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  1. Hi everyone. I didn't put much thought into this when I bought my truck. Not sure if I had a choice. I have the crew cab because I have 4 kids and we all need to fit when we go camping. The front middle seat only has a lap belt. My brother's truck has the middle shoulder belt, I believe its built into the driver's seat for the middle passenger. Is there anything on the market that anyone has found to add a shoulder belt to the middle front seat in a crew cab? Thanks for any insight
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am just at the beginning of very similar upgrade. I want to swap out my 2018 stock tires from the 255/70/17R to 275/65/18R. I want a more aggressive tread, and slightly larger wheel, but don't want to have to modify the truck with a lift. I found a pretty cool website that shows an overlay of the new tire over the original tire. www.tiresize.com This is currently my favorite website. This is something I was dreading because I wanted to be sure my new wheels fit. Seeing yours makes me a lot more comfortable with it.
  3. My 2018 Silverado LT 4x4 has simple side mirrors only with power adjustments. They dont have defrost or signal lights. I want to switch them out with trailering mirrors, preferably with defrost and turn signal lights. Switching the actual mirror will be easy, but I'm curious how difficult the wiring is, or if I a n do it at all. Thanks for any help
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