossing the highway and/or that idiot not paying attention. Does anyone out there have any experience with the rod armor vaquero? And with the ranch hand legend? Thank you for your help.
  8. Also have a ‘19 3500 and wondered the same thing. Thank you for clarification
  9. Awesome seat covers. I also have a WT and I went with the carharrt covers front and back. Love those things to death. The back seat install was a bit of a pain (had to unbolt rear seats from cab) but all in all I’m very satisfied with them.
  10. The time finally came to take the leap to the Duramax Loved my ‘17 2500 gasser. Great piece of equipment. I hope the next owner appreciates it as much as I did. Definitely love power and capabilities of my new ‘19 3500. Enjoy
  11. it may be wishful thinking, but I’d like to swap this new 6.6L gas in for my 6.0 after it dies at 900,000 miles
  12. I’m feeling pretty good about the ranch hand legend series bumper. It sucks I wish they had a rear bumper to match with it for my year. I like that it’s heavy duty af. As far as a winch goes, I don’t have a need for it at the moment. Jus looking for the strongest maximum protection against deer or any tard that’s not paying attention.
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