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  1. I understand that older rims don’t fit. just wondering if reducing overall diameter will cause issues? Going with a 20” wheel/tire winter setup is expensive!
  2. That time of year again when I’m contemplating getting a separate winter wheel/tire combo. My truck was in for service so I popped over to the parts dept. The lady there eventually called me and said she’d spent a good while sourcing out some wheels and tires. She said “since it’s an Elevation with 20” wheels the only thing I could find with the same diameter would be if you stuck with a 20” wheel and tire. These newer trucks are very (sensitive) to diameter changes and all sorts of issues can occur. Needless to say 20” isn’t going to be cheap!” I’m running slightly larger th
  3. I recently had my 2019 Sierra Elevation in for service and I asked about a winter tire/wheel setup. Has 20” wheels on it and stock size is 275/60R20. Although I bought it as a demo model with BFG 275/65R20 which are 1” bigger in diameter. Told them I’d want to downsize to an 18” wheel to save some dough! I eventually got a call and was told that these trucks are really “sensitive” to wheel diameter changes and my only option was to stick to a 20” wheel and tire setup. What are the issues with changing overall diameter besides having the speedo out? I don’t really c
  4. 2019 Sierra Elevation 4x4. Have a levelling kit and LT275/65R20 BF Goodrich KO2 tires set at 42 PSI. My truck also has the Max Trailering/NHT option with stock shocks. I definitely get a lot of bounce or “bunny hoping when going over bumps like the back end bounces sideways. My last truck 07 Silverado Z71 didn’t do this. I find it annoying for sure at times and my wife really notices it while in the truck. We did a camping trip a pulled our 24’ trailer and it towed beautifully. No bouncing once loaded but when driving the truck down a dirt road without the
  5. In my opinion you had good success with your current GM. Why change to another brand? I had a 2007 Silverado and overall it was great so I went with another GM. I’ve always felt Dodge products were crap so it was never an option I consider’d, although when I saw the Ram at the Vancouver auto show it did feel and look nice. I did consider a Ford years ago as the tune-ability of the ecoboost and what is available is insane. We bought my wife a 2016 Explorer Sport Ecoboost new and I have to say the fit and finish is fantastic, tons of power for a mommy-mobile, the ride and handli
  6. I ended up tilting the wdh head down a bit more yesterday. Didn’t have time to hook up the truck to the trailer yet though. Hopefully it works. I’m taking the trailer in for service this week and I’m hoping they have a tongue weight scale. Might be too front heavy the way I loaded the trailer with stuff? Storing a bunch of heavier items in the front storage compartments of the trailer as those storage areas were convenient.
  7. Thanks. I just adjusted the tilt by adding another washer. Don’t think there’s enough room left on the shank to add anymore so I think that’s all I can do. Hopefully my truck doesn’t drive all squirrelly! Big/only reason I was able to get this truck because I promised my wife it would handle our TT better than my old truck lol! I’m hoping I don’t have to go out and get airbags now! Love how the truck looks unloaded with the level kit though!
  8. No my torsion bar height seems maxed out. Tried going up another chain link but it’s too tight to lift it into place. And yes the jack is up a couple inches above the wood blocks in the pic, looks like it may be touching lol! The rear sag isn’t too bad. From fender to tire is 5 1/2” up front and 4” at the back. Unloaded I’m about 6” front and back, with levelling kit. At the end of the day if you want to tow with a levelling kit, plan to install air bags I suppose. Trucks come out of the factory with a natural rake to compensate for loading.
  9. Brought our 24’ Travel Trailer home from my dad’s farm. New truck tows like a champ. Has the max trailering option. Levelling kit on truck causes a bit of squat though even with a WD hitch. May need air bags to compensate for level kit.
  10. I have a levelled 2019 Sierra, Max trailering option. This truck sits higher than my last truck overall so I actually lowered the height position on my WD hitch to prevent our TT from going down the road with the front end pointed up. Hooked the trailer up today and overall the trailer sits level now but my truck squats. I’m sure the levelling kit doesn’t help. I measured about 5 1/2” inches between fender and top of the tire up front and about 4” from tire to fender in the back. I’m sure airbags would really help, especially for trucks with levelling kits. I also have qui
  11. I confess that on my old 2007 and many vehicles before my current 2019, I got into the bad habit of going from reverse to drive while still moving backwards a bit. Faulting my impatience perhMy past vehicles including 2007 Silverado and 2000 Sierra never slammed from reverse to drive. I guess GM just designed these new trucks differently. If my current truck is moving at all and I shift from reverse to drive it will slam.
