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  1. yeah i didn't plan on getting one at the time but that listing popped up and also had the 25% off ebay offer i couldn't pass on that deal. it was last spring i believe when i got it.
  2. GM# 19333082 number for standard bed
  3. i run E15 89 (15%) its $1.99 here less than 87 that has 10% and i get the same MPG
  4. i have the GM version of the BAK Revolver x2. its called REV or someting like that. it is identical made by BAK. water tight, locks the full bed length, and no velcro with ebay discounts i was able to get it for $650. it is well worth the money extremely well made.
  5. 20190104_173135.jpg

    looks good. so you just tapped into the bed lights harness?
  6. 6 of one half a dozen of the other. go with whatever costs less.
  7. i would assume that you could turn notifications like that off. although this is GM after all not the most advanced stuff. my wifes last suv had a warning cold weather notification... no crap. i was able to turn it off in the settings.
  8. i had a message that said that i need to check front camera it only was on for a second. ummm there is no front camera.
  9. id like to see them when you're done. id like to do some back up lights but wasn't sure what to do.
  10. have you put it on? hows the reception?
  11. just did a quick look. One isn't Denali but same idea. Market is flooded with oem GM Chinese wheels. I'm not going to post them all site limits me to two pics per post.

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