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  1. Mine does not have any noise. It is an SU4 AAM AAHD tagged model and my truck was made in November 2018. I have 3400 miles on the truck now. On page 1 of this thread, Limelight posted a video of the movement that was thought to be the issue. Mine has that same movement and my axle is quiet while driving. Ive also spend a lot of time at dealerships testing other 4x4 models of different trim packages and they all have that same movement. Even the GM SU5 axle that is not affected has the same movement. Whatever is causing the axle noise is internal and there is no other way to test it besides driving the truck and seeing if it makes the noise.
  2. That’s disappointing. When they did the new fix, did they also replace the stub shaft? This is the part that seems to be the culprit of the noise issue. If they only replaced the seals and slinger that certainly would not fix anything. As new, replacement front axle assemblies potentially have out of spec stub shafts installed, it is hit or miss as to if replacing the axle actually accomplishes anything.
  3. Nice there is a new kit. They updated something with the new part number but who knows what that might be. My dealer quoted me $480. Didn’t say anything about the alignment but I’ll assume it’s extra. It would be nice to recoup some of the money by selling the used parts but not sure how much market there would be if any. You would really be selling the axles and the shocks/struts so unless anybody is looking to lower their trail boss, I think it would be a hard sale. In my case, I am still considering buying new steel leaf springs so I’d be selling my springs with the composite leaf. There might be a market for those springs but still very little.
  4. Get the part numbers for the fix your dealer is offering first. See if they are different from the part numbers listed on the pic I posted. If they are the same, skip it.
  5. I was under the impression that this is the old fix. A forum member posted these pages, see pics below. Unless the part numbers changed, it looks like you are getting the old fix, or maybe, there was never really a new fix to begin with. I suppose let them try the fix but if it doesn’t work, you have more ammo in your pocket to make the case of getting a new axle.
  6. What’s all this then? https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10149050-9999.pdf There seemed to be a problem with SU5 and SU8 GM axles? The original date was was from August 2018. As of June 24, 2019, the restriction had been lifted so dealers can work on the axles: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10162153-9999.pdf The whole time I was under the impression the SU4 was the only axle with problems.
  7. I don't know how many times I had to edit this post. The AAL8 axle IS a GM axle. Read my edited post above. I checked the axle and CV shafts on the GM axle and it has all the same play and movement as the AAM axles. Since the GM SU5 axle is not affected, something else is causing the AAM axles to jingle/click.
  8. Okay. Everyone get ready to have your mind blown...Did a little dealer checking this evening and discovered some interesting things about the GM and AAM front axles. On the dealer lot I checked a LT Z71 Trail boss which had a an AAM front axle (SU4) with the AAJF tag and part number 84605752. This axle displayed the same movement and play as the video by Limelight on page 1. Mind you, I did not drive the truck so no way to say if it makes noise while driving. I MESSED UP! I did not find a GM axle on that Custom Trail boss. What I found was an AAM, AAL8 marked axle. The AAL8 axle IS a GM axle! I found this axle on a Custom Z71 Trail boss 5.3L 6-speed. The tag for the AAL8 axle is not in the same place as the AAJF and AAHD. It is on top of the axle. The "GM" symbol is cast on the driver's side just ahead of the drive shaft. The AAL8 is shaped very different from the AAM AAHD and AAJF axles. The passenger side axle extension is round shaped where as with the AAM it is square shaped. https://www.bonanza.com/listings/New-Gm-Oem-Gmc-Sierra-1500-Denali-19-20-Silverado-Front-Axle-Differential-Locker/755810401 Also note, the part number for the AAL8 axle is 84659680. This part number is too new to come up in a search. The AAL8 axle still had the same play and movement as all the AAM axles I have tested including my own like Limelight's video shows on page 1. Seems like maybe that movement is unrelated to the noisy jingle or clicking that some are experiencing as the SU5 GM axle is unaffected. In my truck, I have the AAM axle that is denoted as AAHD on the tag and my axle is super-quiet. Of the forum members having problems with the noise in their AAM axles, how many are AAHD and how many are AAJF? Pictures are attached. First pic is the tag from my LT Z71 5.3L 8-speed with the AAM AAHD axle. Second picture is from the LT Z71 Trail Boss 5.3L 8-speed with the AAM AAJF axle. Third picture is axle tag from the Custom Z71 Trail boss 5.3L 6-speed with the GM AAL8 axle. The fourth picture shows the underbody of the AAL8 axle and how it is different from the AAM axles.
  9. I love how these dealers are ordering the parts but don’t know what they are getting. Every time I want my dealer to order something they first always ask me if I have the part number, you know, because they can’t order anything without a part number. How are are they ordering these fix kits without part numbers then?
  10. If you’re able, please be sure to see what part(s) numbers are involved in the new fix and share with us. Thanks
  11. I’m not sure 20x10 is a factory option. You may have seen them at a dealer on a truck but doesn’t mean they are GM wheels. I put the 20” gray RST wheels on my LT and love the look of them. They also make the same wheel in all silver finish too. You can also look at the 20” options from the LTZ or High Country. On the GMC side you have some good 20” options as well and can switch the GMC center caps for Chevy ones. Just run a factory tire size with the 20x9 and you’ll have no problems.
  12. I’ll chime in with an engine belt story although it sounds like what you guys are experiencing may not be as simple as a belt issue. Back when, I had a 2003 Z06 that at about 6,000 miles started to make a squeaking sound from the engine bay at random RPM ranges. I checked all the pulleys, water pump, Alternator, and AC compressor but still couldn’t find the squeak. I went ahead and replaced the belt with the high-end Gates belt from NAPA (not the gator back) and it reduced the squeak but did not eliminate it. It was driving me nuts. Now, I can’t remember how or why I decided to investigate the alternator but long story short, I found out that GM released a new design that incorporated a clutch system on the pulley which looked like a big hub on the front. The original alternator had just a plain pulley. So I bought the new alternator and behold, no more squeak! GM had found that the more powerful LS6 engine could lash the serpentine belt on acceleration or deceleration. The centrifugal clutch on the alternator was enough to smooth out the belt and keep it from lashing and squeaking. Again, this probably isn’t the culprit for your trucks but thought I’d share my squeaking V-8 story.
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