  12. I’ve always felt that sticking with the regular oil(whatever the manufacturer recommends) is more than adequate. Like for real everything around the engine while fail a lot sooner than the engine internals. When an engine finally packs it in around 300,000-400,000 km I would rather be in something newer anyways. Overspending on expensive oil and changing it when it’s only at 50% of its life is a waste of money in my opinion.
  13. That’s impressive for a 1/2 ton truck, especially without Max Trailering package. I’ll be pulling our 4600 lb empty, 24’ travel trailer next week for the first time with this truck, looking forward to seeing how it handles compared to my old one. Old truck was worn out, trailer pushed it around quite a bit! 2019 Sierra with Max Trailering package, 5.3 8 speed.
  14. Clearance yo the factory front mud flap with the wheel straight. I could take a pic with the wheel turned if you want.
  15. Good to know. I’ll probably consider 285/65 BFG KO2’s after I burn through my current set to get the wider/even more aggressive look.
  16. Had my truck in for service and complained about various transmission issues, shutter on light acceleration, clunk when coming to stop and delay/clunk reverse to drive. I mentioned to adviser about reading online about the shitty fluid and he told me the truck needs to exhibit certain issues and the tech needs to diagnose it as a fluid issue to warrant a flush. They said the shuttering wasn’t seen on scan tool and blamed it on tire balance. They did a TCM programming update though and that made a huge difference in performance! Still wouldn’t mind a flush though. Adviser t
  17. How do I convince the dealer to flush out the “bad fluid” under warranty?
  18. I have a 2019 Sierra 5.3 8 speed. Build date dec 2018. I’m pretty sure I have the shitty hygroscopic fluid in my transmission. I’ve experienced a few issues like clunking while coming to a stop and delay then clunk going from reverse to drive. I also feel at times that truck seems to be slipping in the transmission during a normal to slightly faster than normal acceleration. The slipping may not be slipping at all and just a normal characteristic of the truck to make it “smoother” perhaps. My truck is going to the dealer bodyshop next week for an unfortunate incide
  19. Experienced some snow in vancouver this year. My truck handled it flawlessly. 2019 Sierra elevation 4x4 on BFG KO2’s with 3 peak mountain symbol. These new trucks all seem to have traction and stability control as well. I feel adding weight is a total old school thing and totally unnecessary. Just a waste of fuel! Kinda like the thought of only running 2 snow tires. It’s not just about getting going but also safely stopping and turning corners. I also chuckle when I see these “old school” thinkers putting cardboard in front of their radiators to help keep the t
  20. Started a topic about P rated vs LT too. Love the way the 275/65R20 fill the wheel well but the E rated BFG sure makes for a rough ride. Probably consider going down to a 275/60R20 next time just to make the ride a bit more comfortable as you’re able to get a P rated tire at that size. Who knows maybe there will be more options in a couple years in the 275/65 size?
  21. I also notice I get a little clunk when slowing to a stop from time to time. It’s like the transmission shifts itself into 1st gear before I slow to a stop which I know for a fact if I did it manually I would get the same clunk. Driving manual transmission vehicles I would never downshift to 1st ever. Same with an auto I tend to never manually shift to 1st gear while the vehicle is in motion, wondering why the truck itself would do that resulting in a clunk.
  22. Noticed mine has the same issue. 2019 Sierra Elevation 5.3 8 speed. Overall the transmission is 1000 times better than the 4 speed that was in my 2007 Silverado during regular driving, city or highway. The older truck I use to be able to go from reverse to drive without any issues, even be able to go into drive while still slowly rolling back. I’m not talking full speed rolling back but almost at the point where the truck was stopped but still ever so slightly rolling and it would never slam. The new truck there is definitely a delay transitioning from reverse to drive and if
  23. Not too concerned about it. It’s better than my last truck. I’ll probably consider less aggressive tires when I wear through my BFG’s. Not going to spend $1200 on tires now just to save a few bucks. Didn’t know they make tunes for these trucks yet.
  24. I just did a hwy run in my truck. Unloaded and relatively flat. 2019 Sierra Elevation 5.3, 8 speed, 4x4, Max Trailering package. Level kit and 275/65R20, BFGOODRICH KO2 tires. Thought I did ok averaging around 60-70 mph or 100-110kph. Trying my best to hyper mile, but didn’t quite work out 100%. Canadian truck. I took a pic of both US and metric fuel economy and trip distance. Measurements can be changed in Dash display.
  25. I plan to keep my current 2019 Sierra for a long time. I chose to finance at 3.99% and take all the incentives vs doing 0% because it worked out a lot cheaper in the long run. I also stretched out the financing to 8 years as 3.99% is less than my LOC at 4.5%. I can also pay it out in full anytime although I would rather pay out my LOC first.
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