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  1. I had a 2017 Sierra Denali and traded for a 2019 Sierra Denali. 17 had the 6.2 and 8 speed automatic while the 19 Denali has the 6.2 and 10 speed automatic which is MUCH better. Ride quality and braking are improved and some have said the 19's turn sharper. If you subscribe to xm radio, it is greatly improved over the 17 with no drop outs and a lot more stations to choose from. Went from 159 possible stations to over 400 or something like that. I don't know how the 17's and 18's compare in the xm area. Some have said on here that the responsiveness of the 5.3 engine in the 19's is better than the previous years. The chassis on the K2 trucks was a carryover from the previous generation while the 19's have a completely redesigned chassis with 3 inches longer wheelbase. The 8 speed automatic is being dropped for 2020 in favor of the 10 speed. Last point, I laugh about getting my ego fluffed because I get stopped a lot in parking lots wanting to know about the mutlipro tailgate and how I like the truck. Does it sound like I really like my 19? Oh yea, it was definitely worth the upgrade.
  2. You said that you had switched it on and off. Were you referring to the interior light switch in the overhead console? If not check the on/off switch in the overhead console just above the On Star Buttons.
  3. In 1970 my dad worked for the railroad and came home from work and said lets go look at a minor railroad accident. Two railroad cars loaded with brand new Plymouth Fury's had broke loose and rolled down through the rail yard and crashed into a string of rail cars that were stopped. There were 5 Fury's per level and 3 levels per rail car. The rail car that took the brunt of the impact had 6 Fury's on it because one Fury broke loose from the second rail car and jumped across. All the rest of the Fury's (24) were undamaged. However they were all declared a total loss. The railroad untied all of the Fury's and connected a chain to them with the other end connected to a locomotive. Yup, even from the top level they were dragged off and some were really ugly after they landed. One Fury had its rear end standing straight up perpendicular to the ground. I might still have the pictures somewhere but it was really sad to see brand new cars destroyed.
  4. There is a lot of discussion regarding the 2019 T1 Interiors. I think the best summation came from a YouTube video by TFL out of Canada. The guy was saying how great the Ram was, how much better the interior was than the Sierra all while driving the Ram. Then he drove the Sierra and again saying how great the Ram was until he logged a few miles on the Sierra and stuck his foot in it. He changed his tune quite a bit. Both trucks were top of the line and he was really pleased with the performance of the 6.2 and the 10 speed. His statement that Ram spent their money on the interior and GM spent their money on the drive train was of importance to me. He did say that Ram interior was more in line with a luxury truck Remember the T1's have a whole new chassis and suspension compared to the K2's. And the 6.2 with the 10 speed is a huge improvement over the K2. I had a 2017 Sierra with the 6.2 and now have a 2019 Sierra with the 6.2. This truck will run circles around the 2017 and it rides a lot better too.
  5. The Denali comes with the leather case. Don't know about the High Country.
  6. I have not driven the High Country but regarding the multi-pro tailgate, It came with my Denali and I was OK with it. But after a few times of loading something into the bed I really came to like it. With the bed sides being higher and the inside of the bed being wider the tie down hooks are a bit more difficult to reach then the previous generation. Drop the top portion of the tailgate and it is a lot easier to anchor a gas can or something. Loading something heavy into the bed is a lot easier too. The load stop should have a detent to keep it upright but is a really nice feature when you need to haul a couple of 8 foot 2 X 4's in the short bed. The 6.2 with the 10 speed transmission is truly amazing and worth the extra in my opinion. The long and short of it, drive both of them and decide which you like.
  7. I used the Costco program to buy my 17 Denali and also for my 19 Denali. Both times I got a list of Dealers and chose the one that I wanted to deal with. After I filled out the paperwork on-line I went to the dealer with paperwork in hand and asked for the recommended sales person. Both times I worked with someone else and got a good deal. You are in no obligation to purchase from them. Also once the deal is done you again contact Costco to get your cash card which takes about a month. Your cash card is dependent on your membership level. Base $60 membership gets about $300 where as the upper level membership get the larger amount and this comes directly from Costco.
  8. Have you looked into paintless dent repair. Once the plastic trim comes off the top edge of the tailgate there may be a number of holes that will allow them to work their magic. I had that done with my 2017 Denali and for $200 you could not tell anything happened. Luckily the plastic on mine was not damaged. A new panel will also need new letters which are about $50 to $75. Good luck.
  9. I use some Black Magic Bleche-Wite tire cleaner and a tire brush. Then rinse with a hose and it always comes out looking like new.
  10. Shop Chevy Parts sells what appears to be the same one for $187.50 This link should take you to it. I have it and am very pleased with it. If you are wanting to put a weapon in it lockerdown.com has a magnet for $25 that will allow you to hold your 9 mm or whatever in a vertical easy to access position. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/cargo-management/2019-sierra-1500-front-center-console-lockable-storage-box-black/84081567-p-92301000.html
  11. I wanted the wireless charging on my 2014 SLT and purchased a wireless charging pad from Amazon. It was a Choetech and still sells for about $20.00. Took apart the charging pad and the armrest and was able to install the pad under the recessed area in the arm rest. Drilled a small hole in the rear to get the wire down to the hinge area and then just plugged it into the usb port. Worked great. On my 2017 Denali the charging pad was intermittent but found on this website where someone had taken apart the arm rest and turned the charging pad 180 degrees which also turned the mat on the arm rest too. It worked great every time even the phone case. I don't know if this sort of mod would work with the 19 arm rest for those who do not have the built in charging pad.
  12. The front camera on my 2019 Denali was not sealed properly and got water inside. Front view was real cloudy. The dealer verified and ordered a new one and set up an appointment to replace it. When I took it in to replace the camera, the tech had it back to me in about 35 minutes and it works perfect. He said he did not have to remove the grill but just leaned it forward to get his hand in. Don't understand the calibration issue but maybe ignorance is bliss. BTW, Hardman Buick GMC in Gainesville GA is a great dealer in all aspects.
  13. I have had Linex sprayed in four trucks by two different Linex dealers and none were sprayed under the bed rails. I had to go back over those four trucks with cleaner or clay bar to remove their primer/preparation spray from the paint, glass etc. My last two had the factory spray in liner and have not had any issues.
  14. The vault completely fills the storage area but, there is about 3 inches from the top of the vault to the top of the sides of the console. Rubber Maid makes some drawer dividers that will lock together that are 2 inches high that could sit on top of the vault if that works for you. I used a 6" by 9" in the bottom of the vault just for a little organization.
  15. I had this happen this morning on my truck. I was in a hurry so I gave it the go ahead and later I checked in the settings and found there was an infotainment update performed this morning. Everything was the same on all of my screens.
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