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  1. Watch "Silverado leaf spring clunk temporary fix" on YouTube I also used rubber jar lid grip, cut into 2x2 square and placed in to where i Greased the leaf pads. I haven't had any problems in three weeks.
  2. As a reminder, don't put any bullshit other than gear oil in the G80.
  3. Truck will give a warning for low oil pressure. I tried to do a trans flush and took off the wrong line. Long story short, i drained the oil out of the cooler and the truck went ape shit.
  4. I have used Supertech 5w 30 from Wal-Mart for the past 25,000 miles. If i want 0.000001 better MPG i will switch back to 0w 20.
  5. I'm gonna run 5w 30 in my truck first oil change.
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