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  1. I installed a diode that lets the bed lights turn on when you unlock the doors at night.
  2. Thanks for the responses and the advice although this doesn't answer my question. These are the wheels that came on the truck, not wheels i'm thinking about buying. I have no intention of buying different wheels because they "may" corrode a few years from now.
  3. If anyone has these (20") wheels with larger than stock size tires on them, please post a pic. Curious to see how they look. Thanks
  4. I had the same issue. Log out of the app and log back in. That will fix it.
  5. How bout this... https://www.seatarmour.com/
  6. This is the kit you need. https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-GM-Accessories-22997089-Remote/dp/B00FMV3SC4 Install it, then take it to the dealer for programing.
  7. I installed it on my 2018 custom and am very happy with it. Easy to install. Check youtube for install videos. Got mine for $23 from Amazon
  8. The kit should be two remote start fobs and a replacement hood latch. The latch has a sensor that lets the computer know the hood is closed. Remote starting will not work if the hood is open.
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