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  1. Had to get something out of the TT today and looked at the sway bars quickly and they are rated for 1k tongue weight max and 10k trailer weight max...so technically I should be ok. im going to add more washers to the hitch to angle the ball back farther and see if that helps. I rarely use the tool to get the sway bars on it...I just have jack lift it up high enough that I can swing the bars on effortlessly. Thanks
  2. Your correct that is dry. So probably around 1k with propane and battery. I try to keep minimal water on travel days just enough to run toliet for stops.
  3. I appreciate everyone response to help. This is only picture I have from when I had the ball higher than the coupler. It’s not a great picture but shows the squat. I’ll have to go hook it up on another day when it’s not my wife’s birthday, and take better pictures!
  4. Done that...thats why im on here looking to see what others are doing.
  5. I may have to do that. It was originally set up by dealership on our suburban (that came with stock self leveling airbags). But that hitch receiver was much higher than mine is in the Silverado. I was hoping someone was currently use that type of hitch and had a picture of their settings.
  6. Ive had it higher, lower, currently i have the ball level with the ball coupler.
  7. I really like how my 6.2 Max Tow 2020 Silverado Tows, plenty of power and handles pretty good. However my big disappointment is in how much it squats with my 8000lb travel trailer is hooked up. I have an Equalizer hitch for it that is supposed to help with weight distribution, and i thought i was paying for the heavy duty leaf springs in the Max Tow, but would like it to more leveled out. I put a level on the bed rail of the truck and it shows its level...but still doesnt look right. Anyone have any experience using one of these Equalizer Weight Distribution hitches? Im curious what settings you have it set at. I have tried moving the ball higher, lower, adjusting the L brackets....I dont want to have to get air bags, the equalizer hitch is supposed to do the job.
  8. I debated heavily between the 6.6 and the 6.2 and im really happy with my 6.2. Its really fast and not as big for parking and getting it in my garage. Yes the gas mileage sucks pulling a 7-8k travel trailer but tows nicely. Just avg 8.9 on a trip to Mt Rushmore and back to KC running 70-75. It can pass anything but a gas station. Its thirsty. But plenty of power and im sure the 6.6 wont give you that much better mileage towing. Im hoping its still going to improve once its broke in. Just had my first oil change yesterday.
  9. Its that time of year where a casual drive to the grocery store will result in some dead bugs splatter across your windshield. Im curious what products yall are using that help remove them easily to help save some "elbow grease". Some products are really hard on the paint, and with the already soft paint it seems on the hoods of these trucks, I want to use something that wont hurt the paint. Thanks for your input!
  10. Yea I’m not sure that is available on the 2019’s. Really like the feature on mine. Makes changing lanes and turning corners really slick. I’ve got the same problem as you, it doesn’t matter where I’m driving pulling a trailer I am driving into the wind. I dont notice hardly at all with the 6.2 10 speed compared to how much it just zapped my 5.3. But man the 6.2 is THIRSTY! Really wish it had a bigger gas tank like your said. We just drove from KC to Mt Rushmore and I felt like I was stopping at every gas station. I averaged 8.9 running 70. But yea when I was looking at going 2500 didnt look like mpg wasn’t that much better, maybe 1-2 better but not a lot. Bigger gas tank would be very nice. But pulls like a champ! Plenty of power to pass going up a hill where I generally only did so with my 5.3 on flat ground or going down hill.
  11. Yea...and im half way ok with that. However i would expect more out of my HC trim level. But i would just like to know if its sync'd with my temp preference or my passenger side preference. Thanks for your input.
  12. Thats what we have been doing....but its a shame that their is no way to control the fan speed or temp.
  13. Has anyone figured out how to control the rear vents? I googled it and found nothing. There is nothing on the dash or infotainment screen either that gives adjusting the rear vents. Is it based off the choices of the driver or passenger? I like it cool, my wife not so much and my kids constantly complain that they are cold in the back....what gives?! Really love my new Silverado but GM really overlooked this aspect of the climate control. Am i missing something?
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