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  1. I used the stock flex fuel sensor and fuel lines. Parts are about $150 and took a couple hrs to install. The install requires replacing the fuel line basically from the tank to the rail. You will also need to update the tune to turn on the flex fuel sensor. Below are the pns for the install on my 2016 6.2 with an 8 spd. The 6 spd trans has a different pn for one of the fuel lines due to how it mounts on the 6 spd trans (23171532 in place of 23171537). Sensor 13577429 Sensor Clip 20967866 fuel line 23171537 fuel line 23171538 fuel line 20967834 fuel line 23158923
  2. You can't go wrong adding a Magnuson kit. I have a 16 Denali 6.2 with a Magnuson 2300 kit on it. I daily drive my truck and have put about 15k miles on it since installing the supercharger. I also tow with it. Zero issues with the supercharger kit. The Magnuson tune is pretty conservative, so there are gains to be had with a custom tune. My kit made 5 to 5.5 psi and on the dyno and put down 451 rwhp. I've since upped the boost to 7 to 8 psi with a 10% overdrive crank pulley. It's made 568 rwhp /578 rwtq on E60 (with fuel system upgrades). Its ran a 12.76 @ 107.1 mph on E33 in 80F weather at a 6270 lb race weight. Makes for a real fun daily driver.
  3. Very normal. My 16 Denali would run the same temps with the stock thermostat. Another option to reduce coolant temps is to install the stock thermostat from a 14+ Vette or 16+ Camaro. It's a direct bolt on and is about 20 degrees cooler. The cooling fan settings need to be lowered in the tune to get the most out of it, but it's an easy upgrade. My truck runs 190 to 200F with the car thermostat.
  4. I'm getting ready to put a wideband in my 16 Denali and I've been looking at gauge pod options. I came across the attached pic of a gauge pod mount on the top of the brake controller trim plastic that is bad ass. Anyone know if this is something that is available or a custom one off? I would really like to get my hands on one!
  5. You can get either 2wd or awd on a Denali.
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