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  1. other manufacturers have it where you can set the doors to lock at a certain speed. from when you put it in drive and up to 15mph i believe, a nice feature that has been around for over 15 years. still boggles my mind that it takes GM over 10 years to adopt some nice features.
  2. i guess if you want the worst of the worst for reliability.
  3. i had to disconnect the top ball joint and tie rod so i figured id better be safe than sorry.
  4. same for me i still took it in and they said it wasn't out at all but they did tweak it to make it slightly more nominal
  5. i cant speak for the rotors but the pads and calipers are akebono and they make really good stuff.
  6. the jacket store $8 free shipping made in the US i buy them for all my cars excellent quality. https://www.thejacketstore.com/store/pc/key-fob-covers-home.asp
  7. Spark plugs

    modern spark plugs easily go for 100K or more. you can change them out early if you like but it will do nothing more then make you feel better lol. had 60k and changed them on my last car rated for 100k and they still looked new. probably was still a good idea at the time because it wasnt going to get any easier because i already had the plenum off. still could have lasted another 50k easy.
  8. the feel of a rear end that wants to bounce out sideways is more of a solid rear axle issue.
  9. same for me my drivers side front started clunking at 80,000 miles so i swapped them all with new take offs.
  10. most all shops will have the relearn tool no need to go to the dealer.
  11. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    had a shake with our truck when we got it used. 3 of the wheels were way out of balance. the mechanic said to me that the 20" wheels on these trucks get out of balance real easy apparently compared to the 18s. shake is gone for me.
  12. I've never had luck with ceramic pads they have always made noise when cold for me no matter what i did. I did proper bed in too.
  13. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    pandora sucks, spotify is where its at just saying
  14. find the parts break down and look for the bumper part number and search from there to find the best place to get a replacement
  15. bumper is steel your best option is to buy a new replacement bumper. not sure on this specific bumper but they usually cost around $300 for a bumper

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