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  1. Anyone else have multiple issue regarding the lifters? I purchased a demo truck with 3900 miles on it back in early May. Started having engine issues almost immediately and had gotten all my lifters replaced recently, with under 7,000 miles on the truck. Spent almost a month at the dealer and finally got it back. They replaced all the lifters the first time and then a few weeks later it started having issues again. Luckily with the market conditions today I was able to trade out and get a newer one but I gotta admit I'm concerned. Anyone else dealing with this issue repeatedly?
  2. Apparently the High Country is different on the wheel wells than a regular LT? Per Chevrolet.
  3. Well I’m definitely confused shinty is now because the dealer is telling me the opposite of that. For example - I have a 2021 Crew carb LT 2wd and they are telling me that the factory wheels off a high court will not fit on my truck. That they’ll rub on turns???
  4. Was wondering if anyone else is having issues with upgrading their OEM wheels?ive got a 2021 LT 2WD with 20” tires and wheels and wanted to change over to the High Country wheels. keep hearing that they won’t fit? Anyone else aware of this issue? Something to do with the brake calipers or wheel liners???
  5. I think that emblem might be cool of you could remove the 5.3L part and just use that or fill that space with something else.
  6. The 2019 Silverado has a diagram on the back of the mats showing exactly where to cut them if you have the rear storage box installs. It does not however have a spot to cut holes in the mat for the box connections to the floor if you want to keep the trunk in and use the entire mat. Kinda bummer about that
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