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  1. Bill Cramer GM. It was spelled like this though, billcramergm
  2. I’m well under warranty so if it fails they get to fix it again. Don’t wait til your warranty is up get it taken care of sooner than later
  3. My entire window got replaced. They brought in a glass guy to do the work. My issue was a foot of sealant wasn’t applied in the top passenger side of the rear window at the factory. I’ve had no issues since replacement. Dealer seemed to take care of me pretty well. No complaints.
  4. Dark Sky metallic is one of the few colors you can buy these trim pieces already painted, I see now they are hard to come by. They offer, black, white, and red tint coat as well. Otherwise you have to get them primered and then spend extra to get them painted
  5. Ah good catch. I’m getting my chrome surround paint matched when I get a lift installed so I’ll let them deal with it. I know I’ll break something taking that apart.
  6. Picked up a hard to find set of Dark Sky Metallic color matched wheel well trim from a GM dealer on eBay. Only broke 2 clips taking off the stock set. Perfect color match. Love the look so much better. Next up a 6 inch BDS lift and some wheels/tires. Probably/hopefully Spring for that project. S&B CAI arrived today as well.
  7. Ah I saw those. Maybe he removed that piece to get it apart easier?
  8. Hello, just looking for recommendations for someone who can color match my grill surround on my Denali. If anyone can recommend someone in Northeast Ohio I would appreciate it. It would be to delete the chrome surround on my grill and color match. Not the biggest of jobs so I’m open to having the chrome door handles done color matched as well. Enclosing a pic of what I’m looking to do to mine but in Dark Sky Metallic. This pic is something a dealer did but not anywhere near me. I’d rather give a local guy the money
  9. Can you share a link of the video that shows the grille removal? Hopefully it’s not the one I saw that almost shows all the steps. Hate when they do that
  10. I’d guess you’d want to eliminate the cylinder deactivation for this. Is that possible?
  11. Mine’s been ok so far. Of course it’s only been cold here. I’ve been through a few car washes, which is when I noticed the first leak, and before winter started there was a decent day of rain, so I pulled it out in the driveway and left it outside for the day, no leak.When spring comes and we get a decent rain event I’ll take it out and continue to monitor. I’d really like to do a lift and exhaust on this truck. I do like it and would like to keep it for a while. I hope it doesn’t happen again.
  12. You may have gotten an answer by now, but I tapped into the garage door remote fuse for constant power, and the heated steering wheel for switched on power. Used a micro 2 fuse tap, both fuses are 5 amp. My dash cam is a BlackVue unit with front and rear
  13. Noticed something new today, when driving, my front sensor alert have activated my front camera on the radio. I haven’t touched anything in settings. My last update on my radio shows Sept 2020 when I bought it. Was sitting in a left turn lane and the front camera came on, one car drove by on my right but it didn’t return to the Sirius xm channel screen until I made a left turn
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