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  1. Home - trailer - status.... Don't see a way to get that info on the main instrument cluster.
  2. Very nice. .... and nice garage space too!!! Particularly love the Big Ass Fan.
  3. Seals on Retrax are pretty tight. Have washed several times with no water intrusion. Not much dust around here, but seems to be a pretty tight environment in there. *Note.... the seal is tight enough, the auto-down tailgate will not 'auto-down' with the cover completely closed. Opening the Retrax a smidge relieves that pressure and allows remote tailgate operation..... Personally, I like the seal this tight. Drain holes in the box are plugged from the factory with plastic inserts. The Retrax box uses two of these drains up by the cab. Could certainly skip the drain tubes if you don't have rain to deal with.
  4. Bump.... Been looking for custom badges but no luck so far. Any resources to check would be helpful.
  5. Yes. It works in either plug on the truck bumper. (Interior view or rear view) Haven't bothered setting up the cargo trailer yet for the transparent trailer view, seems filled with some bugs at the moment... maybe the "2020 cameras" will address the nuances... Works great as a stand alone rear view camera to see behind whatever you are towing. Set it up behind the 30' trailer (26' boat on board) and really love being able to see traffic behind the tow. Much safer!! Hate that the camera is so expensive...hoping other trailer camera systems might be substituted, but haven't tried any alternatives yet.
  6. For the fender markers.... used VHT Nite-Shades spray tint with a few coats of clear acrylic enamel... turned out nice IMHO... GMC blackouts are from DeVriesSigns. Very easy install.
  7. Yes. Retracts back to the cab... there is about an 8" deep container that takes up a small portion of the bed in which the cover is stored while retracted.
  8. Hasn't rained yet and haven't washed .... but the seal seems to be pretty tight. Will report once some water gets on it.
  9. Any replacements available out there? Good source to watch for one to come out? Would love to have the red background on the Allison 6.6. Liter be black instead of red. Badge measures 7 1/4" x 1 5/8" (red portion measures 1/2" x 6 15/16"). Seems ripe for an overlay to stick on. Custom design maybe of interest too.
  10. Installed a Retrax PowertraxONE XR Tonneau Cover. Enjoying it so far...
  11. Not enough IMHO... would love another 1/2" upwards on driver's side
  12. Same situation. Built for more than 6 weeks now and still no delivery date. Been hunting for one on a lot somewhere to move forward with... Take a look at all the dealers with inventory "In Transit". They seem just as confounded about the situation with GM. Frustrating...
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