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  1. Bumping this because I still haven’t seen any replies besides just buying a whole exhaust system. My question and the original posters question is aftermarket options that have little to no drone but create more noise to replace the factory muffler.
  2. Drone I would describe as a monotone exhaust note that you can hear within the cab while cruising that is loud enough to become annoying. As for the helicopter noise people say happens I’m not sure cause I have DFM disabled via pulsar.
  3. Going off the original post that started this thread. I’m looking to get similar sound to a Borla S-Type full system by replacing the stock muffler and possibly deleting flappers if need be. I have my dfm/afm disabled so I don’t have to worry about the “helicopter” noise. Wondering if anyone has experience with dfm/afm disabled and changing out stock muffler. I do not want any drone.
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