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  1. Not yet at the point where I'm willing to lemon law the truck. I have a 100k warranty on it, ARE cap, and clear bra on the hood/ bumper. If I continue to have issues, then I will start considering lemon law. Thus far, the GM dealership in Carlisle, PA have been taking pretty good care of me. I'm hoping the software issues will eventually be resolved. I'm reading on another thread that many of brake assembly issues are starting to tie back to the remote start on these vehicles...
  2. Remote start this morning from the GM app, to also find a check engine light. Took it to the dealer, code P25A2 was stored "Check BSCM for codes - all communication codes, Check connections at BSCM and ECM). Everything checked out OK and they cleared the codes. (BSCM - Brake System Control Module) Today, they cleared the code and reset the check engine light. No other work was performed. The dealer has already replaced the brake assembly module, concurrent with the same week back in December when they issued the recall (picked up the truck on 12/19). Originally, they replaced the brake assembly module due to a faulty brake pad wear sensor, which screwed up the programming of the brake assembly. Since they couldn't troubleshoot it - they had to replace the entire assembly. All these problems started after a routine oil change back in November, at which time they addressed a brake system recall. I've had the truck for almost 6 months & have put about 15,000 miles on it. Even if I wanted to trade it in at this point, I would still owe GM almost $15k.
  3. https://www.gm-trucks.com/gm-issues-recall-n192268090-for-2019-silverado-sierra-brake-system-malfunction/ Well here is the recall for this issue......
  4. @TLDLTD I had the same issue. Truck serviced on a Friday morning for the recall & come Monday morning my dashboard lit up. No prior issues. I ended up driving for another two days with the check engine light on. I just picked up my truck from service today & they ended up replacing the entire assembly associated with the braking system. Turns out the ZF IBC assembly has multiple modules that control everything braking related: ABS, brake wear, stability/ traction control, etc. The specific codes on my truck indicated an issue with a rear wheel brake wear sensor issue. They checked all of the wiring & the issue came back to a module on the assembly. They had issues troubleshooting it & ended up replacing the entire assembly. This explains why I was able to continue driving the truck for hundreds of miles, even after the initial fault. If any one of the individual systems that this assembly control faults, then they have to replace the entire assembly. The engineers at GM have not given the dealerships a way to service the individual modules on the assembly yet. The truck went in on Tuesday afternoon, they overnighted the part, and performed the work this morning. The assembly is accessed through the driver side wheel well. Brake by wire may be unavoidable for us as consumers. But, I would not own one of these trucks without a warranty, as parts and labor would easily make this a $1500-$2000 repair. That said, I'm happy to have my truck back.
  5. @Booger T they are wanting to replace my master cylinder as well & they are saying it unrelated to the programming performed during brake recall.
  6. @Tomtom87 I’ll circle back to this thread, once I take it back to service and know something more conclusive. I also got a diagnostic email from OnStar with the following codes: ECM - Engine System (P25A2) ABS - Braking and Stability System (C0021)
  7. @Booger T Thank you for the heads up. I'm smack in the middle of NYC - as to why I needed to order the tow. After cycling the truck on/off a a couple of times, I just have the check engine light on.
  8. My truck was serviced for the brake system recall this past Friday (2019 Elevation). This morning my entire dashboard lit up with brake system warnings and a non-functioning brake system. Currently waiting for a tow...
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