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  1. How far do your tires/rims stick out beyond the wheel well with that offset and spacer combo? Any pics head on? Did you have to use the spacers because of the UCA being too close to the tire at that size? Asking because I have the Rough Country 3.5" and the factory rims/tires are really close to the UCA (probably 1/4" - 1/2").
  2. I was hoping after SEMA we would start getting some sneak peaks into what was coming for the 3.0, but no luck thus far. Anyone else heard anything? Nothing much from what I have tried to research.
  3. What do you feel was the MPG loss with the Duratracs?
  4. You leave your fob in the truck at night? Just wondering if it is honking because it thinks you are leaving the fob in the truck. I know my truck and my wife's car will honk if you leave a fob in the vehicle and it is shut off or you get out of the vehicle with the fob and it is still running. I wouldn't think it would be an issue when leaving, but if you came home at 5am and left the fob in the truck.
  5. Can you elaborate on the infotainment update at all?
  6. Had one on my 2018. Tons of compliments. You will love it!
  7. That is my daily commute each way as well. Probably 80% Interstate/Highway and 20% in town. So far I am getting around 27MPG average. RST Crew cab short bed 4x4 w/factory 20" Dueller ATs.
  8. What wheel/tire combo are you running? They look outstanding!
  9. Old school rule of thumb is 10psi/1000 rpms. For my 3.0 diesel I’m getting around 28-30psi, FWIW.
  10. Not quite that but my phone iPhone Xr when plugged in for car play doesn’t play music though it says it’s playing, stuttering screen and general slow/no response from the screen. Playing music through Bluetooth is fine. Took it in and he tech plugged in his 6s and it played no problem. Mind you my iPhone had zero issue with my 2018 Sierra and still works fine in my wife’s ‘17 Malibu.
  11. Just got a Duramax as well and was starting to do research. Were there any deviations from the instructions or did they fully apply regardless of gas/diesel? How long for the install? looks great! edit: The link you have to the kit says it does not work with 2019 diesels. What did you do to get past this?
  12. Just got a new 2020 3.0 diesel. Plug my phone into CarPlay and the screen stutters like it is super slow moving from music to maps, touchscreen takes 10-15 seconds at times and when on music, it shows it is playing but no audio from the speakers. Running an iPhone X. Current IOS. Took it to the dealership, the guy plugs in his iPhone 6s and it plays like there is no issue.
  13. Good question. Never noticed it on my ‘16 Silverado I turned in on lease to get this one.
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