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  1. I opted to get line-x sprayed in my wheel wells this time around. Had to get the bed done anyway and it was only $200 more to add the wells. Turned out fantastic and I don't have to worry about gunk between the liner and truck.
  2. Did you get your new video module installed? If so, did it resolve the issue?
  3. I got 19.0 mpg over 178.4 miles recently - though this is probably not repeatable. I was driving on flat land, avg around 55mph and don't see that happening very reliably. I'm getting between 8.5 and 9.0 mpg when towing a 8500lb travel trailer.
  4. Hi All - Does anyone know if it's possible to calibrate the gridlines on the screen when using the backup camera? In my Colorado they were PERFECT. Wherever the lines were, that's where the truck went. In my new 2500 they're very far off, so far they're completely unreliable for about anything. Even when using the trailer assist mode (single line) I can't rely on it to get me to the hitch. I don't see any options to calibrate myself. Perhaps the dealer can do it? Or maybe there are advanced settings somewhere?
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