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  1. Just a guess. But when I was shopping for my Camaro (2013), Chevrolet often had $1000 certificates for select models in select areas, usually towards the end of the month to increase sales. These were provided via a popup on the website (similar to the survey that pops up).
  2. To be fair, they are likely getting at least some of that info from the dealer. I've seen a few local dealers that can't even keep their own website up to date. My local GMC dealer doesn't even list a lot of their trucks because they move so much inventory.
  3. They are stuck on. Heat gun or let it sit in the sun are the usual options.
  4. It's been awhile since I studied up on this. In any case, similar or the same for the same size wheel, but can still vary based on design. I'm sure someone here knows exactly how all of this works.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, that will also vary from wheel to wheel. For confirmation, I'd hit up a wheel shop that actually sells those wheels and see what they recommend and go from there.
  6. Truck price looks good based on what I was offered last week. The AT4's I was looking at were 11k below MSRP. Your trade value is a separate issue. Use KBB or similar to get an estimated trade value to verify their offer.
  7. There are a couple of similar trucks I was shown yesterday that they were pushing as they were 19's. I was told 55ish (sticker was mid 60's + all of the addons noted above). Prices vary by dealer. Find a wholesale dealer and you will get better pricing. My local dealer is quoting prices $10-14 below MSRP (varies by model) right now. I was looking at 2020 AT4's yesterday. Sticker was 65ish and I was told 53/54. I was just looking, so I didn't pursue it much further than just gathering information.
  8. I've found that regardless of color, when it's your car/truck, and you spend the time to keep it looking nice, you will always notice the dirt. I've had white, silver, red, midnight blue, and black. It's more a matter of learning not to care. When they are dirty, if you care, you will notice.
  9. That would be nice. Don't know if I can wait another year and half.
  10. Xpel/Clear Bra and a Ceramic coating. I've been eyeing the Adams products myself for my wifes Terrain. I've always been happy with their products, but haven't used any of their ceramic products yet. I figure I will work our the process on her car.
  11. shopchevyparts is a real site as noted. There are several topics here at gm-trucks where people have ordered and gotten the parts. I've ordered from them in the past as well. No issues.
  12. I have no factual information, but it could be tied to the lawsuits from other vehicles around the keyfob/ignition issues. I have an outstanding recall on my Camaro for this very issue. For the recall, the take your keyfob (flip out key), remove the key and give you back the fob (minus the key) and a new standalone key. So preventing people from doing what you are trying to do removes them from all possible liability.
  13. I assume this is a top gear limiter like in other vehicles? In other words, 112 mph in 10th gear. So you could downshift and go faster (at least that is how it worked in the 5th Gen Camaros). Thus it also wouldn't affect 1/4 mile.
  14. I know people like to share pics, but honestly, hit your nearest lot and actually look. Unless you are one of the few that has actually calibrated their computer monitor, you aren't seeing the true color anyway.
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