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  1. I have my entire front done at 35% - I have no issues seeing at night. Sides are 15%, so front doesn't really look that dark.
  2. I don't get a shutter per say, as much as I did with my 2016, but on my 2019 AT4, it feels like it's lagging to keep up. Something is not right, but dealership said unable to duplicate - and noted on the RO that it didn't have stock tires or stock exhaust
  3. Congrats. Beautiful Truck! I like those step bars a lot better than the plastic ones on the AT4
  4. Yes, Satin steel Metallic. It's late and i'm ready to go home lol (Hate working 3rd shift) I'm only about 50 min away from the GM plant. The 5.3 is plenty for what I need. It is just the Cherry on top to have the 6.2, and in 2019, the 10 speed transmission wasn't available on the 5.3, so I'm stuck with the 8 speed. I haven't had any leaking problems yet...but there has been a large handful of people here on this forum and on FB that have. Some have been repaired successfully, others are going in for the 2nd and 3rd time. I think it all depends on the quality of the tech that is doing the repairs.
  5. Wow, that's a nice perk! They hiring lol Mine is the Silver Steel Metallic. Only a Double cab with the 5.3 though... I have to pay my own note Actually, leasing this one again. I will probably buy this one out, provided I don't start having transmission issues, or leaking window issue that can't get resolved. Fingers crossed.
  6. That's sweet man. I don't plan on getting out of mine for awhile. I don't want to take it in the shorts on trade-in, not to mention the money I spent in ceramic coating, tint, tires, and Borla Exhaust on this one. I need to at least get some use and enjoyment out of my upgrades. Post some pics when you receive delivery
  7. It shouldn't matter where the truck was purchased. If it is under warranty, any GM dealer should take care of it. Especially if they caused damage to it themselves. (It isn't coming out of their pocket) GM pays for it, and the techs make money. I'm not saying dealerships should try to fraud GM, but if there's a legitimate issue, a dealer should not hesitate at all. I've had interior trim pieces replaced due to poor fitment, and exterior running boards replaced for rusting on the 2016 I had before my 2019. It's all about taking care of the customer. A loyal customer base is what sustains sales and growth...without them, you no longer have a dealership.
  8. They soaked you $165 for a removal and install of a bolt-on exhaust? I had my Borla put on at a local muffler shop on Saturday - Didn't even take them an hour. $80 and I was out the door, with the stock exhaust in the bed.
  9. It was a toss up between Corsa and Borla for me. I went with the Borla. Interested to see what you think of the Corsa on yours.
  10. You're welcome. I just had an exhaust shop put on my Borla exhaust today, and requested they change out my exhaust tips. Unfortunately, they said they couldn't get to the bolts to do it. I am faaaaar from mechanically inclined, so now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. Might have to check with the dealer to see how much they would soak me to install them.
  11. 84644535 84644536 They are separate part #'s for the Left and the Right. In the parts catalog, they are listed as F Sleeve
  12. I appreciate you reaching out. Wish I were closer, but I'm in Indiana.
  13. These are the same part #'s that have been provided in this thread... GM Parts direct stated that the 84690478 is on backorder though...
  14. I saw that. Got an email from GM Parts. I want the exhaust sleeves as soon as I can get them, (So I can do my exhaust and the valances at the same time) but I don't want to have to pay another $26 for shipping for the 2 emblems when they are off backorder. Looks like I'm waiting to do exhaust until everything is available to ship.
  15. I have a Double Cab, Standard bed 5.3. I am in a smaller rural area, that really doesn't have any great exhaust shops or places that do a lot of custom/performance stuff. It's your typical place that just does replacements due to wear, that typically use their stock pipes. (Junk) and they never have any quality mufflers on hand. I was looking specifically at the 140769 S-Type Catback
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