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  1. failing torque converter clutch. needs replacement and do it asap otherwise the material flying round in there can take out the rest of the transmission.
  2. the GM Chinese chrome wheels are awful. they don't last in the salt even if you take care of them. I got rid of my badly pitted chrome 20s for some AT4 wheels. They were so bad they wouldn't hold air. Where the bead seats it was just destroyed.
  3. mine went up for a few months then down a little. Didn't go up as much as my 06 Acura for some reason that shot up and has kept going up.
  4. i had the tcc go out on mine and i guess i was lucky because they were able to flush the trans and there was no damage to it. just a new TCC and good to go.
  5. my TCC failed and didn't take anything out with it. they cleaned the trans put a new TCC in and good as new.
  6. i looked just for the heck of it. i can trade my truck in for more than i paid for it now. the price went up about 6k my house is up 100k
  7. its a spare tire all that matters is the OD of the tire. only options for the spare was an aluminum or steel wheel. my 14 has an aluminum spare.
  8. i fixed it awhile ago. it was a faulty sensor. i panted the new one to match been working perfectly for 2 years now.
  9. my 14 only honks on the second press when i fold and unfold the mirrors
  10. what is the matter with you? japan has amazing quality, some of the best in the world. are you thinking china? oh and Michelin is French...
  11. to have a shop replace it would be around $1500
  12. just had mine replaced at 98k its not a big deal.
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