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  1. I bought the same exact look of the low pro gm offered for the 2021 sierra. It was a soft rollup and the lathc was double sided and a pain to hook and unhook. The multigate needed fully dropped. To open cover which needs opened on most the coversbive had before closing for the back seal to sit correctly. The factory cover also covered the steak pockets so no bars of any kind would work. I have the sportsbar from gm and also picked up the tonnopro lo pro. It fits just like the factory one offered with the 2016-2018 just not gm. Both were $400 but functiinal with other bed options. Lo pro offers a sports bar optional cover but only 2016--2018. I ordered for a 21 and didnt get to pick that option. Im sure had i ordered the 2016-2018 it would have fit just as well on my 21 and had the sportsbar option. Sum it up dont get the factory gm one. It will cover the steak pockets Finding a nice trifold bakflip on craigslist or offer up was an option i took a few trucks back. Nice condition from a lease turn in for 350. Since then ive had the sportsbar and needed a soft roll whichni was never a fan of but holds up and is functional with decent looks if you take care of it
  2. Hey crew! Getting ready to wire up my oem sportsbar off a 2018 onto a 2021 and considering tapping off the wire rather than pulling the oem brake light and installing the sportsbar wire. If i do jump it im sure it can be back by the bed rather than under the hood. My question is why only run one of the lights? Is there something illegal about having the factory and sportsbar light functional. Ive also checked the schematics and i believe the wire color is the same from 2016-2021 which is the viloet/gray. Being that its a momentary brake light and also the sportsbar is led it cant draw much more than .5 of an amp if that. Just putting it out there.... finally warming up and i cant keep driving without it not working.... its bugging me lol
  3. Im just curious as to why? I could see wanting a smooth shaved look but seems like replacing a functional piece of plastic with a plastic cap. Truck looks good and your choice of course but maybe paint them to match the body? Ive always considered buying the stock mudguards for behind the tires but was always worried that they were stiff and could catch or bottom out on something. Those small ones on the front of the rear tires i thought were ok but ive always had the factory trim on the wheel wells and they didnt stand out as bad. Just an opinion but either way the truck looks good man
  4. Appreciate the info! Ill be checking into this for sure. I really like the idea of on with puddle lights. Just wish mine came with the puddle lights option lol.
  5. Driving with brights is too bright as well lol. Just for functional purposes of course. Im thinking just use the low or high beam signal when either lows/hi beams are on. swap that with the park signal the spot lights is getting which only allows it to be used when in park. So in theory the low or hi beam signal would simulate the park signal and allow the switch to cycle through the settings. If its just a wiring issue im sure there can be a work-around. My last mods were on an 04' avalanche and computers werent as advanced im guessing.
  6. I wouldnt want them on constantly but being able to push the button rather than flash the hi beams would be cool. I like the idea of turning them into turn signals more than driving lights. Switch to an amber led. But the hi beam mod is better than the factory option
  7. Not a bad alternative. At least there's a function for them with that. Work lights are cool but driving lights for sure. Wouldn't mind the spot lights for the sides of the roads and the deer at night. Wonder if there's a way to work around the hi beams only.
  8. This is the 2nd strip of gasket/ double-sided tape from the gm kit. The sports bar hangs on the side of the bed rails so they need to fill the gap they create when the rails are clamped on. The double cab cover came with 4 clamps on each side and had very minor leaks and held up in car washes.
  9. So i have a 2021 sierra with the spot lights on the front mirrors and from what im reading theres no work around just being used in park. I havent modded much since my 04 avalanche so Im sure a lot has changed since then. Seeing there isnt much use for the spot lights and more function with turn signals why not rewire the connection points. Pull the pin for the spot light on the mirror side of the harness and run that to the turn signal wire and tap off of that? Not sure how far that would be for each mirror or if there's a wire in the harness already. For a little bit of work and some wire its a cheap easy work around. There's a mod you can buy for the auto stop start switch that remembers the switches position but damn pricey. Maybe they will have a mod for the spot lights but still need to bypass park too lol. Signals sound way easier and cheaper.
  10. Here's a pic of the '18 AT-X with the original sports bar and the factory offered tonneau cover gm p# 19355363. Which went on exactly the same way as the lo pro for the 2021. I ordered the cover for a '21 which doesnt give you the option for with or with out sports bar so i had to mod it a bit to fit. Had i ordered a '16-'20 i believe it would be the same cover just with the option for the sportsbar. The only difference between with or without the sportsbar is a second gasket strip that goes along the bed side between the rails. Instead i bought 1" wide 1/8" thick aluminum strips as a filler and a bead of silicone along the bed rail. So far some minor drips but hasnt been through a car wash yet.
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