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  1. Thanks for the info, Lee. When I took my truck in they were unable to recreate the error message (even though I showed them the photo I took), so they said there was nothing they could do. Hopefully they did the software update when I took it in for the recall.
  2. The latest problem I've had is that all of my favorites (radio stations) have disappeared. I used to be able to scroll using the buttons on the left rear of the steering wheel. When I press those buttons now, it says "No Favorites Stored." The whole mylink system is junk. I'm really disappointed. I want my 2001 Silverado back.
  3. I wouldn't say it's "resolved." This is the second problem I've had with the mylink system in the three months I've owned the truck. I'll ask the dealership to look into it once I take the truck in for the fire recall.
  4. It is working now. Had to restart the truck a few times. For a while the rear camera stayed on constantly-even in Drive.
  5. This was a nice way to start my day: Display reads "Service Rear Vision System" Now the radio/nav/etc doesn't work. I tried to upload a photo of the error message, but the file was too big.
  6. Problem Solved. Took it to the dealer this afternoon, they reset the system, and everything is working normal now. The technician said it shouldn't happen again, but if it does, they'll reprogram it, which takes about 2 hours.
  7. UPDATE: Six hours later, the radio is still on.... Spoke with a representative from the MyLink Customer Support Center (855-478-7767). He was very friendly and is contacting the local dealer about finding a solution to the problem. Hopefully, they can figure it out before the battery is drained.
  8. I got to the gym this morning and when I opened the door to get out of my truck, the radio stayed on. I tried turning the truck on and off, and opening and closing the doors, but the radio stayed on. I decided to lock the truck and hope that it would turn off eventually. When I came back out 1.5 hours later, the radio was off, but the entire MyLink touchscreen was off and unresponsive. Now, none of the MyLink buttons work and the screen won't turn on, and the radio audio is stuck on again. The radio controls on the rear of the steering wheel don't work either, and when I try to control the radio/bluetooth/navigation through the in-dash control center, it says radio off or bluetooth not connected. I found a different Chevy forum saying that on other MyLink equipped models, people had similar problems and were able to "soft-boot" the system by turning off the vehicle, leaving their door open for 10 minutes and then restarting the vehicle. I tried that--it didn't work. And the radio (audio only) stayed on the entire time. When I got to work this morning, the radio stayed on again. I'm hoping I won't have a dead battery when I leave here tonight. I've got an appointment at the dealer tomorrow morning, so I'll keep you guys updated. If anyone knows a solution or has had a similar problem, I'd like to hear about it. I have less than 3000 miles on the truck. Thanks.
  9. If you remove the blocks, make sure you install new U-bolts and retorque after two weeks.
  10. 2014 Crew Cab Short Box 1500 2WD LT Z71 $38935 (including destination charge) 5.3L +1095 All Star Edition +1830 Bucket Seats +795 MyLink Navigation +795 Package Discount -750 MSRP: 42700 (from Chevy website) Sticker Price: 41325 Negotiated Price: 38227 Rebates -3500 Paid: 34727+TTL
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