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  1. Last time that I saw this mentioned, I believe it was determined that you would need to order them unpainted, and then have them painted or simply take it to a body shop and have them removed/painted/reinstalled.
  2. Seems to vary based on options, and lately there is the "chip" issue. As to delivery time, my order was placed December 23rd, was accepted and placed on constraint. On February 2nd, my order was resubmitted minus running boards (constraint item), was immediately accepted and I picked it up March 1st. But that was before the chip issue.
  3. You can generally get a better price by taking what's on the lot. Having said that, for what these cost, order and get exactly what you want. You can still take advantage of things like Supplier pricing and incentives. The difference being that you won't know what incentives (assuming they continue) will be available at the time that you take delivery of the truck.
  4. They're not bad looking, but I'm perfectly happy with the black rubber knobs in the RST.
  5. I have the BakFlip MX4. We've had a lot of rain, some severe, in the last month and mine hardly leaks. I'd definetly buy it again. Based on the pictures, the front seals on yours are jacked up. They also appear different than mine, but it's likely been revised since this topic was started.
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it isn't that simple. The system would likely need to be reprogrammed (ie: calibrated) to know that the sensors were moved. Likely something that you would never get a dealership to perform.
  7. Likely pulled because they don't know when they will get more in stock. There is a plastic shortage for numerous types of plastic. Even the aftermarket SB unit has been "backordered - shipping soon" for months now.
  8. If it it's an allocation issue, take your order somewhere else. GM can't build these fast enough, and all orders with an allocation will get built first. They may not get to non allocation orders this model year the way things are going.
  9. My wifes been looking at these too, although it will likely be a couple of years. I'm sure most will since the new Terrains are smaller. And if your SO's are anything like my wife, she wants another V6. She's not the least bit interested in a 4 cyl.
  10. The dealer should be able to tell you why. A month after ordering mine I checked in with my salesman and was told it was on hold. Further investigation showed the running boards were on constraint. They resubmitted the order minus the running boards and it instantly was picked up and I had the truck 4 weeks later. In other words GM knows why and the dealer can find out. At least decent, educated dealers can find out.
  11. The biggest things that I wanted in an AT4 that you can't get in lower models: ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and the HUD. And if you get a fully loaded lower model, the price difference between that and an AT4 is much less than $5100. A similarly equipped TB and AT4: TB $59,600 vs AT4 $62,500
  12. To be fair, the dealers don't always know where the truck is in the process based on the basic information provided to them by GM. They can often get specific information, or at least some of them can, which I can only assume is the by product of having contacts in GM. When I was waiting on my Camaro, I was told it was in "Transit". But evidently that code or term encompasses the entire time from where it sits on lot at the factory waiting to be shipped, to delivery at the dealer. "Transit" in my case, meant it was sitting on the lot waiting to be loaded onto the train, which th
  13. I'm sure others have more experience, but from what I've read, you will want speakers and amp. The factory radio doesn't have enough power.
  14. As you stated, there are numerous threads about this, and specifically about the Bose system. All that you need are speakers, if that's all that you want. Crutchfield . com
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