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  1. i'm sure they don't even clean it before its sprayed. the truck is made at a given price point. if you want powder coated seat frames you and going to be paying for it and don't look at GM to find it.
  2. i keep my vehicles until they die. extended warranties are not worth it (for the most part) maybe you will use it and get your moneys worth but like i said they wouldn't be in business if they didn't make a profit. Independent consumer studies always advise against it.
  3. don't bother its a waste of money. save the money you would pay for the warranty and use it for repairs if needed, if you don't need it look at all the money you saved. bottom line they are in business to make money. the chances of you breaking even or coming ahead in the end are slim to none.
  4. granted I'm going though insurance but i was rear ended last week just the bumper was damaged. I'm going to get the check for a shop to repair ($1200) but I'm just going to replace the bumper and bracket myself for $600 then pocket the rest. BTW if you have progressive drop them now they are one of the wort insurance companies to deal with second only to american family
  5. it was a head gasket i worked on it. yes the gasket material also was apart of it didnt get along with dexcool
  6. dexcool had issues back in 2000s because it would go acidic "faster" than other types. what prevented that was actually changing you coolant when you were supposed to. happened to my mothers Bonneville it went acidic and ate the head gaskets, thinned the oil and spun a main bearing. havent heard of this issue recently may be fixed idk
  7. aftermarket has to meet all the same requirements of OEM glass. OEM is no better than aftermarket. i knew someone that worked for a glass claim company and dealt with this everyday. GM doesn't make the glass they pay another company and just have a GM logo put on it. Its all the same stuff.
  8. instructions say to mount the bracket a little over 2" off the bed from the front of the bracket (hinge end). if you need to mount it higher you could probably go another 2" easy.
  9. does it still work? if it still works as normal I'd assume it was something else.
  10. REV or BAK its the same, REV is just the GM one but its made by BAK
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