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  1. I definitely like the idea of 17” alloys. I’ll keep looking. I haven’t run across any yet.
  2. Hi folks, Digging into tires on a new-to-me 2016 1500. I haven’t actually even seen it in person yet (another story). It has 17 inch steelies on it now—got to go. It seems that 18 inch alloys are the smallest OEM replacements out there so that’s what I’ll prob get. I’m having trouble choosing a tire. I’ve previously had BFG KO and they were perfect for me. When I look at the 18 inch options for KO2 that are the correct diameter (ok choice) or slightly larger diameter (what I want), they only come in a load range E. I feel like that’s overkill and will result in a terribly bouncy ride. If I go from a 265 down to 255 width, there is a load D available. Would that be crazy to go more narrow? Me, in general, is one to stay fairly close to stock. I basically would like the truck to look like something GMC should have offered. General use for this is as a grocery-getter/hardware store runs. But, I would like some off-road capability as I do go out to some trails (which around here is small-ish rocks and lots’o mud/ruts, no rock climbing). I’m in favor of an eventual leveling or adjustable front stocks but I gotta keep it garage-able. Any advice? Load E KO2? More narrow load D KO2? Another tire that performs comparably that might come in size/load rating I want? TIA
  3. If I understand correctly, fog lights, at least in actual fog, are intended to be run as the only light source so it sounds proper to me. Normal headlights are so bright that they reflect the fog. Fog lights are lower powered and therefore don’t reflect back as much and blind you. Fog lights are designed to be ran in fog without use of the primary lights. That said, I have found fog lights useful to illuminate a wider area than my regular headlights in conjunction with regular headlights. i.e. in a dark neighborhood and trying to watch for pedestrians around corners.
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