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  1. So update after drive.... 800 miles a few weeks ago with stock 275/60/20. Avg 18.9 mpg speed around 73 tonight 800 miles 35/11.5/20 nitro ridge 4 inch sst lift (which looks great I’ll post some pics once I clean the car from the billion flies once I hit the Michigan border). 16.8 mpg avg speed around 75 not as bad as I thought for hwy, in town more like 14-15 before was 17.... putting the Hypertech on tomorrow when it gets to the in-laws and I’ll update after the ride home. thanks for all of your insight!
  2. Getting the hyper tech speedometer calibrator tomorrow should that help?
  3. About to go on an 800 mile trip wonder if I should put old wheels and tires on for the trip....now I’m wondering if I should of gone 33s instead....what y’all think?
  4. New to trucks and lifts but noticed I went up to 35s with a 4in lift on my Sierra and dropped about 15% in mileage....roughly 3.5 mpg...is that a normal drop?
  5. Started noticing after my truck has sat for a few hours, after I back up out of my driveway or space at work, when I shift to drive I get a little pause and a jump when I hit the gas. It seems like it struggles or the gear hasn't been completely set before moving forward. Anyone else have this issue or know what it could be?
  6. DId you go with a bigger tire? Getting same kit installed friday, really wanna try a 34 in tire.
  7. Love that look, any rubbing with just the 4 inch lift and the 35? or did you have to trim/move bumper mud guards?
  8. Looks good...:I got a chrome bumper....gonna have to move it forward I guess. What kit did you get exactly.
  9. New truck owner, finally, how do you bump the front bumper foward? Any pics or write ups? Thanks in advance....Im getting a 3.5 inch Zone lift in a couple of weeks and got 20x9 fuel kranks planning on 35 nitto ridge, I don't really offroad much.
  10. Im getting a 4 inch lift done on my 1500 SLT, they are telling me a 35 will fit. Can you take pictures of what you had to trim?
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