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  1. Makes sense of course. Would be nice if they had some form of override for it though. I pull trailers around almost everyday so taking the hitch out is not an option!
  2. Figured it out. The quad wasn’t actually touching the tailgate. Ended up having to manually flip the latches where the stair connects to the main part of the tailgate. Fooled it into thinking the step was up. Once I did this the tailgate opened. Now time to go for a ride! Thanks for chiming in folks!!
  3. When pressing the tailgate release button on the key fob I can’t hear it even try to release. I will try what Sierra 3.0 mentioned!
  4. Hey all!! New to the forum. Glad to be here. Hoping someone can help me out. I recently bought a 2020 Sierra AT4. Put an ATV in the box this afternoon. It’s on a riser in hopes that the tailgate would shut which didn’t quite work out. I opened the step and closed the tailgate. Now I can’t get the tailgate to open to get the ATV out. Step will not close as the backend of the quad is in the way. is there anyway to get the tailgate open now? Manual override? Something....
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