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  1. On my 2020 2500 AT4 with 9,200 miles, I’ve had the batteries die on me once and been sluggish to turn over several times. I just noticed that my truck WiFi is stuck on, even after I’ve let the truck sit for over a day. Is that the battery drain I’ve had? Is it supposed to shut off when the truck is off?
  2. My 2020 2500 AT4 has done the same thing. I just noticed that my WiFi is stuck on, even when the truck hasn’t run in over a day. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to shut off when the truck is off. Maybe that’s the battery drain?
  3. Leave em on and use a heat gun and a squeegee to push the edges of the tint in. VViViD has a good video on YouTube on how to do it. Worked for me.
  4. I just tinted mine today using VViViD headlight tint from amazon. Worked great
  5. I just did mine today. Worked awesome. Thank you for the link.
  6. Did you check the back of the steering wheel? My volume and radio controls are on the back side of the steering wheel in my 2020 AT4.
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