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  1. Thank you for your feedback on your experience. I tend to drive my trucks for 10 years before trading for a new one so i definitely want to make sure i get one im happy with.....I may have to order one if i cant find the one i want. Ive read a few posts/threads from the past 2-3 years on here about those that pull 6000lb + with just a standard 6.2 3.23 axle. Im curious about their experiences too. I know it has the power but do they squat alot?
  2. Thank you for posting all those options. Im good with not having the 22s I have a 7000lb travel trailer we pull 6 months out of the year on the weekends. I currently use a 2015 5.3 with a 3.42 Trailer package and it does pretty good, but would like to step up to a 6.2 but want the max towing ability to just have best trailer towing out of a 1500. I dont want a 3/4 ton because i use my truck for business travel out of state and want better MPG. Also like the 6.2 because its quick. For some reason I dont care for the chrome grill on the LTZ. Maybe the RST with 6.2 with NHT is an option with less options on the interior. Thanks for yalls input. I may have to settle for a LTZ because they seem the most available with NHT.
  3. I would be willing to go down to LTZ, but i hate the big crome bumper on it. I wish LTZ still had a painted bumper like before....but i guess they wouldnt need the High Country then. Im in Kansas City area, on MO side, but willing to go 300 miles for one if the price is right. Im like alot of people on here, im trying to decide if Aprils deals will be better than Marchs. The dealers dont seem all the hungry enough to move metal yet in my area.
  4. The search function on chevrolet.com and gmc.com is pretty worthless. It doesnt seem to be up to date. Why are their so few 1500 with a 6.2 and 3.42 rear end with Max Towing Package available? I would think most that use it to two would want that package. Im finding like 1 per state. Especially in High Country Trim.
  5. Took my 2015 Suburban in for an oil change last week and thought I would bring up the vibrating with them AGAIN...even though our Burb has 80k on it now. I complained about the vibrating of my vehicle at 77+ mph that has been a problem since it was brand new, and is documented in their notes because I brought it in several times to have it looked at and they even put new tires on it at one point to try and fix it/appease me. It never fixed it. Because one time they kept for about a week I never left it with them again because it was to much of a hassle to drive across town to drop it off and pick up and to be given a smaller vehicle for my wife to drive around with 2 kids to get in and out. When I first was complaining about the vibrating the dealership service people denied that they knew this was an issue in the newer generation GM Full size SUV's back when we bought it brand new. Despite the growing complaints online on GM forums, new stories on major networks and people returning their vehicles, they continued to deny that it was an issue. Now that there seem to be some possible remedies (newer wheel bushings and a new exhaust in a service bulletin to help with booming buffering noise in cabin) that I brought up to my service rep on Friday, he said they would not be fixing them for free (now that warrenty up and 80k miles) and really wasn't interesting in entertaining fixing the issues at all. I told him I might be possibly interesting in paying to have it fixed myself even though I shouldn't because GM sold me (and thousand others) a defective 60k vehicle and didn't have any possible fixes until my warranty ran out, and I want to enjoy driving the vehicle at highway speeds. Instead I was told, "All manufactures have issues and sometimes you just have to deal with it". This was the first time that it was at least acknowledged that these SUV's have the vibrating/booming issue I described after 3 years of complaining about it!!!! And that was it and he was ready for me to leave. Seems to me GM wants to sweep this problem under the rug. Ive always been a GM/Chevy fan and always thought I would drive one. Not sure if when I go to purchase next time I will entertain purchasing a Chevy and definitely not from Cable Dahmer of Kansas City. Nice people, but have zero interest in making things right for you. Note, if anyone at GM is reading this, go back and look at my same complaints from a couple years ago on here...same problem, nothing fixed.
  6. Is anyone like me that was first in line to buy a new 2015 Chevrolet Suburban pissed now that they decided to wait to release Apple CarPlay in the 2016 vehicles and not available to 2015? I had my wife take in our 2015 Suburban for an oil change and tire rotation today and asked them to update our Suburban with the new Apple CarPlay software. She was told they cant do it!!!!?????? How is this possible?! The screen in our dash cant be any different than the ones in the 2016 vehicles. This is a big kick in the sack to those of us that bought the new body style and now don't get the same technology that SHOULD be updatable!!!! The service tech had the audacity to have a sales person come talk to my wife in the waiting room about buying a new 2016 to get the Apple CarPlay.....are these people crazy? Anyone else think this is shady and ticked off? Im not trying to cause a uprising...but this is so silly. Please help Chevy, there has to be a way to do this.
  7. I have the same problem with my 2015 Suburban LT. It vibrates from 75-85mph. I took it in, they rebalanced. Still vibrated. Took it back in they said the same thing you just said, 3 of the tires didn't pass roadforce test and replaced them. Still vibrates...just made another appointment to take it back in....im getting pissed and frustrated at this point! a 60K vehicle should not do this and like many of you they drove 300+ miles to me In a dealer trade...cant tell me the driver didn't notice it.
  8. I have a 2015 Suburban 2015 LT that vibrates at 75+. They have put new (same Continentals) on and road force tested them and it was a little better for about 1k miles...and back to vibrating. Really frustrated that I spent 60k on a new vehicle and they cant get this figured out...and leaving my vehicle for days at the dealer is really annoying for them to just put the same type of tires back on it.
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