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  1. Yes, I mentioned it because it happened to a friend of mine. Couldn't figure out want the noise was turned out it was that cap.
  2. wheel bearing dust cap is another thing to check.
  3. Yes i understand chrome care. I bought the truck like this. these are cheap Chinese cast wheels. poor quality casings will do this. my mother had a 2000 SSEi that had chrome wheels and they looked like new after 15 years of daily used they were much better quality compared the the new wheels GM is using. its sad.
  4. I'm surprised how close it is i assumed more people didn't like them. They don't bother me at all
  5. Here what the chrome ones look like after 4 years in a northern climate
  6. keep an eye out i just found a set with tires and tpms off a 2018 for $600 im thinking of picking them up for a summer set as my chrome ones are junk.
  7. mine are chrome as well the chrome is pealing in the barrel, back sides of the spokes and around the valve stems. its a poor quality casting as soon as bare aluminum gets exposed it oxidizes like crazy. I'll take pictures when i get home. i cant wait to replace them with something else. its too bad because i love the look of them.
  8. Mid-sized truck logic?

    the new toyota tacomas are garbage. they have lots of issues.
  9. honestly though i would stay away from the OEM snowflakes they are cheap cast wheels made in china. they will oxidize like mad if the clear coat gets damaged. ask me how i know...
  10. facebook marketplace and craigslist. i see them on a regular basis for around 600-800 for a set
  11. Fog Lights

    I've seen people do a jumper wire but the fogs will stay on with high beams too and that is illegal. Will you get bothered for it? probably not. just something to think about.
  12. my parents ran into that problem with their 2000 Bonneville SSEi. they had a problematic seat memory issue that would keep popping up days after they fixed it. then they said they wouldn't fix it anymore because it had a remote start. even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the seat memory...
  13. Yep that was it. I don't know how I did it wrong the first time but I did. One of the three tabs wasn't set in.

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