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  1. Same truck I ordered but a gasser. Deposit made in January, so hopefully my Z71 Sport gets picked up too!
  2. AMP Powersteps seem to be the go-to. They make an XL version for lifted vehicles that have an additional 3" drop over the standard units.
  3. If its any consolation, I had a very similar scenario on my 2014 with a 5.3. Replaced a control module and its been problem free for 85,000 miles. With all the electronics on everything with wheels its bound to happen. Sucky scenario after the wait to get the truck in the first place. Im still playing the waiting game on a 22 I ordered.
  4. Based on every one of your comments, i dont think "relaxed" should ever be used do describe anything about you. Enjoy your Honda's! One more thing, if you are comfortable enough financially to retire at 49, I dont think a $50k truck should make you fret. Enjoy your retirement.
  5. Just when I think I have the "they're only building high end, or theyre only building WT's". My ordering dealer has a 1-WT, 7-Customs, 1-LT, and 2-High Countrys in transit currently. My LT, Z71 Sport order is yet to picked up by Chevy. Deposit and order was made in January. It does seem in Western PA anyway, that local-ish dealers are showing more in-transit 2500's. Who knows when they'll arrive, but thats what im seeing.
  6. I wish my ordered truck would show up and I'd look under it to see. Can you run the frame rail and pop up through a grommet on the floor?
  7. I doubt the dealership has any say in what gets loaded on a carrier. Ultimately GM wants to move inventory so if its done at the plant, I would think getting it out to market would be #1 priority. Since your truck is "sold" especially given the climate, the dealership would have no benefit to pushing your delivery out. They can put that in the books as sold and move on. From what I gather, new allocations are based on vehicles sold. So, I would think it would benefit them to get the truck there and get it in your driveway.
  8. My dealer was allocated a build slot and my order from 1/24/22 was placed (Code 1100) on 2/4. As of now, apparently, Chevy is only allowing spray on bedliner options for the High Country trim levels. Therefore, I had to proceed without it. Not a big deal as there are plenty of options for that outside of GM. I am assuming they are having supply issues with the liner material and are rationing for their top tier models. I can only assume the Denali would fall in there as well. Of all the options I put on this truck I wasn't expecting the ChevTech spray on bedliner to throw a flag. Very early in the process here so we will see if anything else pops up.
  9. From what I gather, all of the components will be installed just not functional. It would be a real nightmare for the dealers if they had to tear dashes and seats apart to install switches, heating elements etc.
  10. My truck was ordered with heated wheel, heated and cooled seats, front and rear park assist. None of which will be active upon delivery. You get a small credit on the option cost for the inconvenience. When parts become available, you will take the vehicle to the dealership to have chips and or modules installed to activate the options. The dealer I ordered from was unsure as to how that was actually going to occur. I think GM and the dealers are figuring this out as they go. Thanks Covid..
  11. I placed an order 2 days ago on 1/24/2022 for a Silverado 2500 HD CCSB, Z71 Sport, All Star, convenience 1 and 2 and Leather buckets. The dealership had 3 2500 HD's land last week that they had ordered Mid-October. They have been seeing 10-12 week delivery on the "ordered 2500 HD's". I have been searching for dealer inventory for months to conclude the only real option currently is to order. Essentially all of the "in-transit" trucks on a dealers website are already sold from what I've seen. I am also noticing the local dealerships (SW Pennsylvania) listing substantially more in transit HD's than I have seen in the past 6 months. Hopefully that is a sign that things may be loosening up and starting to move in the right direction.
  12. How was the install? Are they a "no-drill" installation? I hate drilling sheetmetal in areas that are going to see salt spray.
  13. I agree with his point, to a point. I believe common knowledge, and common sense is that any coating is only worth the preparation of the substrate its being applied to. The OP was asking about using it on the frame. I find it hard to believe an in-service frame could ever be prepped sufficiently enough to avoid failure of any bedliner (or paint) product. Too much factory installed undercoating, road grime, wires , fuel and brake lines etc. for any level of success in my opinion.
  14. I second the "No" opinion above. You will get water behind it, and it will rot from the inside out. I did it in my younger days with a 91 Nissan pickup. You couldn't tell the metal was gone until you poked it and the only thing left was the bedliner material. I use Amsoil MP on the frame of my 2014. The OEM wax coating is garbage, and the dealership re-did it twice under the TSB and it failed twice.
  15. I dropped the truck of at the dealership and explained what was happening. They are replacing the vacuum pump under warranty. Per the recall, if your VIN doesn't fall in the recall category, then they extend your warranty to 10 years/150,000 miles on the vacuum pump and the brake booster. SO, they don't want to recall all of the trucks, but will replace the parts IF you have the problem. Thankfully, I didn't have the problem while launching my boat or the truck would've been in the drink. While I understand the financial aspect of the selective recall, I don't understand it, in this instance given the nature of the failure. I guess you could always grab the gain on your brake controller and use the trailer brakes to stop the truck, right? Im sorry did you say surge brakes, oh too bad then, find something soft to run into.
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