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  1. Because the only way you know someone is calling is the music goes off, no sound and maybe a phone number will show up on truck display. Have to reach over and turn volume up on truck to hear whoever is calling. Not only 2019’s. We have a 2020 2500HD. Same issue
  2. I bought the one listed above and haven’t installed it on the trailer yet. Did plugged it in just to make sure it connected ok. had to plug in the trailer 7 way connector to get it to go into trailer mode to see it. Already had 3 Rear View safety wired cameras on the trailer but wasn’t sure how to get cable for monitor into the cab. One day I’ll get them all hooked up and see what I like the best.
  3. Just out of curiosity, dies any one know what it would take to make a trouble shooting cable that could be plugged into the trailer connector of the truck so it would think it had a trailer connected? Maybe an incadesant bulb wired to the running between running light connector and ground? don't know how much load it needs
  4. I usually tow around 60 or just a little above towing but about 2500 pounds lighter with my trailer. Haven’t tried any faster towing yet. the old half ton didn’t too good going much faster
  5. It’s a travel trailer and only weighs about 6500 pounds.
  6. I’ve got one with about 600 miles on it. Hard to compare it to our old 2001 extended cab 1500 minimum truck. Thus thing is big and roomy compared to it. taking a little getting used to all the fancy things it has but sure like the HUD and the trailering options. Pulled our little 31’ trailer today and it didn’t feel it was back there. Watching the mpg, it looks like it will be close to the 9.8mpg or a tad better than the 2001 did on level ground. This is an SLT 2500HD 2020 about a week old
  7. Anytime my phone has been connected to the truck, it turns the volume on my IPhone all the way down so I don’t hear phone calls or messages. Guess it wasn’t fixed for the 2020HD’s or at least not in my case.
  8. I was afraid the tailgate release buttons wouldn’t work if I removed the fuse
  9. Thanks, Just didn't know if you needed OnStar to use the phone app remotely
  10. What service is needed on truck to use the trailering app on your phone? Will it work with just Bluetooth or do you need WIFI or one of the OnStar packages? TIA for any ideas.
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