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  1. CC short bed. needed more passenger room but didn't want a longer truck if i need to haul something long its no problem at all to leave the tailgate down
  2. i cant find the part number for the door panel screws and i don't see them on the parts break down apparently previous owner broke one off anyone have a link or a number?
  3. Picked up a set of mirrors I didnt think they all had puddle lamps.
  4. 6 of one half a dozen of the other about 85% of all batteries are made by the same 3 companies. That is why walmart batteries are actually a recommended buy because of its price point and is identical to most other batteries. Consumer reports always has rated optima batteries bad. My uncle worked at a parts store too and they are by far the most warranty exchanged battery they had. I've gotten batteries from Sams Club, Advance Auto parts, O'Reillys, they have all lasted 7+ years. What I typically do now is order online at advance auto, use the online only 25% off coupon and pick it up in store in a half hour.
  5. are they actually made in the US? a lot of GM stuff is made in China... looked it up and to my surprise they are made in the US
  6. i like the fabric. most higher end cars have fabric in the wheel wells helps to cut down on noise quite a bit and i find they are easy to clean as well.
  7. our garage with a car and a truck in it can get tight so id be using the power fold quite a bit.
  8. Saw these on eBay less than $300 for a pair. Has anyone tried these? For that price I'd be worried they are junk. Heated and power folding https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312276981909
  9. personally i wouldn't worry much about it. the cars I've had the HID bulbs always lasted 12+years
  10. Oil Filter Recs

    I guess you shouldn't change oil if you are that bad at it lol. All joking aside I can see how the way you do it is a mess. I have a five gallon pale with a lid on it that has a spout. All the used oil gets dumped into it and when it's full I take it and my filters to O'Reillys dump the oil rinse and repeat. No mess at all.
  11. Oil Filter Recs

    i have one of those filters on my Harley. its pretty slick
  12. Oil Filter Recs

    how is it a pain to get rid of your used oil? guess it may depend on state IDK. here any automotive place has to take used oil free of charge. O'Reilly also takes oil for free and used filters for free.
  13. Oil Filter Recs

    i always get Purolator BOSS or Purolator ONE
  14. yeah i didn't plan on getting one at the time but that listing popped up and also had the 25% off ebay offer i couldn't pass on that deal. it was last spring i believe when i got it.

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