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  1. I guess they design these things for people that don’t use their trucks as trucks. I came from a 15 Sierra in which I had a tonneau cover on. I travel to my cottage frequently and after u get off the Hwy, I have about a mile of gravel to get to the cottage. After taking the 19, with tonneau cover and the funky gate, I cannot believe the amount of dust in the back of the bed! Everything is covered! Chitty design!
  2. Engine light came on yesterday. Truck sat for 4 days at the cottage. Started it to leave for home and the engine light was on. Shut it off and started it again, same thing. Drove the hour and a half home with it on. Is there anything in the info center to check? I will call dealer today.
  3. Had this happen to me yesterday. I tapped don’t remind but it cam e back. Tried my password several times but came up invalid. Also is it a coincidence that a engine light came up as well yesterday?
  4. Just curious, why did you remove the leveling kit? I thought it looked perfect with the 285/60-20’s you had on.
  5. 80 mph?? To go to work? Holy ******!
  6. A 285/60-20 tire will fit a 19 and up sierra without a level. Test drove one before I bought. General managers demo truck. They were duratracs.
  7. Has anyone changed out their factory antenna for a shorter or stubby? If so, which is the best for keeping reception? Thx.
  8. Can you post a better picture of the front clearance? Want to see if A gator back mud flap will fit in there. Thx
  9. Hey there. Any issues with rubbing with that setup? I want to do the exact thing. I see ur in a parkade. No clearance issues? What type of leveling kit did u use? Thx.
  10. I have the exact truck but 19
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