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  1. I have not done the retrofit yet, but I did get the Hylux/morimoto standard kit in from FastHeadlights. I really like the setup of the Hylux ballast. It's a little bulky but it has good wire lengths and is very easily mountable vs the morimoto. I really like that in the event of a part failure, troubleshooting is very easy instead of swapping part after part side to side. Well constructed and simple. The Morimoto bulbs though, Jesus. Keep reading, this is important. The bulbs fit well. The lengths were acceptable. The connectors though are another story. One side clipped right in, one side I had to depin and pull the terminal seals back, reseat them into the connector, make the connection then force the seals back in. One side had incorrect polarity, so I had to switch the pins On my original Morimoto bulbs, one was correct, one was not as well. In closing, very happy with the Hylux setup but I will avidly do what I can to no longer have Morimoto products in this truck or any other vehicle I work on. You're paying extra for nice packaging and that's literally it. I hope this is insightful!
  2. So I've finally thrown in the towel on my Morimoto 55w kit. I've cooked two ballasts and an igniter - when the igniter literally caught fire I felt obligated to post. I've been through numerous Ebay, Amazon and countless group buys in my nearly 20 years of doing dumb stuff with vehicles and the Morimoto is not only the most expensive kit I've ever purchased but also the first to light itself on fire. It's got a lot of parts, pins that don't seat, unreliable essential pieces and ultimately an overcomplicated kit that is apparently a fire hazard after a year. With that said, I'm ditching it and moving into the Hylux kit as suggested by FastWS6TA. I will eventually be moving into the complete retrofit post holidays which brings me to my question- Does anyone have photos of the final product post install of the FXR or similar projector in a Sierra? Specifically I'd like to see what the back of the housing looks like after its been put back together using the hot knife method. I'm sure I can handle the project but with this truck being my weekly daily I'm looking to take a few notes to come up with best practice to share with the community in an eventual write up. Thanks in advance for any insight!
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