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  1. no, its not a pressurized system so there is no need
  2. Their Chinese chrome wheels suck. They don't stand a chance in northern climates. If i was you I'd opt to get another wheel. not chrome
  3. Granted looks are subjective to personal preference. personally i think that GM purposefully makes the Sierra look better than the silverado as another easy or common reason to upgrade to GMC. GMC gets my vote all day.
  4. i found gmpartsgarage.com has the best prices for me because shipping was half the cost of gmpartsdirect.com
  5. So the one from advance is identical to oem both are bosch one just has a GM logo and part number. So no reason to buy the GM one for 4 times the price at advance Auto.
  6. i agree if the bearing is good i wouldn't worry about it just have them do the seal
  7. id go rubber, im extremely happy with mine and it was only $75
  8. well i finally figured it out i swapped the inside sensors to the outside and outside to the inside. and now the right sensor is randomly going off. so i ordered a replacement from advance auto for $30 shipped to my door. $43 regular with 25% off and a $5 coupon. oem one is like $140 so ill give the aftermarket one a shot.
  9. Here is a few more pictures after I washed the truck and put tire shine on
  10. Sorry they didn't have time yesterday got them on today so here you go! Oh they mistakenly got the black wall but I was ok with it. I like it!
  11. i was going to do scorpion AT plus tires but they were out of stock don't need the AT tires just think they look cool so meh... went with some highway tires with white letters because white letters are cool goodyear fortitude 265/65-18 price was good and free mount and balance.
  12. I'll post pictures after I get them on The factory 20s are pitted bad and leak all the time. Sorry for the snow in the before picture
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