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  1. Well theres another area for water to collect and start the cancer process!
  2. You didn’t want the rake in the back? Curious why u didn’t go with the 285/60-20 KO2’s.
  3. Nice ride. What’s the tire size? Block in the back?
  4. That’s funny! LED or regular lights, 12v!
  5. The bed of your truck man. What’s snow and ice or dirt and gravel going to do to that system in there? That’s what I meant! No offense to u.
  6. Really? Tailgate speakers? What next? Guess you don’t plan on using your truck as a truck.
  7. Great topic. Planning on 285/60-20 KO2’s which are e rated. Only because they fill the wheel well nicely but they will sacrifice ride.
  8. I just checked my 19 Sierra with the multi pro. No warning with the main gate open but has inner gate open warning. You would think with all that technology, it would tell you the whole gate is open. Oh well. Maybe for the better. Just another thing to faak up.
  9. Looking to do the exact same to my 19. Readylift? Do u still get a rake? Any ride changes? Any more pics? Thx.
  10. Why, so that they can tell him that’s normal? LOL!
  11. I see ur from the peg, so am I. What r u drivin ?
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