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  1. I installed the same kit and my tires/ rims rubs as well. Will be putting my stock a arms back on. Bull ****** actually.
  2. Send me a pm if you do and details about it. Thx
  3. Update. After installing this kit ànd running it for approximately 4 k, I have noticed it started rubbing at full lock in reverse. Also with the e rated tires, the ride was absolutely terrible. Felt every bump. I just recently sold the KO2’s and bought 275/60-20 Duratracs in a p rated. What a difference in the ride but with the leveling kit it still feels like it bottoms out on some bumps. I figured going to a smaller tire would eliminate the rubbing, not so. Felt it rubbing last nite while parking. Left the wheel in full lock to the left and got out to have a look. It’s the stock factory rim rubbing the a arm, left a small gouge. What the hell? Should have left it stock.
  4. I stand corrected. I have some rubbing on the forward side of my passenger uca only at full lock going in reverse.
  5. I had the stamped a arms. I installed the Readylift 66-3086 kit.
  6. 19 dblcab limited. The Readylift 2.25, stock rear and 275/65-20 KO2’s. No issues or rubbing.
  7. No rubbing issues at all with my set up
  8. I just finished installing my Readylift 66-3086 (a-arms incl), 275/65-20 KO2’s and just had everything aligned on my new 19 dblcab limited. Drove it to the lake and tracks straight as an arrow, rides great and no rubbing whatsoever. Installed a access cover soft roll up as well. Today installed AVS rainguards. Next up some weathertechs and dual exhaust. Then done!
  9. I had the Readylift 2"25 kit, without the ucas,installed when I bought my 15 Sierra all terrain dblcab.Then installed 275/65-20 KO2’s. No issues for over 100K. Now present day, will be installing the 66-3086 RL kit on my new 19 dblcab limited because of the stamped steel ucas. Will be running the same tires as well.
  10. Those are standard on sierras. Silverados do not have them. My 15 and 19 limited have them
  11. The stamped steel uca’s are gm’s version of cutting costs. They changed to these 17 and up. If u have aluminum or forged uca’s, u should be ok. My 15 had aluminum and I never had a issue in over 100 k. These new ucas’ from Readylift have 1 ton ball joints for better articulation from what I am told.
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