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  1. I have the curt ball and can confirm it works with the Andersen Ultimate hitch. However, I purchased the Andersen Bed Shaft and use that instead. https://andersenhitches.com/collections/ultimate-5th-wheel/products/andersen-bed-shaft
  2. Why would you want to add a gas cap? They're relics of the past now. If you're worries about gas spilling note that there are two internal caps on hinges. The one you see, and another two inches or so past that one.
  3. Same here. I really like this setup. Since you have the short bed this will buy you another 5" clearance or so around the cab for tight turns too.
  4. Second this! I find the Anderson hitch much easier to use than traditional. My truck didn't come with the puck system, so I had Chevy install the gooseneck hitch and bought the gooseneck version of the Anderson hitch. This avoided installing rails in the bed to keep it clean when I have the hitch out. It also moves the hitch point back just a bit which helps with turning in the standard bed. Here's a link to the curt hitch. Since it's sold by Chevy accessories they have a standard labor rate of $200 for install. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/trailering/325k
  5. How well does it tow something like a camper in the mountains? - You wont know a 7500lb camper is even there. Do the Rancho shocks make a difference in towing? For example does it squat lower with a load? You won't squat significantly with this camper.  Is there a need for the Heavy Duty Front Spring / Camper package and can it be added on later? It is not that much ($45), but I am having trouble finding one with it installed. - I have the camper package and tow a fifth wheel. I wouldn't get it again as it rides rougher when not towing. How well does it r
  6. I went with 20% to match the factory tint in the rear. I can't stand when the rear and fronts are different.
  7. Had the first "major" issue with my 2020 this week. The battery died on my 2500 gasser. Has anyone else had this issue? Didn't show any signs until one day the truck wouldn't start. Jump box didn't work. Turned over once or twice, but that's all. Overnight on the trickle charger did nothing. Jumping from my neighbors 3500. Turned over once or twice again, but not quite. Other neighbors bigger jump box didn't work. Put in a new battery and it fired right up. The old battery was sloshing around a bit when I pulled it out. I've only seen that o
  8. That's exactly the comparison you made. I don't understand why anyone would buy a 2500 without a real need to haul things around. They're simply not built for comfort and I can't understand spending a big sum of money for something so far from what someone wants.
  9. The comparison of a sports car to an HD truck is just rediculous. They are not built to have a good ride quality - if that is important to you then a 1500 would be more your style. That said, my ride quality gets a lot better when towing. After all, these trucks are built to tow! Without my camper it feels like driving an empty dump truck because that's essentially what it is.
  10. I just wish someone would make a supercharger for the new 6.6 gas. Seems like there is plenty of room for one.
  11. Mine started squeaking a few weeks ago. Went in for an oil change and let them know to look at it. GM replaced the pads for free because there's a bulletin about it.
  12. I got mine sprayed with line-x when I got the truck bed sprayed.
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