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  1. I have been following this thread and had posted a lot of information here last summer. I have the SU4 axle and my truck now has just under 11,000 miles with no jingle issue. My truck was made late November 2018, is an LT 5.3L. I bought it in April 2019 and have driven in conditions that range from 10 degrees to 90 degrees in Michigan and hadn’t noticed even the slightest jingle.
  2. After my experience pulling off my rear interior door panel to add a window track bolt that GM forgot to install, I know all about the new style white plastic clips that are being used The plastic where these clips attach to the panel is thin but should not break if pulled during warm temperatures (Pro-tip: do not work on plastic interior panels when it’s cold outside!). However, what does happen is that some of the white clips do not separate correctly and get pulled out as one piece. If this happens, these clips are no longer usable and need to be replaced. Of the 20 or so clips used, I had to buy 3 new ones. So during this recall, I KNOW that techs are not replacing these unusable clips. Again, all the clips might separate as intended and you wouldn’t need any replacements but you’ll never know unless you take the b-pillar panel off and look for yourself. Not having every clip attached properly can lead to rattles/squeaks immediately or down the road. This is why I HATE other people working on interior panels in my cars. When and if I decide to take my truck in for this recall, I will insist on watching the tech through the whole process. I don’t care if they don’t like it, I give zero ***** about their feelings.
  3. My build date is 11/18 so I must have the old fluid. Is GM replacing the fluid to the new stuff free of charge/warranty or TSB?
  4. Other alternative is buying the all steel leaf springs online. They are only $148 each.
  5. It is an AAM axle. The AAKG sticker being in that location on the axle is the tell-tale. If it were a GM axle, the sticker is on top of the axle not on the bottom. The 2”x2” “GM” symbol is also cast into the axle housing on the rear left side of GM axles.
  6. Yup definitely a new axle. Mine is an AAHD and I’ve seen AAJF. The GM axles I’ve seen were AAJ8. AAKG seems to be the newest iteration and hopefully has all the issues fixed.
  7. I almost went LTZ but I found I could get a fully loaded LT 5.3L Z71 much cheaper. It has the Leather seat upgrade and also the safety package 1 which includes blind spot monitoring and front and rear parking sensors with cross traffic alert. Task lighting came with the package as well as the spray in bed liner and rear power window. I also like the amount of chrome on the LT, there is a little too much on the LTZ in my opinion. The only things my LT doesn’t have are cooled seats, lane keep assist, 360 deg camera view, Bose sound, and wireless charging pad. It doesn’t have factory navigation but since I have the IOS radio I can upgrade it later for about $500. These options on an LTZ would have cost thousands more. The MSRP on my LT was $53K. Got it for $41K during the April truck month with all the incentives that were offered at the time. Being it’s the year end of the 2019 models, you could probably get a similar deal.
  8. Depending on how much you need to get out of it, you’ll have better luck with certain websites. Last year I sold our 2015 Traverse to Carvana. They offered a good price on it and they come to you to pick it up. They handled the paperwork and payoff right there on the spot and cut you a check for the balance.
  9. If you don’t want to encounter issues with speedometer being too far off calibration or have any issues with running or clearance then stick with a 30 to 33” tire. If your stock wheels are 20”, you already have a 33” tire (275/60/20). Going any taller or wider in tire size you may have to add spacers, a suspension lift, or modify the mud flap brackets.
  10. Per my past posts from pages ago, I’ve checked about 10 other trucks on the dealer lot, LTZ, LT, RST, TB and they all had the same small amount of play. Even the SU5 GM axles had the same amount of play and they are not even affected. I’m thinking about going to crawl under a few Rams, F-150s, Tundra on the lot and see what their CV shafts are like.
  11. Same as you except I’m only at 4100 miles. The CV shaft play is present at the axle but I have no noise either. The amount of play is small but I agree, I don’t think it should be there either. For the people having the noise problem, it does go away when 4WD is activated. So I wonder if the play exists when the shafts are engaged.
  12. 4,000 miles on my SU4. No issues so far. Model AAHD with part number 84557635. My truck was made late November 2018.
  13. This issue relates to the front axle. What is your RPO for the front? SU4 or SU5. SU4 is the one that is affected.
  14. SinCityTrailBoss has been active in this topic and has a trail boss with the issue. I want to say there was also a few others but don’t want to search the last 40 pages for them.
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