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  1. Exactly right. You have to access the screw from the door jamb which means you absolutely have to be able to open the door to get the cover off. Of course, if you really REALLY had to get to your keyhole, you could just break the plastic using #@%&$* and then just buy a new cover for $17.
  2. I suppose you could take the handles out and cut the wires but without the buttons on the handle I’m not sure what other vehicle features you would not be able to access. Plus, there is always the chance you could cause some sort of system fault if the computer recognizes the buttons aren’t attached. There are two other ways of changing handles and keeping the keyless entry buttons if you DON’T want to have to remove the interior door panels. You can buy a set of handles with keyless buttons, either the chrome from LTZ/HC or the black ready-to-paint versions for the LT. Remember that you can’t just buy the handle covers, you have to buy the whole handle. 1) Remove door handles as described. Cut the wires and solder in the wires from the new handle. 2.) Remove the door handles as described. Pop off the handle covers on both sets and swap. (Note, the handle covers are really tricky to pop off without damaging the plastic tabs but it can be done with the right type of pry tools, two sets of hands, and patience)
  3. It’s REALLY easy on these trucks, that’s if you have the Custom without the keyless entry buttons on the handles. LT and uplevel trim handles are wired in and require removing the interior door panels first to reach the connection. To to take the handles off the only tool you need is a T15 torx driver. Nothing else is needed besides your hands. 1.) Open your door. Find the little rubber cap located in the door jamb near the handle and pull it off with your fingers. It’s black and about the size of a penny. 2.) look in the hole and see the T15 screw. 3.) loosen the screw slowly while you pull out on the door handle (don’t pull hard, just enough to keep the door handle in the open position). 4.) As you are unscrewing, you will get to a point where the door handle connection will pop out. When you get to that point, stop unscrewing and you can remove the entire handle. 5.) With the door handle out, you can now remove the little cover that sits behind the handle. You can pull it straight out with your fingers or use a flat plastic panel remover. 6.) reinstall the opposite way. When you retighten the screws, you don’t need death-tight because you are screwing into plastic. Just tighten the screw till it firmly stops and you’re done. Of note, it is important not to turn the screw any more than necessary. Also do not tighten the screw with the handle out because you’ll trip the catch and then you’ll need to use wire or fishing line to pull it back into position (pain in the butt, ask me how I know). Each handle and cover takes less than 5 min to replace.
  4. What color should I wrap my chrome?

    Had a similar dilemma as you. Tried to decide how to make the chrome work with the truck and got it down to two options. 1.) Tie in the front and rear chrome bumpers and mirrors with chrome handles and the polished aluminum LTZ wheels. Leave out the chrome window trim from the LTZ, keep it black and it would look pretty clean. 2.) Keep everything the same but only change the wheels to the gray RST wheels. They’re not quite black, not quite silver, not quite chrome/polished but they do look shiny and pretty slick and tie in with the rest of the truck nicely. Both options have a factory appearance and don’t require a ton of money spent. Plus you can sell your existing wheels and if you decide, your factory blue handles, to recover some costs.
  5. Yeah it definitely doesn’t look great but if anything else it’ll give me a little peace of mind.
  6. Ah okay. I figured it was something like this. Thanks for the pic. The drivers side side really isn’t a problem. But sometimes passengers do some weird stuff with their feet. I’ll have to hit up the dealership for a part number this week.
  7. Definitely a lot of stuff under there that I would think would not do well if kicked. Anyone with a High Country have the same? There are definitely provisions for attaching a kick panel but maybe only the higher trim models come with them.
  8. Was poking around the interior of the new truck and noticed that there seems to be missing kick panels above the driver and passenger side foot wells. It it is really open under there and if you inadvertently kicked your feet up you could damage the heater blower and a bunch of other wiring. There are unused mounting holes on both sides for where it looks like a cover panel would attach. Did the factory forget to install mine? i have a 2019 LT Z71 crew with leather and convenience package II. I’ll take some pictures and post them later.
  9. Looking to change my door handles to chrome ones. The 2019 accessories catalog shows PN: 84102097. The picture in the catalog shows the handles having the keyless open button on the handles. However, whenever I look up the part for purchase online, the picture does not show there being buttons on the handles and also says in the description: “ not for vehicles with keyless open and start RPO ATH”. Are there two versions of this kit with the same part number? That would seem unlikely. Or are all the descriptions incorrect? Has anyone done this swap and know the correct part number? Thanks

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