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  1. Give my diy repair a try...scan back couple of pages for pics. I’m leak free 5+ months now!
  2. Gen 5 diy harness and blend mount for my R7 as well
  3. Both....This is a seal between the spoiler bottom edge and the window gap. I already applied silicone on top just like the TSB the dealership would have done except I did not remove the spoiler. I cut the tip of the 3M silicone tube (I used 2 total/small one not the caulk gun type) and laid the bead above the window frame 4 months ago (still leak free) and this is just an extra precaution. I felt the need to eliminate any water getting to the window seam would be best for long term. I also applied the same marine seal on the roof between the cab and the spoiler ( see my previous post page 203). I know my work and it's satisfying to know that given time and some care you can seal your window up and save the hassle of warranty work mistakes and damage.
  4. This seal should finally put the leak issue to behind me and this is the same I used on top with the spoiler/cab gap. Seal gives water no chance to run down spoiler and sit on top of the window trim which develops cracks and allows water in. I could use warranty but (after 204 pages currently of leaks) the warranty is about 50/50 on correcting this issue and for me this is easily reversible if it doesn't work. All in $16 total for 3M silicone (sealed window and 3rd brake light) and one roll of the marine seal. Total time of 15 minutes and 1 day cure for the silicone and approx. 45 minutes for the seal which seems like a fair trade vs. going the dealership route and getting frustrated, crappy work, lost time, etc.!
  5. I used this and peeled back the strip covering the adhesive side slightly and once tucked in I then pulled the strip and used trim tool to even out all areas.
  6. Update....Few months into sealing my rear glass and happy to report no further leaks. I recently sealed up my spoiler as a added guarantee because as we can see GM does not have our best interests in mind. I used door trim from Lowes and this particular type has ridges to help with the trim tool to push into the tight space and also has adhesive on the back to hold into place once set. The third brake light I used clear silicone (same type 3M) since that gap was too tight for trim. Hope my enthusiasm to prevent future leaks helps another in this exclusive club of leakers!
  7. I used a sawzall before and after stock muffler and used exhaust hangar pliers I bought specifically for this project. Installed GM performance exhaust and fit perfectly and sounds good too!
  8. I went with Rotofab as well and fit and finish are spot on.
  9. Decided to have a look inside both the 63E and 63R...R has thicker can and tighter media and metal end caps. E has the core and ultrasonic end cap installed and can was thinner.Visually the R wins this contest but the E definitely matches the super tech filters inside and out.
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