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    I have a 14 so no flapper for me but i did cut both mufflers off and did a y pipe to 4” tips
  2. Used the existing bed lights, just cut the sleeve and tapped into the wires and taped then back up
  3. Luxlightingsystems.com i got 2 monsters lights and they work great
  4. It was an inch higher in the rear before removing the blocks, from ground to wheel well in the front was 37” and the rear was 38”
  5. 275/60/20, comes out to a 33x11 if you round up, like i said the owner before me might have done something to it, but i will check it out now as im curious now
  6. I bought some rock lights that are magnetic and come with 10 fr of wire and quick spliced into the existing bed lights so since theyre magnetic i can move them around, they stick to the bed really strong even where it is line x’d, thats just how i did mine the first picture is without the extra lights and the second pic is with extra lights pictures dont do justice of course
  7. Havent done anything to it besides take the blocks out the rear, the guy before me might have done something but ive never gotten it looked at
  8. Took the valence off too, best decision ever i would love some amps if i ever lift it but probably wont anytime soon
  9. removed blocks and took running boards off, older body style but i would get the retractable ones
  10. Anybody in Alabama wanna buy 2 3” Carven TR mufflers by chance?
  11. Looks good man, what did you wire it to? I was hoping to mount mine (whenever i decide to do it) further into the bumper so it seems more hidden.
  12. I got the tr mufflers on my truck, shoulda got the R but i like mine loud so i cant speak for everybody
  13. Just ordered one, ill let you know how it goes thursday

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