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  1. Interesting topics. We have had the XM issues from time to time where it doesn't seem to connect. If I change the channel it starts playing an I can go back to the normal channel. Last time I got in the truck it worked ok. On camera issues ours is a travel trailer so camera is above the rear window and I figure i is to high to calibrate as we have tried it a couple of times. Took the trailer to have serviced about 60 miles away. Camera did fine as it always had. When we picked up trailer the camera would work. After reading the suggestions on here I hooked the truck up yesterday after letting the buss go to sleep. It worked fine. Funny as every other time I hooked and it worked. the engine was running. Don't know if I hooked up the 7 pin connector first or the camera connection. I do know once or twice I had to unplug the camera and plug it back in while my wife watched to see the camera start working, Will be trying it again in a few days so will be interesting to see if it works. Wish the trailer pressures could be displayed on the main dash display. Thanks for all the info...
  2. Just my observation. The GM camera that I added to the back of the trailer under the Rear View Safety camera Stays on all the time and doesn't time out. I have it mounted a lot higher than I guess is recommended as I have never been able to get it to program for the invisible trailer view. When I select that view it shows the camera in a rectangle box in the middle of the other cameras but If I select full screen it is very sharp. A lot sharper than my Rear View Safety camera but the Rear View safety camera is several years old and they are both hard wired to the truck connections. I like the system so far. Just wish the trailer TPMS would show on the screen with the Truck TPMS without going through the trailer screens.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I decided to make a dropped set and they work out great for my wife. Only concern I have is I may have to raise them a couple of inches as the bottom of the running board is 5" from the ground and some of the curbs I have measured are around 6" and with the long wheel base getting into some of the small Dr's office parking lots may be a challenge missing the curb. I think a better solution would be an electric drop down top running board as was suggested earlier with the second set mounted under them. We don't go off-roading so the city streets and campgrounds will be our biggest challenge.
  4. Thanks cNate, I'll check them out. In the mean time I have just about finished up a pair of running boards that go under the original. I would like the power type even if have to add second set because going down the road they would be higher. We will see how these work when finished then make a decision on the power ones. If I used power ones with second step they would have to connect to the power step so they could go down and out at the same time. We don't go off road so speed bumps and curbs may be an issue with these. My wife has bad knees and has a hard time making large steps. Thanks for your suggestions...Sonny
  5. We have had ours a little over 2 1/2 months and mostly short stop and go city driving 1877 mile total and lifetime average 10.9 according to the iPhone GMC app. Does look like it is getting around 12 on a couple of tanks. Did pull our 6600# camper once for about 200 miles and that tank averaged right at 10mpg for the trip. Like the truck but it is big. Was a challenge parking it in a Drs Parking garage yesterday. Stuck out half a car link next to the small cars in there.
  6. I am trying to get a lower set of running boards to make it easier to get in passenger door of the truck. I know a lot of people like to raise the trucks but we have used the 2" shackle lowering blocks and that didn't help much. Picked up some running boards and am planning on putting them under and just partially outside the original steps so each step is not so high. Gonna try to get the top of the bottom step at 7"-8" of the ground. Just curious if anyone had done this. Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to monitor the trailer tire pressure and temperature readings going down the road without having to keep going into the trailer setup screen? I must have over looked it if it is. Thanks.
  8. I'll look again but from what I remember there was no Home button or X button. Just full coverage of the camera's. On most other screens I have either the Home, Music etc. buttons or an X to end the screen. I'll have to hook up trailer and look again. Thanks for the replies,
  9. Was setting up the trailer camera and wanted to get out of that view to program the trailer tire sensors. Wasn't sure how to get out of camera view so just turned off ignition and turned it back on. What am I missing to get out of the camera view? TIA...Sonny
  10. I,ve got a 2020 2500 SLT with about 100 miles on it. Pulled out 6500 pound camper and got about 9.8 mpg. Same as out 2001 1500 with a 4.8 engine. But in all honesty, this truck doesn't seem to even know there is a trailer behind it. Most of our driving is short stop and go traffic of maybe 1-6 miles so gas mileage is not good. Says 10+. On the road during the first 500 mile without the trailer we got best 21.6 but mostly in the 17-18. I put this monster on the CAT scale Sat and it was 7080# with 1/2 tank of gas. I like all the camera's and safety features but sure miss the size of my 2001 1500 Silverado. As an only vehicle it is a challenge in small parking lots. Did put 2" drop shackles to help load and unload but have not been able to bend the pinch welds enough to stop them hitting the springs causing the squeaking. Good luck with your decision. Note: do not know why the lines in the message.
  11. This is what it mine looks like. Also checked and looks like about 60-65 feet long. Loom is not a split loom.
  12. The wire loom is 1/2" on mine. Measured it to put it inside some stick-on conduit kinda stuff.
  13. Because the only way you know someone is calling is the music goes off, no sound and maybe a phone number will show up on truck display. Have to reach over and turn volume up on truck to hear whoever is calling. Not only 2019’s. We have a 2020 2500HD. Same issue
  14. I bought the one listed above and haven’t installed it on the trailer yet. Did plugged it in just to make sure it connected ok. had to plug in the trailer 7 way connector to get it to go into trailer mode to see it. Already had 3 Rear View safety wired cameras on the trailer but wasn’t sure how to get cable for monitor into the cab. One day I’ll get them all hooked up and see what I like the best.
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