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  1. extremely happy with my good year wrangler fortitude great on highway and in snow. no need for you to go for an AT tire unless you just want the look like most.
  2. mostly the same besides looks. GMC has a few more options and nicer interior for higher trim levels. IMO GMC trucks look much better than the Chevy ones.
  3. you even have the same bed cover as me lol good tastes
  4. yep i did the same thing last year love the looks of them. got rid of the crappy chrome 20" snowflakes. new takeoffs i got on ebay for $850
  5. most reputable parts stores will turn rotors usually about $15 each, much cheaper than a new set of rotors.
  6. ohhh the air dam lol couldn't figure out what a plastic bumper fin was.
  7. my advice is just get a set of Philips crystal clear bulbs and call it a day.
  8. for me i have more than one vehicle so i use different oils. so i get two oil change specials with the gallon jugs of 0w20 Mobil 1 and the other filter is for one of my other cars. i rotate it every year so i always have filters and oil for each vehicle. i'm sure amsoil is great but its not worth the price. I've used Mobil 1 in all my nice vehicles and has always been great for me doing oil change once a year at about 7k miles.
  9. love the hard rolling cover locks the full length of the bed and no Velcro. rubber seals and no leaks
  10. facts don't lie. recalls are a non issue because the manufacturer has to fix it. you are one of the few then, for the other 95% that never even use the extended warranty they bought its a waste. I strongly recommend against getting an extended warranty.
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