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  1. No worries- just glad it is all fixed. Not a great pic, will another tomorrow.
  2. OEM GM part. It was the half axle on passenger side as the Boot was ripped from a shoddy installer, when the original leveling pucks were put in.
  3. I ended up scratching the GM lift and found a great place in NJ to bring my truck. Replaced the CV and put Bilstiens all around and 2.25” ready lift in the back. Raised the front 2.75 with the Bilsteins so still has some rake. Love the ride now too, so smooth. Next new UCA and some new rims and wheels. [emoji23]
  4. I already asked that question, if i can buy from eBay and bring there, and they said no.
  5. Yeah, I may try that tomorrow. But, then I have to find someone to install it. already had bad luck the first time.
  6. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too, may just live with my current situation for a couple weeks and see what happens. Only other thing I can think of is, have the boot replaced, and put some 2” blocks in the back to have some rake back. But think waiting is a better long term options. Anyone else have an idea?! Lol
  7. Wow! Great info! Those may be too far though, but will call them. That new part # 84993582 is on the GM website, see below Been dealing this for a about 3 months, so I guess waiting for this to come in stock is worth it, just wish I had a timeline.
  8. 2019 SLT with the X31 package, crew cab, shirt bed, 4WD. 5.3 engine Issue is a long story- had a local shop put in a zone 2” leveling kit, they put a hole in the CV never told me, and had a huge mess under the truck with grease everywhere, this kit has new, longer half axles, fixes that, also with the vehicle level, I had sag with just loading the bed for vacation, and we bought a boat to tow and want the rake back, so no sag. Fixes that, and also like the look of it raised a bit, fixes that. Main thing is the CV boot being fixed, as I shoved some grease in it and Gorilla taped it closed for now.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn’t the dealer get this from the GMC accessory site as well? If they can’t get it because it’s not in stock, how can I get it? I thought this was all in sync, because I asked the dealer that and they said they have to order it.
  10. Yes, thought of that, called the GM accessory site yesterday to see if they have it in stock, and if so will do that.
  11. Hey guys, Long story but my dealer has been trying to get me a lift kit but the part# has changed 3-4 times. I just noticed the GM accessories site now has two different part numbers. 8499352 is the new one and 84768243 is the old one that was originally ordered. Anyone have insight on these parts? I feel like my dealer is getting tired of me bothering them, but this kit will fix a bunch of issues I am having. So I am being persistent. Hoping some gurus in here can help! I’ve been on this site a long time lurking and learning! Thanks Joe
  12. Thanks!! Your write up was more useful. the instructions pics look upside down, or maybe they did this form inside the bed? love this site, and the truck!
  13. Hey everyone, wondering if anyone can help. I ordered the lights for the tailgate but says i need to contact my dealer for installation instructions. Can anyone that has access to the GM Service Info (SI) pull them for me? part #84347814 for a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 LT- with off road package. Short bed Crew cab Thanks for any help!
  14. Yeah, I am with you! I ordered the American Hard Tri-Fold though. Should be here today and will post pics of finished install later today.
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