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  1. Removed from my ‘21 after approximately 1000 miles. 275-60-20 size Bridgestone Alenza Tires $1000 OBO No shipping. Local pickup. 43162 zip code
  2. Let me know if this link doesn’t work: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/1456413/2021-chevrolet-silverado-1500-fuel-rage-readylift-suspension-lift-4
  3. Fuel Rage 20”x9” +1 offset w/305-55r20 Amp Terrain Attack tires on 4” Readylift SST. No rubbing or modifications.
  4. I drive 22 miles each way to work and I’d say 75% interstate and 25% city/state route and I’m getting 26 to 27.5 mpg and am at almost 11,000 miles.
  5. My infotainment issue finally got resolved. The CarPlay issue I noted above was due to a bad plug from the USB port to the head unit.
  6. Just make sure with the outside clips you face them out from the hood instead of under the hood. The instructions don’t specify and I put mine on backwards.
  7. Just installed this last night. Kinda a PITA for 1 person and the truck already being lifted, and not like the video I watched, but I think th3 matte black looks great with the Red Hot
  8. I’d be all over this if you were a little closer. Live in Ohio.
  9. Not just you OP. Mine hasn’t worked day one. Tried multiple cables that came with my iPhones over the years. On iOS 13.3.1 my screen would stutter, freeze and not play music. Updated to 13.4.1 and now the truck doesn’t even recognize the phone is plugged in. It does charge though.
  10. Any trimming/modifications needed for clearance?
  11. Anyone share what version of OS their infotainment system is running? Mine has not worked with CarPlay since the day I got it. Was told to “wait for an over the air update”. Been 3 months and no updates. However with 2 IOS updates, my CarPlay doesn’t even recognize my phone now.
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