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  1. I’ve run the Eibach suspension for a few years and I have zero complaints. It just depends on what you’re look for. I’ll say the height has not settled at all and as a matter of fact I would have put the adjustment at one lower if I had know it wouldn’t settle a little but it’s fine and ride quality is great. Good luck
  2. Heck I’d just like Install better shocks, with soils and struts to level my truck. $50,000 PLUS dollars and I can’t even lift this POS truck, yea I’m friggen pissed. This is my first new Z71 and I’ll be damned it’s looking like my last one too!
  3. Just my personal Eibach testimony. I ran this same Eibach Kit (frt & rr) but for my Tundra TRD that I just traded in on my Z-71. We set the Eibach coil-overs at the 2nd from the top and it was a little stiff over the Bilstein 5100 (adjustable height) but I had ZERO issues with them unlike the 5100. I’ve run Eibach suspensions on my Fx-4 with 265k and my Tundra TRD and I’ve never had any issue from any of the Eibach suspension components I’ve run. I’ve just this week pick up my Z-71 but I imagine I’ll be adding an Eibach kit to it soon enough. Good luck
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