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  1. I went with the Revolver X4.....I will see how it hold up this winter in Iowa.....Thanks for the input every 1!
  2. I recently purchased a 2016 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab short box with 34,500 miles for $33,000. Certified Used so it has the power train warranty extended until Nov. of 2022. It also has a limited new car warranty extended until May of 2021 which covers anything with the engine. 2 free oil changes also included as long as you take it to a certified gm dealer within 2 years of purchase date. There are always good deals out there and the internet has made it so much easier to check that you are getting a fair price. Did you put the info into the below sites....they helped me out a TON when I was looking.... I also had a trade in......2014 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 LT with 94,000 miles......got $16,500 trade in value for that.... www.kbb.com www.carmax.com www.carvana.com
  3. That is a nice pickup but I cannot see the bed cover....do you have another photo?
  4. I am wanting peoples opinions on a quality bed cover. Below is what I Know I want 1. Hard cover 2. Tri-Fold or roll type 3. Best at keeping the water out of the bed (I realize no covers are completly water proof) I have been on many truck sites and the one I landed on was the Bakflip X4 rolling hard cover......It unfortunately is back ordered right now and I can't get it until 11/15/20 so I cancelled that order. I have a Gator low profile soft cover on my pickup now but I want something more secure....Any information is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I'm going to hold off for right now. CARid was for sure the best selection, and when I type best selection I mean 5 pairs to pick from. If I had a black pickup I would pull the trigger right away. Thanks for all the info on this topic. Hopefully these companies expand on their product lines for pickups with stock LED tail lights.....Until then my $$ can be better spent elsewhere.....
  6. Thanks much! They do have a lot to pick from. Appreciate it!
  7. I appreciate the comment. It was even more frusterating for me because I spoke with a sales person before purchasing the tailights. I specifically said I have factory LED's will these work? He claimed they would work but it was a no go. That being said.....Are you aware of any companies that have after market LED tail lights for my pickup with factory LED's? Thanks
  8. Yes....I do have factory LED tail lights.....not sure what you mean? I already returned them so it's no longer relevant....But I would like to get some after market ones eventually. Thanks
  9. I ended up purchasing those taillights and they will not work. I contacted the company and am waiting for a reply. My guess is they will tell me I need a different wiring harness to get them to work correct. See photos below...... Thoughts?
  10. https://www.americantrucks.com/morimoto-silverado1500-xb-led-tail-lights-red-lf424.html
  11. I decided against those. Pretty spendy. My pickup is red in color so I'm looking for more red then black out version....Thanks
  12. I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ. I am wondering what web sites or stores sell after market LED tail lights that would fit my pickup? I went on Realtruck.com and they only had one pair that would work. Thanks for any information. *Note: I don't want factory replacements*
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