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  1. Google this: “wiring harness automotive clip” I think these are what you’re looking for. I tried to find a GM part number but unsuccessful. I know the interior uses a bunch of these clips, especially behind the rear seat.
  2. Would help if you circle or point an arrow to the exact part you’re looking for or take a good close pic of the part. Here’s a diagram of the air box and engine components. Looks like a couple clips pictured.
  3. SOLD I bought all the parts to add wireless charging to my 21 LT but I just can’t find the time to install. I also may be selling the truck so not worth it at this point. This comes with the wiring harness that does not have provision for rear heated seats. So this will work in LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, and also LTZ if not equipped with rear heated seats. Complete kit including the tube to get the AC to cool the charging module. $200 shipped to you. Contact my PM. Thanks.
  4. Do you have the HUD? I know the windshields are different depending on if you have HUD or not. The HUD windshields have some type of laminate layer in/on them. Maybe this is what you’re seeing.
  5. Here are some interior possibilities to check out: https://youtu.be/uf1AGcicClc
  6. Hey thanks for this description. Definitely helps to know what to expect and look for under there. When I install mine eventually, I’ll try to take some pics to share.
  7. Had this done to mine. Seems to have worked: https://gm-techlink.com/?p=15026
  8. How was installing the AC tube/vent? Any major difficulties? Any pictures by any chance? I have all the parts but haven’t had the time yet for the install.
  9. IntelliHaul 2.0 System GM part number 19421450
  10. The BSM comes as part of safety package II which includes front and rear proximity sensors, task lighting on front of mirrors, and rear cross traffic alert. I believe the BSM warning lights are tied directly to the rear cross traffic alert sensors that are located behind the corner steps of the rear bumper. Would seem adding the mirrors you would also need the rear sensors and all the wiring that goes with it. It probably could be done, but cost prohibitive and you would almost certainly need a BCM reprogramming which usually GM dealers won’t do for non GMPP accessories.
  11. Depending on which trim level and options you have, there’s a bunch of stuff back there that can rattle:
  12. it will be interesting to see what it takes to install the tube. Appreciate your willingness to be the test subject.
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