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  1. 6.2 with NHT pulls really nice. But I don’t have much to compare it to. Used to pull our 30’ travel trailer with a 5.3 NHT Suburban, so just having a truck with more power and built to pull a trailer better than a Suburban already makes it a better setup. I have the 20” wheels and run load E tires. I was in same situation as you, I considered the 2500 but I’m in enough parking garages for work and didn’t want to mess with a bigger truck, because it was something I “wanted” not needed. My 6.2 will pass anything towing…except a gas station. 8.5 mpg running 70-75. Great truck though.
  2. Should of got the technology package and you wouldn’t need the tow mirrors. I have 6.2 with max tow High Country and don’t need the big dumbo looking tow mirrors because with technology package, when I put turn signal on, it shows all the way down past my 35ft trailer on the screen. Fixes the need for the tow mirrors. Something to think about if you trade it. Nice truck otherwise.
  3. I’ve got a Max tow 2020 6.2 and pull a heavier travel trailer 8500# with more drag because of surface area and have pulled the Ike gauntlet and other step pulls in Colorado last summer and never had that problem. In fact I was so impressed with how cool the trans stayed. It pulls the trailer around 150 degrees and never got over 200 on the toughest pulls. Something wrong with that truck on TFL.
  4. Last summer I damaged the passenger side assist step on my 2020 Silverado 1500. Because I couldn’t just order one side, I had to purchase a pair of new OEM chrome side assist steps from GM for my HC Silverado. I didn’t have them install the drivers side because there was nothing wrong with it. I have the drivers side still In the box with bolts and attachments. I think the steps are interchangeable regardless of side (maybe someone from GM can confirm). If someone had a mishap like me and doesn’t want to have to buy a pair for $900, I am selling mine for $500 plus shipping. sku number is 84106709 message me if interested
  5. Looks good. I got the dealer to replace it under warranty. I wasnt ready to give up on the Bronze look, i like it. But your new grill looks sharp.
  6. I love it. Great truck and engine. Now when i drive my wifes 5.3 suburban it feels slow and i hate the shifting compared to the 10 speed in my truck. It pulls my 31ft TT 8500lb Gross really well. Last week i added some Timbrens to help with some sag when hitched up. Between making adjustments to my WD hitch and the Timbrens, it really feels and pulls like a 3/4 truck in how solid it feels.
  7. Im not 100% sure on this, but it seems when i bought my 20 HC 6.2 Max Tow, 20 inches was largest option on it because of tow weight restrictions on 22 inch tires that they offered, 22 inch tire was to thin.......I wish mine had the 22s as i think it looks nicer, but not end of world.
  8. Guys, just got back from the dealership having my HC Grill changed out for a new one because the bronze paint on the grill was chipping off. The truck is only a year old and im sure it will happen with the new one as well so im looking for ideas to protect the new one from chipping off. Anyone had/have this problem with theirs? Im considering maybe a 3M bra on it? Ceramic coating? Im curious what yalls thoughts are.
  9. IVe got the same issue on My 2020 HC 6.2 . Great for towing but squats to much even with W&D hitch. I ordered Timbrens last week but considered the Roadmasters, but didnt want my rear end any higher which the Roadmasters tend to do when not towing. So we will see how they work after they get installed and i tow our 8500# camper.
  10. Im considering the Timbrens, or sumo springs as well. Cant decide. Was dead set on the Roadmaster Active Suspension, but most of the reviews i read on them, had it lifting the rear end of the truck up about an inch unloaded. I really like how Chevy did a better job leveling these trucks out stock than previous ones so i dont want to go back to sticking my rear end up in high again. What has your experience been @btj_z71 But i do want to help with the sag in my Silverado when pulling TT.
  11. Had to get something out of the TT today and looked at the sway bars quickly and they are rated for 1k tongue weight max and 10k trailer weight max...so technically I should be ok. im going to add more washers to the hitch to angle the ball back farther and see if that helps. I rarely use the tool to get the sway bars on it...I just have jack lift it up high enough that I can swing the bars on effortlessly. Thanks
  12. Your correct that is dry. So probably around 1k with propane and battery. I try to keep minimal water on travel days just enough to run toliet for stops.
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