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  1. I have heard people without sunroof sometimes can develop a noise when heated up and cools down
  2. I guess this might be my issue!! I have been getting my left rear TPMS going in and out!!! Who has a better wire running path for the dashcam, yes, I am using the Viofi duo too
  3. It has occurred to me to ask, what cab configuration do you have? Short box? I am suspecting the different box length would result in different mounting position for the prop rod to the plastic rail it sits in
  4. Installed my Bakflip MX4 today, anyone had them propped up all the way against the rear window using the gimpy looking prop rods down the highway? They do not look secure enough to stay up the way the promotional instruction videos say
  5. You dont have to get to the headlamps, use the pins at the BCM, you can find the pins you need by looking for the fog light on with highbeam mod, same wires for 2014+, this will save you some time
  6. I realized that the adaptive cruise is great for stop and go traffic where I no longer have to worry about the engine shutting off when it auto stops behind a vehicle. I also realized that I dont have the hold the brake as the vehicle is doing it for me, really makes stop and go with stop start actually bearable. Use the auto stop at your own discretion, you keep your foot close to the brake pedal when you are letting the machine do its thing.
  7. Would you mind identifying which pins triggers the vehicle for trailer hookup?
  8. I am sure this does disable bunch of features too, but I am wondering if there is a better way than leaving something plugged in. Maybe wire of the ground to something will make it think something is connected.
  9. It will "work" with lots of programming involved according to the community developer using the comma's system to interface with GM's control modules, it is out of reach for anyone that does not have the ability to modify and program ECM or any other OEM modules. I am following the community group for GM, it is doable with vehicles that has only Lane Keep Assist, the openpilot system will take care of the distance and keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane. Having Lane Keep Assist ensures the vehicle has the digital means to be interfaced for steering. I have a 2020 AT4, Adaptive Cruise Control can be turned off, but it actually works really well. I do want to point out, I had my old truck's snow tires on when I first got the 2020 AT4, the Adaptive Cruise Control was acting strange, feels as if it is a little slow to make changes to speed or apply brake. After I changed to 33.5 inch tires, Adaptive Cruise works very well. The vehicle has the ability to stay in the center of the lane, but GM has limit the amount of steering assist it will provide.
  10. I use it like this, keep the load on the stop itself from collapsing
  11. I am following this to see who has behind the grille option, active shutter is nice but the system blocks any aftermarket solutions
  12. Is it a 7 ping you have plugged in for it to detect? I am not sure why this is not enabled by default.
  13. AMP Power Running Boards, the only ones I have used so far that is low enough you dont end up kicking rocker panel's paint all the time.
  14. I am short, ~170 cm (5'8"???). Moved from a 2014 All-Terrain with 2.25" block and bigger block in the rear with AMP running boards and 33's to 2020 AT4 also with AMP running boards but now running 33.5's. It is bigger, bigger than a slight lifted old body style, but I comfortably get in and out. My house is build in 1970, fits the truck fine with the antenna hitting the top. I have removed the antenna and ran a wire to the passenger pillar seam meeting the windshield instead. Funny how old houses garages are bigger, trucks were smaller, new houses garages are smaller, new trucks are bigger...... go figure
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