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  1. So the 3 leading candidates at this point are:Hostile Exile 22x10Hostile Alpha 22x10Current factory 22x9 with spacersTruck will be lifted in the near future, either 4.5 on 33s or 6.5 on 35s. What's yalls opinion on wheels and lift combos?Thanks!
  2. Thanks man, yeah I agree! Trying to picture what it would look like with 4.5 or 6.5 lift on 33s or 35s with these wheels and spacers
  3. Might end up running my current factory wheels for a while, just change tires and add spacers
  4. Definitely leaning towards hostile, just a matter of picking my favorite set. Love sprockets but hate that they're directional
  5. I am that guy on there. That was my post also lol
  6. Going to start getting things together to lift my new 2018 Silverado. Just wanted to see what everyone's favorite wheels are in the black and milled finish? Not planning to go billets just yet. Going to be running a 22x10, -25 offset on 33s or 35s, depending if I go with the 4.5 or 6.5 lift. Thanks in advance!
  7. Only if at a certain angle at full lock. Has 1500 miles now and has rubbed maybe 3 times
  8. Blackbear Autocal for sale

    This is just the autocal, and will it work on an 18 Silverado with the 6 speed transmission?
  9. Dealer installed options.

    Like stated above, leather is an up charge. I'm a sales consultant for chevy/GMC, and we swap wheels and tires all the time, and have an outfitter that does Katzkin leather for us, and it is so much nicer then factory leather anyway. I just bought a new LT with cloth and am adding the Katzkins myself!

    Does the trim around the Silverado or high country headlights swap? My truck is silver with color matched front
  11. Current wheels or swap??

    Appreciate the input guys! Cleaned it up this evening and pulled the pinstripe! Late evening picture just because
  12. Current wheels or swap??

    I appreciate the input!
  13. Current wheels or swap??

    I would only go 22s or 24s if I did anything. Clean truck though! I definitely haven't seen many setup like this

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