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  1. Window tint

    5% on the sides and 35% on the shield is fair to me, mine is ceramic so its a little lighter than traditional tint, i wouldnt pay for it again
  2. Mom and pop by the house, i graduated with their son and known him since we were 2 years old so
  3. Mine all together was $354.99, labor and new spring mounts for some reason? Back and front installed and alignment
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    What’s your wheel/tire set up
  5. 2014 sierra ccsb BTW
  6. Are the rear 5100s suppose to be installed boot up? I’ve read mix things so just wanted to get extra opinions, I’m about to have some installed on my truck tomorrow and just want to make sure it gets done right. I’ve searched online and in this forum but not finding solid answers.
  7. What size tires is everybody running with the 5100s? Keeping my stock 20” Denali rims. Pics?
  8. My driver side headlight was out but came back on, no dash lights are on and it was runnin fine for the 20 minutes i was drivin after that happened. Maybe the headlight may have caused a glitch or something? I doubt it but technology is weird these days
  9. From a dead stop got up to 40 mph and the truck seemed like it cut off and came back on in a split second. The radio cut off, the speedo went down to 0 then back up to 40 and a service stabilitrak message popped up rhen went right back off the screen. Anybody heard or experienced anything like this? 2014 Denali CCSB, lt headers and custom tune is all thats done.
  10. Thinking about the 5100s on the 3rd notch and running 285/60/20 trail graps. Currently have 275/60/20 terra graps and the rear blocked removed, does anybody have something similar to this set up?
  11. Frozen Brakes?

    I live in the midsouth where it barely snows so i dont worry much about rusting
  12. Frozen Brakes?

    Yeah my next guess would be trying a hairdryer, gettin up into the 40s so hopefully it’ll thaw on its own
  13. Frozen Brakes?

    Bad habit[emoji2371]
  14. Got in my truck this morning, released the emergency brake, truck wouldnt budge without giving it gas (flat surface) it would go into reverse and slowly roll but when bumped into drive, i got nothing. Emergency brake pedal had some play in it that it has never had before. Humidity is 59% and it got as low at 22 degrees last night. Assuming the parking brake is frozen shut, if it doesnt fix itself when it warms up would it be okay to drive 1 mile to my buddys shop to get looked at? Has anyone experienced this?

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