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  1. I had a similar issue on my Trail Boss. Turned out to be the leaf springs making all that noise. These ended up solving the problem since my dealer wasn’t much help: https://www.spring-things.com
  2. Finally got a chance to install the Spring Things today. Amazing, all the clunking and weird noises are gone. Highly recommend these.
  3. I went with Lasfit on my last two Silverados for my reverse and plate lights. No issues at all and they are bright.
  4. I just ordered the Spring Things after reading this thread. Noises from my leaf springs have been driving me crazy over the last week and couldn’t figure it out until reading this. Had it at the dealer this past week and they told me nothing was wrong. The noises everyone reported here were identical like the sound of something rolling around in the bed. Thanks for the info and will post after I install.
  5. I had my 2021 LT Trail Boss in for service on Monday and they completed this recall along with N202316020 - Radio Software Update. Everything seemed to go pretty quickly as I dropped off at 8:00am and they texted me around 11:00 to tell me I was ready for pickup. Performance hasn't changed since the recalibration and haven't noticed anything different.
  6. I am debating between some Assist Steps to my 2021 LT Trail Boss (Summit White) and have narrowed it down to two choices: Crew Cab 4-Inch Round Assist Steps in Black #84011355 Crew Cab Sport Step Assist Steps in Black with Silverado Script #84742421 I am looking for ones that do not stick out too far or hang too low. Any pros or cons to either these would be appreciated.
  7. Lasfit are the way to go. Put these in my 2021 Trail Boss LT. Zero issues and they are bright
  8. Removed the terrible wood grain trim and replaced with the GM 84458971 interior trim kit.
  9. I am having the same crooked camera issue with my 2021 TB with the QK1 tailgate. It is at the dealership today being looked at and they are awaiting a response GM technical assistance for more direction. They would not use the shim fix as noted above without permission. Dealership did try to swap cameras but it did not fix the problem. Does anyone know if GM has a fix yet?
  10. I purchased a new 2021 Trail Boss LT for $4000 off MSRP in San Antonio at the end of May. It was the last TB on lot and they would not budge off the price. Luckily I got a great deal on my trade with lots of positive equity.
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