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  1. Gun Safe for Center Console?

    Go to www.shopchevyparts.com and under cargo management they have what appears to be the same vault as lockerdown has. This is the same one that you can order from the factory and right now it is on sale for $187.50 and it comes with a combination lock. That price is about $100 less than Lockerdown. Another good option is to get the gun magnet from Lockerdown that you can attach to the inside of the vault so your handgun is in a vertical position and not laying on the bottom of the vault.
  2. Tilt steering

    I have had a tilt steering columns in cars and trucks dating back to my 1973 Buick and in all of these vehicles I have raised the steering wheel to get out. I recently tried out a 2019 Denali and when I got in my right leg drug on the bottom of the steering wheel. I looked for the tilt lever and was disappointed by what you had to do to adjust the wheel. But, once adjusted to my liking, I found I did not have to adjust it again and I liked it. My 2014 Sierra and my 2017 Denali both had the adjustable pedals and I never found a need to adjust them as long as they were all the way down. I really liked the 2019 and it felt both quicker and smoother than my 2017. Also it was quieter and rode better. While I really like my 2017 I plan on trading as soon as GM starts to offer some incentives on the new trucks.
  3. I found that when I sprayed my tires with tire shine if I did not clean the excess over spray off the wheels that it would get hard and I had to use paint cleaner with a lot of rubbing to get them smooth again. I seemed like once it dried and maybe a little wheel heat is when the problem showed up. There was some roughness to the painted areas of the wheels too. It took a while but I got it all off.
  4. Front Camera

    Lerbud, when you installed your camera, did you have any problems running the cables and was it a plug and play or did it require a visit to the dealer for programming? Thanks for any help you can provide. Don
  5. I touched a curb with one of my 22" wheels on my 2017 Denali. Put a scuff about a half inch but still irritated me. After searching for quite a while I finally found the correct color to touch it up. The code is WA263M from paintscratch.com The color is Midnight Silver and it matched up really well. Hope this helps someone else.

    I believe the Sirius XM radio reception is a combination of GM and Sirius XM. My 2014 Sierra did a little bit better than my 2017 Sierra. I have found that some channels work perfectly while in dead area other channels do not. Example channel 61 (Y2Kcountry) and channel 69 (Escape) both cut out in the same places any time of the day and in those same dead places channel 66 (Watercolors) plays perfectly. I know there are a lot of other channels that have the same issue of cutting out but I am curious if they are using multiple satellites to broadcast. I have read that GM and probably most other manufacturers use lesser expensive receivers because our sets are only capable of receiving a portion of the channels. I am going to login at https://listenercare.siriusxm.com/app/technicalissue and ask why this is happening. I really don't expect a reasonable reply.
  7. Here is a You Tube video on how to remove the rear bumper. Couple of things though, as Zach said, remove the bed bolts except for the front two and use a jack and a couple blocks of wood to pick the rear of the bed up. If you drop the spare tire you can get to the bolts on either side of the license plate a lot easier. Last thing is removing the tube for the spare tire lock which is a real PIA. Here is a video on it. You might want to get a new lock ring. Good Luck!
  8. Wheel Color

    Will try to post a picture tomorrow.
  9. I have a 2017 Denali with the factory 22" wheels. I touched a curb and scuffed a spot about the size of a quarter on one wheel. Does anyone know the correct color to match the wheel? Most wheel repair places want $100 plus to repair this kind of damage. Thanks to all. Don
  10. I would line everything up and start in the middle work towards one end and then install that end. The step pad is flexible. Also, using a long nose pliers you can squeeze the tabs sticking through the bumper and allow you to remove the old pad easier. One part I left out is removing the tube the lock goes in for the spare tire. Here is a link on how to remove the lock ring. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lemy28eXk_w Personally I bent all the tabs. Once you remove the tube carefully remove the lock ring. The are 4 tabs holding the lock ring in place. Squeeze the retainer together where it overlaps and that will allow its removal and then bend the tabs back down on the lock ring. I installed the bumper and then installed the tube so it would be clocked properly. Again, good luck.
  11. On either side of the center step section there are metal clips that are almost against the bumper face and these have to be removed to get the step pad off. There is a video on You Tube that shows how to remove the rear bumper. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTeTpu5c914 If the link doesn't work do a youtube search on removing the rear bumper from a 2015 Silverado. Having done this there are a couple of things the video left off. First removing the spare tire makes the 13 mm bolts just behind the license plate very accessible. As shown in the video once all the bolts were out they had difficulty removing bumper until someone jumped on the one step pad. I found that removing the rear 4 bolts that hold the bed to the frame (two in rear and two in the middle) and just loosen the two front bed bolts that will allow you to raise the rear of the bed about half an inch. The bumper braces turn up just inside the lip of the bed. If you have the parking sensors you need to unplug the harness under the bed and this also has the license plate lights in it. This is not all that complicated but will take some time. Good Luck.
  12. Sorry about your misfortune. The bumper has a crease at the top but here is a slightly less expensive route to go, Go to www.bumperman.com and select Texas. Then see if there is a location that is convenient to you. They will take your bumper off and straighten it out for between $160 and $180 dollars. This same thing happened to a friend and that was what he was quoted here in the Atlanta area. The point of impact was lower than yours but the bumper looks really good. The guy who did the repair was mobile and did the repair out of his pickup in about an hour and a half. Don
  13. Long time observer but this is my first time posting. My 2014 Sierra SLT CC has been a really good truck. No vibration issues but I really did not like the Goodyear SRA's. At almost 15,000 miles I replaced them with a set of Michelin Defenders from Costco. The truck rode better but I noticed after a few miles a vibration that started at about 46 mph and went away at about 53 mph. Then on a road trip I felt a vibration at about 75 mph. I took it to the dealer and they did a road force balance and found the new Michelin on the left front was at 27 pounds during the balancing. I went back to Costco and they replaced the tire. Smooth as silk at 80 mph but still a small vibration between 46 and 53 mph. Back to Costco and they rechecked the three that had the road force and said they were ok but they broke the new tire down and rotated it on the rim and rebalanced it and installed it on the right rear. Better but still a slight vibration at 46 to 53 mph. I even tried driving it in manual mode to eliminate the AFM, Thanks to all the good people on this forum I torqued the rear axle U bolts to 59 pound feet of torque plus 130 degrees. Would really like to know what that amounts to. Doing that got rid of 98% of the vibration and the little bit that is left is only noticeable once in a while. I thought about tightening the U bolts a little more. Also thanks to this forum I now have the remote lock on my tailgate that works with the key fob and also installed the wireless charging pad under the arm rest and it works great. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 but had to switch from the Otter Box case to a Unicorn Beetle so it would fit in the recessed area of the arm rest to work.

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