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  1. You wouldn't be able to use android auto or carplay, the USB jack won't handle the data bandwidth required. Everything else would work fine. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  2. Looks great! On my 2016 5.3 I had to empty my elite catch can every 2500 miles, and yours looks about the same size. I was amazed how much oil it caught. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  3. Dang that sucks. What a bummer. At least his pain is over. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  4. Some day came real quick, because that info is useful to me right now! Lol I appreciate you taking the time to post. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  5. Hopefully they do fit, but if those are the wrong ones they should let you know and show you the right ones. If you get the feeling they're just telling you anything to make the sale, go to a different distributor that you trust, and they'll set you up right. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  6. It may be a typo on the website. If possible I would contact the company and ask for clarification. Thats the only way to know 100% for sure. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  7. I have a roll n lock on my truck too. I haven't had any issues with it and love that it locks. Between that and my locking tailgate stuff stays safe and even going through a car wash, I've almost always had zero water get in the bed, and very little when some did get in. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  8. Check out this website, I'm halfway thinking about switching over to a air/water intercooler setup just so I can do this...imagine having iat's in the 50 degree range in the middle of summer. https://fiinterchillers.com/ There are so many adjustable parameters available on these trucks that I'm almost afraid to edit anything myself. Not only vve, spark, and all that, but you've got the pita torque management crap too. Im glad I have a good tuner near me, so he can do the heavy lifting, then show me what I can adjust to make little tweaks and such for track days. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  9. Dang, yeah you definitely gotta get a grip on those Temps. You ever considered an interchiller? Uses your ac system to cool the coolant in a air/water system. I need to spend some time with my laptop and get my scanner set up right. I've been a little lazy with all this heat lately Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  10. You know, im not 100% sure if there is a pid for the low side. I remember my tuner showing me the fuel pressure holding steady, and I thought he said low side, but i had a touch of dyno fever so I could be mistaken lol. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  11. If you have an mpvi2 you can run your own data logs and keep an eye on stuff with the hp tuners scanner. If you wanted to start trying ethanol, just start with 5 gallons with a full tank of 93 then data log it and watch the low side pressure. If the pressure holds, add another 5 gal and repeat until you have a full tank of e85. If the logs show good pressure, you're good, if it drops at any point, then go back to straight 93. Otherwise enjoy the extra power and crappy mileage with the e85 lol. I'd run a wideband sensor too just to be safe if your tuner hasn't touched the ethanol tables. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  12. You should be fine with the intank pump for now, im running e85 on 7psi with no drop in low side pressure. Waiting to install my wideband and boost controller before I turn it up any farther. But to be honest, ive got a low side pump upgrade on my to do list also. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  13. Looks awesome, can't wait to hear what you think after you get the tuning wrapped up. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  14. I haven't yet. At 7psi of boost I'm not seeing any loss of pressure on the low side. Its definitely on the to do list down the road, but for now its not necessary. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  15. Thats probably a smart move. Second set of hands to at least get it set on there. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
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