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  1. Thats all great and all, but just curious, why go this route vs getting the KICKER system thats avail specifically for our tailgates? I only ask this because you still only have 2 speakers versus the 4 speaker set up which is posted in OP.
  2. Ummm perhaps you should read the contents of the thread instead of posting useless comments.... this thread is about the things needed to get the cam working, which.....wait for it.....involves a rear view mirror swap, as well as some extra cable, not just the rear camera!
  3. Thanks but not something i want as I do not have a front plate nor would I want to use a phone as a ponitor
  4. Anyone know if 84127269 mirror will work on the Sierra’s? its a Caddie mirror with video.
  5. Question is, is it possible to do it with what i have stock with the truck or will it need to be reprogrammed? and when you say dont purchase one because you have one, are you sending it to me
  6. Hello everyone. I am interested in doing the rear view cam mirror mod that is listed here and about to purchase all the parts. I also want to know if its possible to add a front facing camera too or will that need something to be reflashed by dealer or WAMS? 2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 without 270/360 cam. Only have rearview cam
  7. Same here. Would love to know if anyone has more details about the harnesses to get this working.
  8. Wouldnt it be under warranty? So why not just take a new one?
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