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  1. Did anyone out there buy in this combo, I'm having small issues with the bedslide using the no-drill mount specifically and have some questions. Cheers,
  2. Oh Sorry for the change of plan that invalidates at least my portion of this thread... I'm doing a single AGM battery for now. I may want to do dual later, but in the last two offroad vehicle with offroad lights and winch, ive only ever had a single deep cell and never had issues. As this truck is more of an overlander, I may consider dual when the need arises.
  3. Not sure I posted on here but shortly after I bought my truck, I had a wet headliner and puddles on the floor and wet dash from rain, originally the dealer thought it was the sharkfin and replaced it, still after another rain it leaked again. They ended up replacing my windshield which so far over a year have fixed the issue. Fastforward, my Dad who also has a 2017 felt water on his legs, felt under his dash and there were pools of water, when he called it in to both GM and Dealer, GM told him to work with the dealer, and the Dealer said, they know it's the windshield and so many people are coming in for repairs that he's going to have to go on a list. About a month later, The dealer called him in, his appt is tomorrow. This was just to try to help those who had similar issues on what to expect. Now I get to wait to see what the fix for the rear defroster canada issue brings us in the USA.
  4. Alright, at least im not the only one... I noticed it following a diesel truck... normally on my previous vehicle Toy FJ, it just worked, didn't smell anything, on this truck just seems like if anything its slightly better, or sometimes I wonder if the switch is just turns lights/status on but doesn't do anything else.
  5. Coming from previous vehicles, Either Recirc sucks in these trucks or mine is not working. And when I switch the vent to feet... Seems like that also doesn't work well, everything else is fine and works as intended. Before making an appt, is there anyone that had similar issues and either knows what's going on, or is it just me being used to other vehicles and/or this trucks HVAC isn't the best?
  6. Well, after a week of having my Northstar cozy in the garage, I finally got it installed. Wasn't nearly a PITA as I thought. Few notes for my 2018... 1) Tried the "keep a battery charger plugged into the wires so I didnt have to re-set everything" method... then #2 put a halt to those plans. 2) According to most of the videos, they are d/cing the positive "Jumper" from the post to the distro box that sits on the battery and fold it over toward the engine to get it out of the way.... This is not the case on mine, as there are the wires coming off the distro box engine side, but mine also has 3 wires coming out of the battery fender side. There isnt enough slack to fold it toward the front of the truck, so I ended up saying "screw it" and disconnected the charger, and unplugged the fender side connections and folded the box toward the engine out of the way. 3) Did not remove coolant overfill bottle, just tilted everything and it came out and back in just fine. (Thanks GM for removing the battery handle... jerks) 4) I was slightly surprised when all my settings, blutooth, wifi, radio, all my settings deep in the menus were intact! It did ask me to roll down my drivers window all the way and back up though, but so far that's the only thing that I noticed so far different, and the window thing was just do this once.
  7. Is there a procedure for swapping batteries, and by that I mean, does the computer need to relearn things, or something? Wonder what happens if I used a battery maintainer on a cig adapter while I do the swap.
  8. Just ordered mine through https://www.battsys.com/northstar-nsb-agm-94r-l4-group-94r-h7-battery they have a store in town, for 269. Not sure if there's really a difference, both are northstars, though batteries plus looks like they relabel theirs?
  9. Also let me know how you deal with the power distribution "Cap" on top of the old battery (If you got one). With Pics! =D
  10. You are ahead of me, got a NSB-AGM94R battery ON SALE for $259.99 + tax and exchange quoted to me. Trying to see if I can find a dead battery somewhere, or what the non-core price is.
  11. =D but you have a truck, you have all the bed you need! =D
  12. Im all about more info, ppl on here might like a write up, not much info collected it seems on battery stuff. (Or Dual Battery clear info) its vague and frustrating to sort out (for me anyhow).
  13. Thanks for the time and answers! I think ill go for the larger battery.
  14. Oh I see the NSB-AGM94R/L4 is a larger battery, will fit the tray but I'll have to do some sort of replacement of the factory distro block on top, but other than that it fits and no other mods needed? If I wanted a true drop in, NSB-AGM48/L3? the distro box will drop on that.
  15. Also does that factory tray thing that sits on the factory battery fit the northstar?
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