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  1. I very rarely go off road. Did go through some snow banks recently but they weren't very big. I can't think of anything that would have caused it to come loose. Haven't looked closely at the driveshaft yet. Need to get it up on the air so I can go underneath to get closer (to fat to fit under the running boards).
  2. While on a recent road trip I noticed a strange noise while driving. When I stopped for gas I did a quick check and didn't see anything abnormal. After I got to my destination I decided to lay on the ground and take another look. I noticed the driveshaft had some marks around it (looked like polished rings). I then noticed something hanging down from under the cab near the passenger side frame rail. It appeared to be a piece of aluminum (assuming heat shield) that had come loose. It didn't take much effort rip it off as it wasn't hanging on by much. Not sure how this ever came loose. I still haven't taken a better look see what held it up there and whats left of it (need to get the truck up on the ramps). I was just happy I found the problem and it wasn't a u-joint or something major going out! In the pic you can see where it was rubbing on the driveshaft (notch in bottom edge).
  3. Oil type for 2014 Sierra 5.3

    I don't think the VVT/AFM systems are all that picky about oil viscosity. There has to be some wiggle room. Just too many variables to control. The oil is naturally thicker at cold temps and these systems still operate fine. Even operating temps will vary. I've seen as low as 183°F (winter not towing) to 230°F (hot summer towing in 5th gear).
  4. Update: Removed the serpentine belt. Water pump and alternator felt normal. The tensioner pulley spun freely but had a little bit a "gritty" feel to it and noticed felt some slop. I decided to pickup a new tensioner (and belt since I had it off). After installing it does seem to be a little quieter. Will have the truck outside for the next few nights. If I don't hear anything after a cold start I know the tensioner was the problem. Thanks for the help!
  5. Forgot I had one of those! I'll listen to the tensioner through the stethoscope.
  6. I've owned my Sierra for over 5 years and 145,000 miles. I do most my own maintenance and feel I'm pretty in tune with the truck. Lately I've noticed an abnormal noise coming from the engine bay. I'm not sure if it's due to cold weather or just happen to begin when cold weather started. I took this video immediately after a cold start in my garage. Temp was around 38°F so cool but not really that cold. From what I can tell the sounds appears to be coming from the very front of the engine around the accessory drive. It's a little more noticeable on the driver side compared to the passenger side. Belts are all original but the vacuum pump was replaced in March. Sounds doesn't appear to be coming from that anyways. I'm wondering if it might be the belt tensioner? Belts look good but might be about time to replace them anyways.
  7. 145k and I think about 3080 hours. I'm not driving my truck as much now. Started a new job about a month ago that provides a company car.
  8. Vacuum pump delete

    Saw this post and it reminded me I took pics. Started new thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/217260-vacuum-pump-replaced-pics-comparing-old-vs-new-design/
  9. I replaced my vacuum pump back in March and forgot I took pics comparing the old with the new. I could hear a light ticking noise that I suspected was coming from the vacuum pump. I decided to proactively replace it in case it decided to self destruct and contaminate the oil. I didn't notice any difference in brake performance before/after so I assume the old was still functioning properly. Vacuum line going to booster looked clean. Replacing the pump wasn't as straight forward as I thought it would be. Getting to and removing the bolts that hold it on to the engine wasn't easy. Had to get creative with multiple universal joints. Went through about every swear word in the book and wrapped it up in a few hours. In the side by side pics the new pump is on the right. In the close up pics the new pump isn't oily/dirty and has "WABCO" cast in the inside. The new pump is definitely a completely different design the old. New pump part number is ACDelco 12669488.
  10. Transmission problem

    The 6L80 is a six speed. Don't believe they offered an 8 speed in 2014.
  11. Transmission problem

    I haven't heard of many 6L80 transmission failures. I would think the next step would be to drop the pan and inspect filter and fluid.
  12. 143,000 miles and around 3060 hours. Won't be putting as much mileage on my Sierra now. Just started a new job that provides a work vehicle.
  13. Drivetrain noise just developed

    Do you only hear it while accelerating in auto or 4 hi? My Sierra has done that for quite some time (even after a front axle and T-case fluid change).
  14. Battery life

    Still on the OEM battery in my Sierra and it cranks/starts just fine. Truck was built in August/September 2013 and now has 142,000 miles on it. I live in a cooler climate which seems to be easier on batteries.

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