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  1. I just left the dealership. Of the 12 trucks I looked under. All of them had nothing there. So I'm going with..........its normal. Odd but normal.
  2. I was under my truck cleaning it up after a dirty weekend, and noticed that the cab mount bushing under the drivers area is missing. Has anyone ever came across this? It's honestly a little disturbing.
  3. If you have to driving mode switch to the left of the gauge cluster ( race flag or snowflake). Putting it on snowflake, starts it in 2nd gear.
  4. My truck is less than a year old and the rubber is coming off the keyfob already. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. I recently went with a 275/70r17. 32.6 inches tall. Other that the speedo being about 2mph off, I think it rides better and handles better, definitely better when towing. I have no MPG data, since I added the tires all of my driving has been local with a 16ft trailer. Those MPG's suck no matter what tire you have.
  6. Please share the program name, I have a bunch to convert as well.
  7. That is the beauty of opinions. They vary greatly. I like the look of the lift with the red wheels. But can appreciate the simplicity of the stock look. Thank you for the side by side.
  8. I was amazed. After about 400 miles of cruise control at 71, the miles to empty kept climbing. It got to 702 but my need for food and a bathroom only let me go to 625. Best mpg on that trip was 32.8, average was about 30.4.
  9. On a trip to Michigan from Louisiana, I got 625.
  10. There was no harness on my invoice, so I am going to say they spliced in. I will say however, I have no issues with that.
  11. I added a single 12" shallow mount sub under the rear seat, 800w mono amp under the pass front seat, and adjustable gain control knob on the dash (right of the 12v outlet). This allowed me to pull most of the bass out of the door speakers and raise the mids and highs. Sound quality is clear and not distorted until you get to almost max volume. Plus you can adjust your bass level to match what your music and mood is, or which kids are in the truck. I had a local shop install it ($170.00). I used equipment I had from other builds, but i image you could be in a set up like this for under $700.
  12. I debated this for awhile before I bought my LT. The big deciding factor for me was the plastic wheel well trim on the GMC. It looked good new, but give it a year or so.
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