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  1. What size level and tires are you running? I have the same truck running duratracs in 275/55/r20, but want to put a level on up to 2”. I am trying to figure out if i can fit 275/65/r20 with a 2” level.
  2. My leaf springs were being really noisy, which has been posted on here quite a few times. I undercoat my truck a few times a year with fluid film and that completely stops the noise.
  3. I am still looking if anybody has any available.
  4. I am looking for a set of chrome bumpers for a 2015 Sierra 1500, including fogs and sensors. Located in central Ohio. PM offers.
  5. I got the du-ha to match the husky floor liners in brown, it matches well.
  6. I would rather do both, I couldn’t get either scenario to make sense in my head.
  7. Which service do you recommend having the dealer perform, the flush or dropping the pan?
  8. You supplied them the amsoil atf I am assuming? Did they change the filter as well?
  9. The slight vibration at idle after the engine is warmed up is a pretty common issue. Mine isles as low as 500 rpm.
  10. I used the Dr Colorchip touchup paint yesterday and it was fairly easy to use. The color doesn't match great due to my trucks color, but for touchup paint I can't complain.
  11. A few weeks ago when driving on the highway the check engine light came on for maybe 5-10 seconds and then shut off. I headed towards town and when they ran the codes they pulled a P0301 misfire code for cylinder 1. It is a 2015 Sierra 5.3 with just under 60k miles. The light was only on 5-10 seconds and the truck has been running perfectly normal. I went ahead and got new spark plugs, but haven't put them in yet. Anything else I should check out when I do this?
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