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  1. Your method worked perfectly. Thank you. I did the power magic pro with the fuse tap so I can record in parking mode. I have a BlackVue dr900s 2 channel dash cam setup
  2. Heated steering wheel for accessory fuse port, and then garage door opener fuse for constant power. Used a power magic pro to activate parking mode instead of the obdi port. Mine is a BlackVue dr900s 2 channel setup
  3. Check that the trailer brake is at 0% as well
  4. It’s an 18. I swear it’s shut off every single time at a stop
  5. Thanks for this. The service advisor said in a generic overview the auto stop needs certain perimeters but this is more helpful. I wonder why they seemed to change how this works in the Sierra. I’ve been in several different makes of cars with it and they come on everytime without fail. Even my wife’s Terrain like I said earlier.
  6. They updated my radio with a usb as well. It was attempting to acquire satellite signal even though I could hear a station fine, but could not change channels, also one time the radio would not power off until I shut off the ignition. Sometimes I think there’s too much technology in these new cars. One reason why I avoided the new Ram, even though I love the interior, I just didn’t feel comfortable to buy one.
  7. Mine was just in today for the auto stop. 20 Denali 1500 6.2 With 800 miles on it. They said there was a service bulletin for it. Drove home with ac on, the auto stop didn’t come on once. My wife’s 18 Terrain works every time no matter what, ac on or what have you. Honestly, how much gas are we saving with this feature? I bought a V8 I knew what I was getting into with gas mileage. I’m leaving it off.
  8. Have not seen anything for a 19-20. Looks to be very involved as a diy project as well. Looks cool though. I’m sure someone can figure it out or a kit will be available soon. All I want is color matched door handles, would like to lose a bit of chrome.
  9. At first glance I thought that was some sort of adhesive and instantly regretted getting black tips haha
  10. All good. Will update when they arrive. Also have to figure out how to remove the stock set, looks like you have to go unscrew something on the bumper step?
  11. I believed you, Hope I didn’t come across that way. I simply looked a little further and saw the option to get a matte finish. Wasn’t sure the finish on the factory midnight edition. I assume they are gloss, but I don’t know. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  12. My wife messes with the heat or ac and the radio before I’m even situated to pull out of the driveway. Maybe I’ll have her turn off the auto stop too.
  13. I looked up the parts on a GM website, they’re $97 each and although the part numbers from this thread worked, they didn’t say if they were chrome or painted black. I like the look of the matte black so I ordered those.
  14. Found these on eBay. https://ebay.com/usr/partsfynder. Just bought the matte black set. Says I should receive them by Sept. 30th
  15. I have a power magic pro I yanked out of a car I sold. I’m afraid to mess with the fuse box I don’t want to blow anything, the car I had was a Ford Mustang and it was super easy to install the fuse tap in that car, mostly because I found a step by step and which fuse to tap in was very clearly explained. I have a BlackVue battery in the glove box for now. I have the BlackVue dr900s Dashcam
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