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  1. @ Ezekiel2517 above is correct when he says this. A high profile travel trailer or any trailer being towed that sticks up above the cab is basically a giant wind brake - it kills your mpg. Last October , We did a 2000 mile round trip from Colorado to Texas to pick up our new lance travel trailer. Truck: 2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 6.2L - 10 Speed transmission w/ 18'' Goodyear Duratracks. Stock Air filter & Exhaust Trailer: 2019 Lance 1985 Travel Trailer 19' trailer - tow weight on return trip was right @ 5000lb Trip out (no trailer) :
  2. So I ended up being able to get both sets of mirrors. Here's a quick and dirty review & video comparing the two. (1) Both Mirrors give you essentially the same visibility in terms being able to see further back behind the trailer. (2) Both are manually adjustable (3) Both can still be attached when the original mirror is folded - ie. they do not hit anything. (4) Both leave all the extra stuff on the mirrors un-obscured -i.e the led lights & cameras all still work. (4) Mounting & looks KSource: - I like the Ksource Better
  3. Well... Etrailer still does not have my original order in stock and if you go to the weblink I originally posted (a) they are saying delivery in April and (b) now the price is $225???!!!! As I was on their site checking about the original ones - I came across an alternative set of custom slip ons for the GMC Sierra /Silverado 1500 new style trucks....... So I called and cancelled my original order and Ordered these instead: https://www.etrailer.com/Custom-Towing-Mirrors/GMC/Sierra+1500/2019/LO54FR.html the pictures are not from my truck - their the pics from Etr
  4. @2019DenaliRed Read back thru this thread. Your Denali is very likely using the same new Trailer Control module that is being used in 2019 and greater GM trucks. Regarding "The Furrion rear camera has no signal":::: if your camera is powered by the trailer running lights circuit - then you need to put one of these power adapters in-line just before the camera: ASA Power adapter to fix issues with GM's new smart trailering app/functions. This fixes GM's use of PWM on the trailer running lights circuit. Regarding "then the truck was connected to the truck but total
  5. @GMmaniac That might be the issue for some of the older models , but we are pretty confident it’s the pulse width modulation (pwm) that GM is now using on the trailer running lights circuit. See the discussion a couple of posts back.
  6. I used the Voyager ASA power adapter with my new Halo View MC7108 wireless camera and it worked fine. As long as your Furion Camera or whatever camera your using has similar power requirements it should work fine. And yes you just splice / wire it in line. + to +, - to -. Link to ASA power adapter.  
  7. If anybody's interested here's a Before and After electrical comparison when using the ASA -"at the camera" fix to the Trailer light circuit: (A) Before: The oscilloscope is confirming that the Trailer Light Circuit when powered from a late model GM truck 2019 and greater - is using PWM on the Circuit. The Voltage drops from 14.2 V to Zero every 10 milliseconds for a duration of about 1 millisecond (i.e. the voltage is at Zero for 1 millisecond). It is this voltage dropout that is causing the camera to drop the wireless video signal. (B) Afte
  8. So still waiting for etrailer to get these in but i came across this more expensive but definitely a more factory solution that boostauto is apperantly working on. will likely go this route once they become available https://boostautoparts.com/products/2020
  9. I almost went with the RST for this very reason... AT4 in black is sort of a different way to get there.... also wanted all the tech goodies.
  10. Don't let'em get you down 3000gt. I really like the looks of the AT4's . I've only owned it 4 weeks and people have stopped me three times to talk about it. Clearly 3000gt owners have discerning tastes.. ? Duke3K .
  11. They just sent me an email saying the same thing about my order: “Our shipment of custom towing mirrors has not yet arrived from the manufacturer. I checked with them for an update, and they let me know that our shipment has been slightly delayed, but we should be receiving them the week of October 07.” hurry up n wait.
  12. First time poster -howdy! I've been looking for Towing Mirrors for my new 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 and finally found these on etrailer. I think they just started stocking them. I ordered a set and will post up a review when i get them. https://www.etrailer.com/p-KS80930.html cheers duke3k ps here's da truck - its the 6.2L with all the bells and whistles.
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