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  1. Haven’t posted in a while. Added a leveling kit and 22” GM wheels with Toyo AT3 33s. Completely changed the truck! Also a quick look at the wife’s new wheels!
  2. That looks great! I wasn't sure how the silver would look without, so that really helps! The side door emblems may stay, but I really like the gate completely cleaned up!
  3. Just wanted to check the popular opinion on these new trucks on what all to ditch and what to keep? I’ve always done a complete debadge of everything I’ve owned but these new Sierra’s aren’t all that bad. Obviously the tailgate is too busy and needs something done, but overall what is everyone’s input on it? Should I ditch the Sierra emblem on the sides as well as the X31 badge on the bed? Should I strip the entire gate or leave the GMC emblem? Thanks!
  4. Have seen the same message multiple times, and my service manager has never had an issue getting it covered. I understand a lot of dealers won't fool with it for this reason, but that isn't a concern that I have
  5. I'm a salesman at a GM dealer, and my service department goes the extra mile on warranty coverage. A leveling kit is definitely not a concern on that part. I wouldn't want one to clear the wheel/tire combo, I just think the trucks usually look better with one
  6. Won't be lifting this one, but definitely had intentions of a leveling kit
  7. Yesterday I was able to ditch the boards and add the color matched fender trim, and seeing it like it is has me stumped. Was planning on going with a 22 replica GM wheel on a 33” AT tire like Toyo or Nitto, but the looks changed drastically after those small mods yesterday! What you guys say?? Adding a picture of the wheel option I had picked out also! Also looked at the 22” chrome version of the same stock wheel I have! Thanks!
  8. It was the flat chrome stock boards. I traded them in at work for the color matched trim. I sell these trucks daily and the color matched fender trim is a game changer for the looks! This was before adding them and taking off the steps!
  9. 2021 SLT Sierra Premium Plus Had mine for a week now. Fully tinted, running boards removed, color matched fender trim added. Ronin antenna ordered, and plan on leveling kit with 22” GM wheels and 33” Toyo AT tires
  10. Finally made the choice on a truck! Went with this ‘21 Sierra Premium Plus with the 3.0L Duramax! Deciding factor was the features of the premium plus over the preferred package AT4 that we have coming in! Few things done to it in the first couple of days have been full tint, removed the running boards, and added color matched fender trim! Next up is a leveling kit, and trying to decide if I want to upgrade to a 22” GM wheel with 33” Toyo or Nitto AT tires. Let me know what y’all think so far! Thanks!
  11. Appreciate the input guys! The SLT is definitely the direction I was leaning, just have always preferred the full color-matched version of a vehicle! Either would suit me way better then my current 18 Silverado 2LT that only has heated bucket seats and factory nav over being a fairly basic truck including cloth. The SLT will be a major improvement in the features category! And I should mention, working here I will be leasing, so short of a set of 22" replica wheels and Ridge Grapplers with a leveling kit, there won't be much done to it. Probably do a debadge even though they say you can't do stuff like that to a lease lol Thanks again guys!
  12. Let me start this by saying that I am a sales consultant at a Chevy, Buick, GMC store and we have been hammered by the inventory shortage just like everyone else. Being on the front line of it, I see that we can't even order trucks right now with the drivers alert packages or Technology packages due to constraints. I've always been a big AT4 fan, love the way they sit and look! We have a few trucks coming in soon that haven't been pre-sold that I'm looking at for my next truck. One is a silver SLT Premium Plus with all the options, and the other is a dark sky AT4 with the preferred package and no drivers alert at all. The premium plus is actually the only one going to be available like that within several hundred miles of my dealership. I love all the comforts of the premium plus, but not so much the exterior of the SLT. The AT4 I love the exterior and stance, but don't care for the preferred equipment group. What are you guys opinions of this, what would be your preference and why? Just looking for some extra feedback! Thanks
  13. Those look factory! Would look good painted to match also to go along with the body color moldings!
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