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  1. while i was getting tires i had the shop replace it. glad i spent the $250 and had them do it.
  2. I can see that. me personally I would never call it insurance. but i can see that it would be a type of insurance seeing you pay extra for it.
  3. But in the end if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy get the warranty. if it ends up saving you a bunch of money awesome if not at least you got the warm and fuzzies.
  4. If something goes wrong a warranty will cover it. Insurance is for if you or someone else wrecks a vehicle. I wouldn't go to gm to cover my fender bender but I would if something mechanical went wrong because its covered under a warranty.
  5. its a warranty not insurance. You are far better off saving that money and then using it if you end up needing repairs. If you don't need repairs (like you also said, the vast majority wont) you got all that money in your pocket.
  6. extended warranties are a waste of money. Every independent study confirms its just a huge money maker for companies.
  7. I honestly go to my local sams club same prices as online. mount, balance, road hazard warranty and lifetime rotation for $15 a wheel. they can order in just about what ever you want. experienced tecs that wont mess up your wheels.
  8. if its just a winter set forget it. so you have a little light on the dash, it wont hurt anything. I did that with my RWD G35 for 7 years.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2019-GMC-SIERRA-SILVERADO-Z71-4X4-OEM-EMBLEMS-NAMEPLATES-23172678/324353909854?hash=item4b84ffe45e:g:7xsAAOSwS9JfmxCb
  10. honestly I just put in some Philips crystal clear bulbs (made in Germany) and am extremely happy with them.
  11. the ones you rent are big and made for homes. also are expensive to rent. yeah you don't want to breath ozone in. just follow the directions and you wont have any issues. its the only sure way to actually get rid of bad smells. our truck was a smokers but you would never know thanks to the ozone generator. the one on amazon for $60 is small and portable I highly recommend it. it will get rid of the smell 100% and couldnt be any easier to use.
  12. ozone generator. $60 on amazon, they work great.
  13. fluid film was one of the top performers. it didn't hold up well against the pressure washer as the only issue, every other test it did amazing.
  14. The main issue is the quality of the casting. All of my cars have had aluminum wheels all the others had quality cast or forged wheels. These chrome Chinese GM wheels are low quality castings. Had a 2000 SSEI drove year round in WI for 15 years and the chrome wheels looked just as good as the day I got it when I sold it. same with all my other cars.
  15. yep that's exactly what happened to my snowflakes. actual chunks fell out of the lip where the bead seats. I had to pump them up every two weeks.
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