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  1. I know all carmakers have problems, But I wonder how many of the ford and dodge forums defend GM like we defend ford and dodge here. United we stand divided we get screwed
  2. You are 100% correct! Too many people have that attitude and GM loves it.
  3. GM had a good amount of time to learn how to lie to the customer thanks to the 14 - 18 models....and from reading some of the forums about the 19's it looks like it will continue
  4. Question....How many of your GM vehicles were BRAND NEW?
  5. GM loves you!!! As long as people are willing to make excuses for everything, from why kids are raised the way they are to why there is no Q/C control on anything (GM, restaurants, anything that we pay for anymore) Our society will continue to slip into the bowels of hell. If things can't be sugar coated people don't want to hear it!
  6. I agree with you 100%... I think that so many people have an ego bigger than the size of Texas and are never going to admit they have made a mistake or they will swear that their truck is perfect
  7. The posted speed limit in ohio was 65 at the time! NO it doesn't state in the warranty that you have to obey the speed limit, that is what I was told at my dealer...Hence the point I was trying to make is that they will try anything from flat spots on tires from sitting on the lot to "excessive speed" to get out from having to try to solve the problem!
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