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  1. Message churchy1313 hes got the best price ive seen
  2. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ask churchy1313 hes got the best prices that ive found
  4. Anybody install rough country rock lights? Where’d you put them and wire into, existing switch or drill holes somewhere for it? Also trying to find a way to have my bed lights on while im driving if anybody has done something like that before share some info
  5. Stock exhaust flapper

    I’d play it safe and cut it out and the mufflers so you can really hear it, just add a y pipe
  6. AMP'd Throttle Booster

    Somebody above mentioned vitesse like the camaro guys use, but i really didnt notice a difference on my truck so i returned mine and got a refund
  7. ill sell you mine if you live in bama
  8. Exhaust

    Depends how much you wanna hear it. At first i cut the resonator and mufflers off and added a y pipe to 4” tips but broke down and got true duals from cats back. Dont regret it at all, loud when i want it and quiet when it needs to be.
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Guy i follow on instagram had a 3” level with 35s and 22x9s on a 2017 sierra
  10. One year review

    Put an exhaust on and you’ll notice the v4 mode
  11. Anybody running one of these? Neighbor told me about them and said its almost the same concept as a procharger but cheaper with a lifetime warranty
  12. Remote fob windows down

    I got a 14 denali, loaded except sunroof so idk i was hoping there was a way to add it to mine, it’d be useful during the summer
  13. Remote fob windows down

    Already tried, i can only fold my mirrors in

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