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  1. 20 LT with 5.3-had 8400 miles b4 valve collapsed and bent a push rod-dealer replaced all valves on one side and was out truck for 11 days-build date 09/20
  2. I received a notification of a message from vanessa1012 but when I go to messages it wasn’t there-she was lookin to hook up-that would really piss the wife off lol
  3. I like the look of the gmc fog lights better than the Chevy and was wondering if anyone has thoughts about fabricating a set onto the new chevy’s..any input is appreciated
  4. I know this has been gone over previously,but I’m curious...I just bought a 20 lt z71 and I was told factory navigation is not available without replacing entire stereo system for about $9500.. this has got to be b.s. I do have the sd card slot on bottom of dash
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