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  1. Anybody selling 2014 denali headlights with clear markers and diode dynamic switchbacks for a reasonable price? Dont really wanna spend $2000 for a set.
  2. Try uploading a video next time? I feel like my truck does what youre explaining but not really sure.
  3. Driving around for roughly an hour about 40°F outside its below the 2nd hash about 160. So roughly 180ish is what im guessing. After sitting idle 15-20 minutes it goes back to where it normally is. It fluctuates some while driving. Is this a sign of a failing thermostat? 2014 sierra L86 coolant gets topped off every oil change. Only does it when it gets below 50°F (fall/winter time in Al).
  4. Thats what i ended up doing, finding a tag i liked was the hardest part.
  5. No i have a 2014 Denali with Bilstein 5100s and 275/65 ridge graps and it rides smooth going down the highway. Granted i get on the high way everyday for about 15 minutes back and forth to work but the occasional 120 miles one way to the hunting club mine rides smooth. Theres a couple of threads where a lot if people have just swapped struts to bilsteins just cause they say it rides better than the factory ranchos.
  6. Tint, level, tires, cai, leds where there arent any
  7. Leaking 3rd brake lights, not mechanical but if unnoticed can get mold in the headliner
  8. It has 2” spacers and i removed the rear blocks and put bilstein 5100s on and set it on the 3rd notch with the same size tires you’re wanting to put on
  9. Wanting to swap out the chrome piece on the bumper to one that a tag can be put on. Has anyone done this before? Do you also need the mounting bracket for the tag or just the chrome piece?
  10. Just noticed that where the dome lights in front is is dropped down and you can push it up and comes right back down. I looked to see if there was maybe a screw that was loose but didnt find anything. Anhnody know whats going on?
  11. I had that turned off when it got tuned, still have those lifters though im waiting for one to start tapping so i have a better reason to swap out the cam i just didnt know how the trans/rear end would hold up if i did want to really test it
  12. Any pros/cons on a cam swap for l86? things to get checked while the engine is getting worked on? Any trans/rear end issues after everything is finished? 125k miles, daily driven, occasional towing a boat/four wheelers..
  13. My 2014 l86 topped at 110 until i got it tuned
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