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  1. May be strictly anecdotal, but on my 2013 Sierra 2500HD Z71, when I switched from the Firestone to the Cooper tires, I noticed a significant improvement in handling - the Firestones seemed to grab every rut in the road and drag the truck which way they wanted to go, with the Coopers - not really noticeable. My 2019 All Terrain 2500HD with the factory Firestone re-acts quite the same way. Plan on swapping to Cooper once I get enough mileage to justify new tires - am curious to see if I get same results. It doesn't stand to reason that it is strictly a tire issue. Still wouldn't trade that Duramax/Allison combo for anything else.
  2. All of my work is in caliche dirt, which is very sticky when wet - takes about $2.50 per wheel at the local pressure washer place. The wheels on my 2013 2500 with the plastic inserts cleans off really quick. Am considering putting spray on plastic coat on the felt liners, has anybody tried that?
  3. Thank you very much, that is pretty much what I had in mind. Pictures and video were just what i needed to see. Stay safe up there1
  4. That looks good. I have been looking at the blackout emblems. Did you do a full replacement on the letters or wrap the existing letters?
  5. I have been way over researching sports bar lighting for 2019 All Terrain X (2500hd). My personal preference would be two of the 7"-12" wide lights (mostly for aesthetics if performance is not degraded). As long as it's LED, is there a difference between lights, light pods and light bars as far as load requirements, or are they just generically referred to these names by the size? Any obstacles that might be caused using "bars" instead of "lights"? Truck is used for field work and deer camp, moderate off road driving in areas with a lot of brush, wild hogs and no light. Looking for some extra forward illumination, but also want some on the sides for making turns. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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