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  1. I used it to keep a CrockPot running one time. Could only set to the warm setting. Any higher would trip the breaker.
  2. Though my Sierra is in the garage most days, it does have to be out occasionally when traveling. Never had any issues with the fuel gauge not reporting accurately when its cold out. -60! Where were you at!
  3. I've been using Valvoline MaxLife ATF in my 6 speed. Changed around 60k, 110k, and 150k with the filter at the 110k. Each time I did 3-4 drain/fills by pumping fluid out of the dipstick with a fluid extractor. Transmission shifts great but I've never really had any issues to start with.
  4. Mine does the same thing. Been that way for years now and I'm at a 155,000 miles.
  5. I changed it back in September or October so around 152,000 miles.
  6. Cold weather fuel economy drop? I know my fuel economy drops substantially when it gets bitter cold.
  7. I have a ScanGauge II in my Sierra and can monitor engine coolant temp. About a year ago I started to notice the engine temp gauge not making it to the normal 12 o'clock position. This was even a long highway drive in summer temps. ScanGauge would be in the mid 180's. Once cooler fall temps set in, it was closer to 175F. Decided to replace the t-stat and temps came back up to around 200. Found a few other reports claiming the same issue. Seems the t-stat wears out and it opens too soon (which I guess is better then too late). FYI, replacing the tstat is pretty easy on these engines.
  8. Looks to be AP SN Plus and Dexos1 Gen2 approved so I would say it's a good oil. Appears to be made by Warren Distribution which I believe makes the AmazonBasics oil and Walmart's SuperTech line. I wouldn't have any issues running it following the OEM intervals. More discussion here over at BITOG: https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/5283735/1/kirkland-signature-synthetic-oil
  9. Those tests were done in 2017 with API SN rated oils. API SN+ was introduced a year later in which you saw most oils switch to a lower calcium/higher magnesium add pack. https://pqia.org/2019/05/31/sn-plus-motor-oils-calcium-down-magnesium-up/
  10. I have the same leak in the same area on my 14 Sierra. Never noticed a burning smell though. Looked into replacing the hoses myself. They are kind of expensive and look like they might be a pain. Decided to monitor it and that was a couple years ago now. Hasn't gotten any better but not any worse. Never seems to leak enough to make it to the floor (collects in plastic belly pan). I pressure wash the engine a couple times a year and clean those hoses off pretty good.
  11. I have always followed the OLM down to around 5% or so. This is where you usually get the "change oil soon" message. Usually comes out to around 7,300 miles. I have primarily used Mobil 1 in 0W-20 AFE but also 0W-20 EP, 0W-30 AFE and standard 5W-30. I have had a few UOA's done from Blackstone and have never seen any issues.
  12. The lower coolant temps were fine during the summer but I had concerns about running that low during the winter. As it started to cool down this fall I was seeing 170ish temps when cruising. Wasn't sure how low it would go so I decided to replace the t-stat the same time I did a coolant drain.
  13. What you see is similar to what I have noticed when comparing the dash gauge to what my ScanGauge reads. I think the dash gauge is programmed to have the needle at the 12:00 position withing a certain temp range. Seems like once you hit 180ish the needle is at the 12:00 position. Basically anything between 180 and 210 the needle shows the same. I have noticed the voltage display is pretty accurate and matches the ScanGauge reading. Can't compare oil as I haven't been able to read that with my ScanGauge. Side note: Over the last year or so I was noticing coolant was rarely getting above 185F on my ScanGauge. If I was towing in 5th gear then I would get up higher but regular cruising I was always a little lower. Decided to replace the thermostat and now I'm back up around 202-204.
  14. Good to see another ND member on here! Thank you for the feedback and please keep us up to date. Curious to see what kind of fuel economy you see on a longer highway trip unloaded. Do you ever run to Fargo from Bismarck? I usually manage 17 MPG on my Sierra on interstate going 75 MPH (with no wind...which of course is rare in ND).
  15. My Sierra makes the same noise when accelerating in Auto or 4HI. I think it's just transfer case noise and is considered normal.
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