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  1. carried around a trencher couple weeks ago, had to run a new water line from meter to the house took a screenshot from a video i took so its the only one i got that day.
  2. Tap on it with the wrench, could try to tighten it
  3. I can fill up at a Shell gas station ($70/23gals roughly) and get 400+ miles. But when i fill up at Sams club ($60/23gals roughly) its way less. Pictures taken right after filling up at the pump. Anyone have something similar happen? [ IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200128/7c455724876afdaf17d1e424a27592df.jpg[/img]
  4. Got up to about 30 mph after about a minute of driving a “service stabilitrack” message flashes once, the needles on mpg and rpm gauge drop to 0, radio stops playing but the lights stay on... about 5-6 seconds later everything’s normal. Its the 2nd time this has happened in about 7-8 months. Drives fine so it appears to a be electronic/electrical issue. Anybody else have something similar happen?
  5. Not at all, full lock forwards and reverse it was fine
  6. I think i had a 2” level when i first got my truck with terra grap g2s in that size
  7. removed rear blocks bilstein 5100s on the 3rd setting with a 1.5” spacer (guy before me did it) 275/60/20
  8. Yes any rub at all? Im bout to put the same size tires on and i dont wanna down size if i dont have to.
  9. Check fuses? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I went to the GMC website and chatted with an advisor and got my build sheet in under 10 minutes
  11. Very surprised with it being leveled on 33” ridge graps, mine wont be pushed that far tho haha
  12. Watched a cammed silverado 6.2 smoke a Mercedes at 143 mph in Mehico
  13. I know my remote start didnt work for a few hours, not sure why but it worked fine 8 hours later
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