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  1. If you can track down the part numbers, you should be able to get all GM parts.
  2. I'm eyeing the Retrax Pro as well. It locks, so on those occasions that I have stuff in the back, I'd be less worried about it. Plus, if you want racks or other storage hardware, it will still work. But yeah, the price has me second guessing.
  3. Ive used several now, and I don't know that I've had one yet that was easy to quickly see/read the display. I have the 9500ix in the Camaro, and I can't see it during the day either, and Camaros allow much less light into the interior. I don't recall the manufacturer, but at one point there was a product that would feed the detector data into the data bus using the OBD2 port, and would then display the info on the DIC and/or HUD. That would be nice.
  4. I had this problem when I first got my Camaro. I think I had to turn off shuffle and turn it back on. But that was 8 years ago, so...
  5. So I'm planning on adding a radar detector (Escort 360c) and using a BlendMount. I like the BlendMount and it has worked well in my other vehicles. I'm also considering a dash cam. Escort also has a cam (M1) which uses the same power cord as the radar detector and will also fit on the same mount. Nice and tidy. Having said that, the M1 is average at best, from what I can see from reviews. Anyone else using a dashcam? Any recommendations? Anything that will mount as tidy as the M1?
  6. Part #: 19417164 It states in the description that it is for the Bose systems. The other two are for the non-Bose radios.
  7. I will have my truck in a few weeks, so I haven't gotten to listen to this system yet. But if it is like the Bose system in my 2013 Camaro (and my previous Silverado), adding a sub is all that I needed to be happy. Adding the sub allows you to reduce the bass output to the other speakers and give you more room (ie: volume) before you start getting distortion.
  8. Just spoke with my dealer yesterday. Should have the truck by mid March. Would have had it sooner, but my original order included running boards which are all on constraint. They asked to resubmit the order Feb. 1 without and it went through instantly. Assuming no shipping issues, could have it as early as next week.
  9. Sounds like they are a volume dealer. I've been watching prices around here, and regardless of the incentives, pricing has stayed the same for volume dealers. Regardless, I'm sure they told you they won't guarantee the price on an ordered vehicle. This is the gamble you take to order exactly what you want.
  10. Damn. I've been watching the order thread and most orders appeared to be about 8 weeks. Congrats by the way. I was waiting until Jan to order mine.
  11. The color has been available for quite awhile, just not on the AT4. It's just your basic non metallic bright red. Looks good in my opinion. I was looing at a TB in this color, but I much prefer the AT4.
  12. The trucks are basically identical, minus any specific model details, which you didn't supply. I mean, if you like the wheels on the High Country, they are going to look basically the same on another similar model Silverado/Sierra.
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