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  1. Anyone know what exactly the fix is besides bringing it to the dealer? Dealer says they can't do anything more after replacing the module, wiring, and rear camera. I'd rather have an aftermarket system that actually works and is easy to replace than this thing which gives me the same blinding blue screen that I can't turn off at night. Truck is a 2017 SLE.
  2. If these are the same 8 speeds on the Canyons, I've seen the opposite around here. No one here gets to drive above 45 and all short trips so that doesn't help either. They're also a complete B**** to work on the other trucks.
  3. If the parking light and signal light is the same bulb, it's likely a dual-filament where the lower wattage (parking) portion is burnt out. Switch the bulb from the other side to verify if the other side works as normal. If the symptom is gone, replace the bulb, if not, it's something else along the control unit/switch/wiring side. On another note, I had a problem with my signal light intermittently working, bulb was good. Turns out it was overtightened, loosened it 1/4 turn and all is normal so check that contacts are where they should be.
  4. Thank you all, I finally had time this weekend and this proved to be the problem.
  5. Out of nowhere, exhaust rattle that sounds like loud marbles in a can happens today after sitting all night. Never happened before and nothing out of the ordinary regarding commute. Anyone have any ideas what it is? System checks out tight and mounts are good. Happens only at the rear. Don't know how to link video so upload is here (make sure to click on speaker at lower right of video to enable sound): https://imgur.com/a/ZGdRTWP
  6. This is such a pain, I've had 2 Toyotas, both which had the frames replaced for free while out of warranty. Are these frames even available separately or do I just toss the truck when the time comes? From another former LS owner, these things seem like a catastrophe considering the truck is still in warranty and I've got frame rust, on my 2nd rear cam repair, transmission/powertrain issues etc. It's hard to accept then I read what the 8-speed Canyon folks are going through..
  7. That is a sweet truck! If you want to get the build sheet for your truck, email [email protected] with your VIN# and request one. That’ll officially answer what you’re looking for.
  8. Yeah I figured I’d finally ask around to see if this was a common thing because I couldn’t find similar cases for this particular set while searching or any correlation through my driving experience. Truck tracks straight and smooth just like when I bought it. Basically I just wanted to see if this is about the time/range these tires tend to fall apart. The only other tire that I can remember having problems with were Federal Couragia but those were a different kind of mess. Thanks for all the input gents.
  9. No caustics, no rocky areas, alignment is at factory settings. White dust is from neighbor’s construction that settles on my driveway. Damage is similar at all four tires which has me stumped. I have several trucks with all different kinds of tires throughout the years and have never seen this happen, especially since this one doesn’t see the offroad or jobsite duty my other ones go through.
  10. Yep, I've seen too many scenarios up from the floor level up from a dealership perspective. You'd be surprised at some of the financial risks some of these unprepared buyers make just to get that new car feeling.
  11. Suddenly my 20k tires start falling apart in chunks. I have never seen this before, it's like they're disintegrating for no good reason. Cooper STT here I come...
  12. Don't, you only (kind of) do this to an out-of warranty vehicle with a looming repair exceeding it's actual value. Keep the truck, sell privately as some others mentioned, or wait a while because dealers will continue to starve as they get desperate to unload inventory. Yes, big dealerships have a set formula exactly for this. Thing is, KBB means nothing as fair market value is determined on a different scale, and any "real" value purchasing opportunity is based on local dealership variables that cannot always be predicted.
  13. I've got three and one hybrid... so it evens out.
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