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  1. Do you have the HUD? I know the windshields are different depending on if you have HUD or not. The HUD windshields have some type of laminate layer in/on them. Maybe this is what you’re seeing.
  2. Here are some interior possibilities to check out: https://youtu.be/uf1AGcicClc
  3. Hey thanks for this description. Definitely helps to know what to expect and look for under there. When I install mine eventually, I’ll try to take some pics to share.
  4. Had this done to mine. Seems to have worked: https://gm-techlink.com/?p=15026
  5. How was installing the AC tube/vent? Any major difficulties? Any pictures by any chance? I have all the parts but haven’t had the time yet for the install.
  6. IntelliHaul 2.0 System GM part number 19421450
  7. The BSM comes as part of safety package II which includes front and rear proximity sensors, task lighting on front of mirrors, and rear cross traffic alert. I believe the BSM warning lights are tied directly to the rear cross traffic alert sensors that are located behind the corner steps of the rear bumper. Would seem adding the mirrors you would also need the rear sensors and all the wiring that goes with it. It probably could be done, but cost prohibitive and you would almost certainly need a BCM reprogramming which usually GM dealers won’t do for non GMPP accessories.
  8. Depending on which trim level and options you have, there’s a bunch of stuff back there that can rattle:
  9. it will be interesting to see what it takes to install the tube. Appreciate your willingness to be the test subject.
  10. Would be great to see pictures of your install if you’re willing to post. Especially interested to see how you route the air duct if you decide to install it. Also what hardware you use to attach the charging module to the console. There are 4 screws shown that attach the charger tray but I see nothing in the schematic for attaching the charging module to the tray. Does it just rest in the tray without any screws?
  11. Unless something with GM has changed, dealers won’t (can’t) reprogram for tire size changes unless you buy a GMPP wheel package that comes with a reprogramming code. Dealer can’t even reprogram to the largest stock factory tire size without a code from a wheel package. I’ve tried and with four different dealers.
  12. It doesn’t matter. The dealer (or you if you have a TPMS relearn tool) can sync the sensors no matter what the tire pressure is at. Just add/remove air as necessary to get to 42psi. Also, since you are adding new TPMS sensors, make sure you buy the correct sensors as there is 315mHz and 433mHz frequency sensors. They are not interchangeable. Your dealer can tell you which you need.
  13. At 300 mph you’d actually be going 304.36 mph. The tire diameter difference between 265/60 and 275/60 is only 0.2” to 0.3”. For 285/55 at 300 mph you’d actually be going 298.37 mph so slightly under speed. Speed differences under 100 mph will be nearly insignificant to notice.
  14. There are LOTS of threads on this subject. Some people have had luck with many brands and sizes using either the factory wheels or aftermarket. Some people have to trim or remove mud guards etc etc to get what tires they want to fit. That said, with my experience, using the factory 20” wheels you can fit LT275/60/R20 or LT285/55/R20 on ANY factory 19-21 T1 truck with no issues or modifications necessary. It may be possible to go with a bigger size but your application depending on the brand and model you choose will vary.
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