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  1. Parking brake shoes are like $60 or $70 bucks for OEM. How are they coming up with $1400 to replace them? Even if they are throwing an actuator at it, the actauator is around $250? I would question the dealer and their quote. Sounds to me like the actuator failed, causing the brake to drag and hence, wearing out the pad. Technically, those pads shouldnt really "wear out" as they are merely holding the vehicle and not stopping it from motion. If the failed actuator is covered under warranty, i would push the issue of the failed part wearing out the pad.
  2. I had heard that as well, but additional info is limited. The only thing Ive seen was TFL video that quickly went over the High Country and High Country Midnight at the TX fair. I gotta say the Midnight is sweet. Cant wait to see the the new 24's with body color bumpers/front ends.
  3. Hmm, so they couldnt build my 2022, still havent picked up my 2023 order for a Z71 Sport. Now Im curious to see the 2024 Z71 Sport, more interested in pricing to see if the updated interior/exterior and 10 speed are worth waiting for?
  4. Just make sure you verify the payload and towing capacity on the door. Not sure about 2020MY, but the new ones with the Z71 Sport package come with more aggressive AT tires. These tires, when factory installed, lower your labeled tow rating by 2,000#. Not sure of your trailer/racecar weight but something to keep your eye on. The truck wont care, but a over zealous LEO might.
  5. Did he tell you the new price? From the info I get from my dealership, GM is still struggling with chips. To add insult to injury they are struggling to get parts also. They indicated to me its worse now than when I ordered in January. They are struggling to get 1500's now, which was not as big of a problem for them before.
  6. My 22 that didnt get picked up will cost me $3700 more to re-order the exact same truck in a 23MY. So your $3-$4k increase assesment is on point.
  7. I ordered a 22 in January of 22. Got a call last week that 22 orders are now closed. So my order is canceled via Chevy. I will need to reorder a 23, which i doubt i will do. I don't want to play the waiting game again whilst the interest rates continue to climb. Just too many unknowns at this point.
  8. Talked with my dealer yesterday afternoon on my 22 order placed January 22. Chevy has closed orders on 2022 HD trucks. They will begin taking orders on 23's the first week of July. Soooo, I will be going through the process of ordering a 23 and starting this enjoyable process again. That is assuming there isnt a yuge price increase on the 23's. They are supposed to have access to 23 pricing in the next week or two and we will see what if any impact there is regarding increases. I know per the website, my current build would be $2500 more, Im hoping that is all that rolls to the 23 MY. Keep in mind this is all info from my dealer, who knows how accurate this information is. It doesnt appear that they can get a straight answer from Chevy Corpo either.
  9. Are you doing the ceramic coat yourself? If so, what product are you planning on?
  10. Same truck I ordered but a gasser. Deposit made in January, so hopefully my Z71 Sport gets picked up too!
  11. AMP Powersteps seem to be the go-to. They make an XL version for lifted vehicles that have an additional 3" drop over the standard units.
  12. If its any consolation, I had a very similar scenario on my 2014 with a 5.3. Replaced a control module and its been problem free for 85,000 miles. With all the electronics on everything with wheels its bound to happen. Sucky scenario after the wait to get the truck in the first place. Im still playing the waiting game on a 22 I ordered.
  13. Based on every one of your comments, i dont think "relaxed" should ever be used do describe anything about you. Enjoy your Honda's! One more thing, if you are comfortable enough financially to retire at 49, I dont think a $50k truck should make you fret. Enjoy your retirement.
  14. Just when I think I have the "they're only building high end, or theyre only building WT's". My ordering dealer has a 1-WT, 7-Customs, 1-LT, and 2-High Countrys in transit currently. My LT, Z71 Sport order is yet to picked up by Chevy. Deposit and order was made in January. It does seem in Western PA anyway, that local-ish dealers are showing more in-transit 2500's. Who knows when they'll arrive, but thats what im seeing.
  15. I wish my ordered truck would show up and I'd look under it to see. Can you run the frame rail and pop up through a grommet on the floor?
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