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  1. Confirmed with Retrax that the Powertraxone MX will be available for sale Aug. 15, 2019. https://retrax.com/powertraxone-mx/2020/gmc/sierra-2500-hd
  2. Not sure. Good detailer would also be worth checking into... Lots of 'how to' vids available too.
  3. Probably already know this.... But in case.... GM offers black emblems (Chevy probably does too but I haven't looked) ... For both tailgate styles... Pricey though.. Probably more cost effective solutions available. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/2020/GMC/Sierra 2500 HD/front-and-rear-gmc-emblem-in-black-for-vehicles-with-multipro™-tailgate-84364354?categoryId=12002
  4. This is the first vehicle that has actually been personally ordered ahead of time from the factory. Dealer has indicated that he's going to want "invoice plus a small percent over" for the 2020 Sierra DenaliHD on order. Is that reasonable/typical or should something else be negotiated? The dealer making a fair profit is fine...just don't want to overpay or leave money on the table on this end. Just looking for some guidance on what to expect. Any insights will be appreciated. PM if you'd feel more comfortable about sharing such information privately. Thanks!
  5. How does the truck handle TPMSs on two different trailers? (One tandem boat trailer and one tandem cargo trailer). Is it possible to sync up for two trailers? Dependent on proximity of the trailers to the truck? (They are currently parked next to each other). Whit
  6. lol... yep. Same boat.... It's like trying to learn a foreign language that hasn't been heard aloud in 1000 years.
  7. Am interpreting TRO LPO, Auxiliary Trialer Camera wired, one camera and hardware, shipped loose for dealer or aftermarket installation, additional camera available as a GM Accessory... to mean that one wired, remote camera for installation on trailer (interior or exterior) is included and a second, if desired, is available separately. Included camera takes up one of the two camera ports on the rear bumper trailer connection point. Is this correct? sdelam ...Scott, was your truck ordered w/ TRO ? did that include one remote trailer camera from the factory and you've added another? Aftermarket $356 for one camera seems pretty spendy..... 0
  8. Told today from GMC chat that the truck was produced on 6/18 and would be released to the carrier after 8 weeks. Is that typical? Wonder how long event codes 4000-6000 will take once in motion........ Hurry up and wait....
  9. Talked w/ 'knowledgeable' dealer here in NC that 'understands there's a hold and doesn't expect them until early Sept.' Not sure if I buy that. Seems there are a bunch built and waiting for staging in closer delivery areas for ultimate delivery. August has always been a part of these conversations with dealers... this is a first that September has come up.
  10. Any suggestions on getting more active information from the local dealer? No updates and feel like it's really really bugging them to even ask a question. Would have expected something along the lines of "hey, we have pricing released" or "TPW is", etc..... Sent an email with very specific questions and got a third party (salesman, not manager) return phone call that didn't begin to answer any of the questions either competently or completely. Frustrated... even "we don't know anything more" would be appreciated. Initial order was placed on April 16. 2020 Denali HD
  11. redwngr Thanks for the specs. Odd how GM changes available data from body to body. Why publish different measurements for different vehicles? Would think standardized set of numbers would be helpful. No word from GM about the trailer cameras...will they be the same as used in the current Trailer Camera Package or new hardware? Cost of remote cameras? Hoping to find more detailed dimensions once released. Talked with Retrax about getting an early order in but they can't begin to fit until they get more data. Body manuals include box measurements such as this for the 2019 LT....not even sure this is what they need, but am told they can't do anything with available data yet... ***Not trying to hijack this build thread....PM if you'd like to continue a discussion on these details or maybe mod can move to a new one
  12. Got "first allotment" at local dealer for a 2020 Sierra Denali HD Duramax. Ordered April 16, 2019. Looks like they will go into production next week. Searching daily to find specific bed dimensions & trailer camera available info. Frustratingly scarce at this point. Bought several new vehicles off of lots....first time 'ordering one'. Figuring another 8 weeks before laying eyes on 'my truck'.
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