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  1. Question reguarding these. When do they open. Here it’s winter coming on to spring. I park in a heated building. Every time I’ve looked the shutters are always closed. Are they temp activated? Will they open in the summer? Thx
  2. What everyone here is saying is correct. Been to a couple dealers to get a trade value on my 19 slt and they are giving me faak all for it. And I’ve only had it for 3 months.
  3. Big mistake! Why would you sell ur taco to get a junk gm?
  4. I laugh at u to. What’s with u guys with ur big lifts and super wide tires? Truck looks perfect as it is. Throw on some 285/60-20 KO2’s and ur good. What kind of leveling kit btw?
  5. This is my biggest problem with mine. Just can’t get comfortable. That’s why it will be sold or traded.
  6. Speaking of these, do they open in warmer temps? Mine have been closed so far.
  7. My ‘19 SLT is up for sale. It was a rush purchase. Will be buying a 17 or 18. Here in Manitoba if anyone is interested.
  8. Speaking of these new tailgates. There is no more manual opening latch. How would one open said gate if the vehicle battery is dead, especially with a tonneau installed?
  9. Like it was said previously, all the manufacturers have their issues. Test them all and buy what you feel suits you best. After my 15 Sierra was written off, I made a rash decision and bought a 19. Been just over a month and I don’t like it. Way too fancy for my needs. It’s up for sale. Good luck!
  10. Hey there. Is there a for sale section on here? Wanna sell my 19 Sierra.
  11. Well theres another area for water to collect and start the cancer process!
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