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  1. its fairly common now. mostly came to light with tesla refusing service to rebuilt title cars and even normal cars that are out of warranty they will refuse to work on. Its BS and its apart of the right to repair act as well. In the end they don't want you fixing what they see as "their" vehicles even though you own it. they would rather you buy another.
  2. Aftermarket glass has to adhere to the same government safety guidelines as OE and often times is made in the same factory, it just doesn't have the GM logo. I know someone that used to work for a glass company. People often ask for OE glass and in the end its just the GM logo they are paying extra for.
  3. there is no difference between oem glass and aftermarket.
  4. I've never had much luck with factory batteries, not sue why. I've had them last 2, 3, and 4 years. all the replacements from sams club or advance auto have lasted a minimum of 7 years. The one I have in my beater is from farm and fleet and is 9 years old.
  5. I believe the exhaust is stainless. a low grade stainless so it will get some surface rust but will most likely last the life of the truck.
  6. you can access it from the back side. passenger side you will have to remove the airbox. easy peasy there is a rubber flap over it you have to unclip if i remember right
  7. I bet you'd be real upset with what they give you in a car lol its a spare, same tire diameter as the wheels on your truck and thats all that matters
  8. extremely happy with my good year wrangler fortitude great on highway and in snow. no need for you to go for an AT tire unless you just want the look like most.
  9. mostly the same besides looks. GMC has a few more options and nicer interior for higher trim levels. IMO GMC trucks look much better than the Chevy ones.
  10. you even have the same bed cover as me lol good tastes
  11. yep i did the same thing last year love the looks of them. got rid of the crappy chrome 20" snowflakes. new takeoffs i got on ebay for $850
  12. most reputable parts stores will turn rotors usually about $15 each, much cheaper than a new set of rotors.
  13. ohhh the air dam lol couldn't figure out what a plastic bumper fin was.
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