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  1. The time finally came to take the leap to the Duramax 💪🏽 Loved my ‘17 2500 gasser. Great piece of equipment. I hope the next owner appreciates it as much as I did. Definitely love power and capabilities of my new ‘19 3500. Enjoy 😊
  2. it may be wishful thinking, but I’d like to swap this new 6.6L gas in for my 6.0 after it dies at 900,000 miles 😎
  3. Aftermarket bumpers

    I’m feeling pretty good about the ranch hand legend series bumper. It sucks I wish they had a rear bumper to match with it for my year. I like that it’s heavy duty af. As far as a winch goes, I don’t have a need for it at the moment. Jus looking for the strongest maximum protection against deer or any tard that’s not paying attention.
  4. Hello all. I’m looking to outfit my 2500 with a new bumper. After seeing what a doe did to a neighbors truck I felt like it would be a smart investment. I’ve only gone as far as window shopping here and there but I’d like to hear from you on what bumpers any of you have and your experiences with them. Thank you in advance. -M
  5. Yesterday while I was driving I had noticed that my volume on my radio control would not get louder after 35. When I try to go higher than 35 the volume does not go up. When the volume control hits around 50 the volume then starts to go down. I have researched the infotainment and Apple CarPlay forums but cannot find a solution. Has anyone experienced similar issues? What have you done to fix the problem?
  6. what the hell are these?

    If you go on YouTube and type in "How to put a child seat into a 2016 GMC Sierra Double Cab" they show you how to put in your seat using the loops
  7. Running board assistance

    Thanks for the input. Probably should have been a little more clear in the beginning but the install instructions I received were not for my truck. I've followed videos from google and YouTube and have gotten the brackets installed, looking for more or reassurance from someone who has the steps so I know that it was done correctly. Only way to really figure it out is to do it. But thanks anyway
  8. I recently bought a set of go rhino dominator d4 steps for my 17' 2500 HD CC and no matter how many times I try to look at the instructions my brain implodes. Does anyone out there have these steps that can help me understand the installation? Please and thank you, -SPC M.
  9. New to 2500. Advice please

    Just wanted to post an update from the first post. Very happy with my first new truck! 2017 2500 WT Convenience pkg Snow plow pkg Tow/trailer pkg
  10. Happy early Fathers Day

    More to come!!
  11. After waiting patiently for the right deal and the perfect truck to come along, I've finally brought her home! '17 2500 HD WT -Snow Plow pkg. -Tow pkg. -Convenience pkg. Great deal, smiles all around. I want to thank everyone for their advice from my last post. Pics to come as soon as I can figure out how to post from phone. Happy Fathers Day to all the pops out there -SPC M.
  12. New to 2500. Advice please

    Hello everyone After some time I've finally come across a potential purchase. After searching and searching I have been unable to find a 2500 with the options I wanted and in the price range I was hoping to stick to. However I have found a great deal on a 3500 6.0 WT with all the options I wanted, minus the snow plow ( really only wanted the snow plow for the under body shield protection) Are there any 3500 gas owners out there that can share their experiences with me? Thank you for your help, SPC M.
  13. New to 2500. Advice please

    Thank you all so much for your input I really appreciate it I'm sure you guys get these questions often but thank you again for steering me in the right direction. I can't wait for my 2500 to be in the driveway. The family is really excited to (especially for the extra leg room lol). Don't thank me, thank my recruiter lol. Everything aside, I love my job. Thank you all for being the reason I do what I do -SPC M.
  14. Hello all. New to the forum here and I have a few questions for proud 2500 owners and their experiences with their rigs as I will also be the proud owner of a 2500 soon. First off just a little bit of my background. I don't tow anything heavy. For the most part the payload won't go beyond you're weekly grocery list and a half dozen rucksacks for the regular scheduled field exercise. My decision as of late has been based off of cabin space (giraffe sized family) and a recent accident of fellow soldier (large 4door sedan similar to the one I currently drive which was shredded to gunk). After seeing a similar car to the one I drive in the way I want to be as high off the ground as possible so I don't end up under the trailer of an 18wheeler. From the current market I see some good deals on the crew cab WT and LT models under 20k miles for 15-16 year models. For those proud 2500 owners how have your experiences been with your rigs? What issues have you come across on your daily drives? Hauling/towing? Trails? Any and all advice for just about everything you've encountered is appreciated. As far as mods I only plan on tinting windows until I can convince the wife on the lift lol. Please and thank you

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