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  1. Sounds like American Thunder is your answer. Haha
  2. Did you ever find these? NAPA has a wide selection of various automotive clips/hardware if you have one nearby.
  3. Shooowee, the only Cowboys I see on that map are in Central Texas with that 85mph towing speed limit. Daggum, 85 with a trailer is hummin'. Regardless of your opinions, as with everything else in life, its all good, until it isnt. Now to get back on track, if Im towing at 85mph, do I need a WDH?
  4. You can find them used on Craigslist etc for decent prices. However, shipping prices in this post Covid world we live in will kill you due to the size/weight. So I dont know that a private seller, unless local pickup is feasible, is going to work out.
  5. I learned this the hard way with the lack of an integrated brake controller on my 2014 1500. Truck didnt have it stock, looked into adding it in the dash and what a mess that would've turned into (wiring harnesses, BCM programming etc). Ended up with a standalone unit.... But looked so easy to pop the parts in...
  6. Wouldnt we all like to get our hands on a 2024! I dont think Chevrolet has any real knowledge as to when these will be widely available. Hence all the speculation and rumors at the dealers and forums. Heck, Ive been trying to order a HD since 2022 MY and had 22 and 23 orders that were never picked up.
  7. Except that you would certainly pay for the hardware/software upfront in the vehicle price. So you would be paying for all of the non-functioning options in the price of the truck. Then they would have their hand in your pocket again to make it functional. Go back inside the box!
  8. I was wondering how fast the wheels would come off the tracks when I saw this new thread last week. Its the nature of forum discussion I suppose.
  9. Take a look around on car-parts.com. i did a quick look on there this morning and there are a few available. A bunch on there for 1500's. Im not sure if its the same console or not. However, there are a few for 2500/3500 that are in one piece.
  10. Did you check the voltage of both batteries while disconnected? Maybe they didnt have a sufficient charge from the retailer.
  11. I just paid $5.39/gal yesterday in SW PA, if that makes you feel any better...almost $700 for 125 gallons after fees....
  12. Best I can gather from what the dealer told me, was it was due to the 24's rolling out. I would assume Chevy had filled order banks on 23's and wouldnt accept any additional orders. I wouldnt imagine it having any bearing on orders that were picked up by Chevy or in-transit completions.
  13. I sure hope you lumped yourself into the "people" that clearly have no idea how this system works. You're trying to make comparisons between Chrysler AWD and the four wheel drive on a 7k# HD pickup. Nonsensical forum arguments are the best, arent they! Solving the truck worlds problems one opinion at a time.
  14. When you engage Auto it locks in movement of the entire front drive system which is usually "unlocked" in 2 wheel drive. Leaving it in auto will cause drag and wear on parts with little to no benefit "all of the time". On dry pavement it will engage on turns as it works with wheel speed sensors, which will be hard on the 4x4 components (binding etc). It is a great system and functions well when you need it. I would refrain from using it full time but thats my opinion.
  15. You wont get a 2023 ordered at this point. GM put a Stop Order on 2023's late October early November. You'll be waiting on a 2024 like me.
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