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  1. Who manufactured your bull bar? Pretty much exactly what I'm looking for for my truck
  2. https://www.partsengine.ca/avs-aeroskin-lightshield-hood-protector-p-74940.aspx# Might be a quick and easy solution. Just taps into your DRL's. Thinking of adding it on my Trail Boss, the pic is a stock photo
  3. Right on, thanks for that! Yeah, that bar is considerably thinner and narrower than I had imagined it would be. The YouTube vids that I saw on the installs show that it comes with attachment clips and the 3M tape. Did you use the clips or tape it directly on? Cant tell if that's one of the clips in the top pic of yours
  4. Thanks for the reply. That's a sweet looking mod sir!! I was trying to find the actual physical dimensions for the bar before buying one, aside from the length obviously. Yours looks like the 48"?? It must be considerably thinner and narrower than I thought it would be. My concern was that the bottom of the tailgate would hit the light when it came down. Apparently not though
  5. Hello folks, Has anyone installed the Putco blade tailgate light bar (or any other brand) on a 2020 CTB? I've reviewed several vids online that show the install between the top of the rear bumper and below the tailgate, however, there doesn't seem to have that space free on the trail boss?? Am I missing something or is there another option? Appreciate any thoughts or ideas ya might have
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