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  1. Awesome thanks! if I have to re-pin the harnesses that's not a big deal. I don't care about the cargo light. I do have aftermarket tow mirrors now but they aren't power anything. previous owner put on a cheap set. they do have a turn signal that does work like a turn signal.
  2. I have a 2014 GMC sierra SLT and it has the power folding mirror option. If I want the GM power folding tow mirrors are they just a simple swap? Thanks!
  3. my last two vehicles did this. i never used it. although i also never even had to take the keys out of my pocket to get in or start them too. lol
  4. any vehicle 2004 and newer can run E15 at least thats what it says on the pumps by me.
  5. i just got a 2014 gmc and i have 3 months onstar and the app (my gmc) free for 3 years juat say 3 on us when you activate. they will try to give you 2 more months free onstar with a credit card number i said no thanks i just want the 3 months onstar and 3 years app
  6. clean carfax means nothing. not all repairs are reported.
  7. only looking at the last 25 or 50 miles is a poor example.
  8. this is why they almost never put these in cars anymore. people see the needle move and freak out.
  9. CC because our husky loves the room and kids will be in the future, If i need to haul something long I can just leave the tailgate down.
  10. when the gas light comes on or you have 0 range you still have 5 gallons of gas.
  11. just ordered the GM one off ebay for 750 free shipping 5.8 bed excited to get it! thanks for the help I do like the design of the BAK/REV better
  12. I found this it looks identical to the BAK it even has some of the same stock photos but its a GM part. 19333082 Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover OEM by REV
  13. anyone have the hard roll-up tonneau cover? how do you like it? pros? cons? (besides price) and where did you get it?

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