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  1. Check fuses? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I went to the GMC website and chatted with an advisor and got my build sheet in under 10 minutes
  3. Very surprised with it being leveled on 33” ridge graps, mine wont be pushed that far tho haha
  4. Watched a cammed silverado 6.2 smoke a Mercedes at 143 mph in Mehico
  5. I know my remote start didnt work for a few hours, not sure why but it worked fine 8 hours later
  6. I dont think the guy that did mine got them. I have no cats and no place for O2 sensors.
  7. I have them on my truck, sound good, i had a local guy install and tune for me. It’s what he recommended and he’s done 2 other friends of mine and they have no complaints.
  8. Just bought some led hi/lo beams from hid power for my 2014 sierra 1500, the passenger side has gone out after 8 months and everybody knows what kinda pain in the butt that is. What are some other quality leds out there?
  9. Ridge graps, all around a good tire seen them go thru sticky situations others probably wouldve had problems in
  10. 3” duals from collector back to 5” tips, dynomax mini race bullet mufflers
  11. 2014 6.2 Denali, long tube headers, 3” exhaust bilstein shocks, not sure of gears, 400 mile trip mostly cruise control at 75 mph and got 18 mpg with an avg of 45 mph due to backroads and what not
  12. Has anybody put in a black headliner in a 2014 sierra? Pics would be nice, thinking about doing this to mine soon
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