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  1. R E L A X I never suggested everyone should feel or do the way I do. I'm guessing you have these tires or similar on your truck? If so I'm happy for you. What I see most of the time is trucks with mud tires are mainly for visual appeal. They rarely if ever are used for actual muddy conditions. Same thing with lift kits. In both cases they decrease fuel mileage and added noise. If I were a teenager I'd probably think differently, maybe I'm just old and logical. I poke fun at my son who's in his 30's about his teeny bopper AT4. If your into such things I say go for it. It'd be a boring world if everyone drove the same truck
  2. My son has these on his AT4, noisy as hell. I can't stand to ride in his truck. Never saw the logic of a mud tire on trucks that never see off road use. Unless you're 16 and want the coolest truck on the high school parking lot
  3. I ordered the tow mirrors on my 2020 HC but wish I had the regular mirrors due to the blind spots they create. I do love the trailer turn signal side view that comes up in the info screen though. I assume the regular mirrors do not have this feature. To answer your question they look fine/good.
  4. Wind resistance aka drag increases exponentially above 60 so................
  5. For what it's worth the tow mirrors create blind spots left & right. I ordered my truck with these and wish I didn't.
  6. Deeeng it, Oh well guess I'll have to order a new truck
  7. Bringing this thread back up. Still wanting to swap back to regular mirrors but don't want to lose any camera functions. One thing on my 2020 that the 2019 doesn't have is the rear side view when towing a trailer and the turn signal is on, really like that. Anyone made the swap back to standard or vise versa successfully? I'm open to trade if I know it will work without losing anything
  8. I can’t prove it helped just seemed that way. Maybe the engine was just getting loosened up. Anyway I’m happy with the top and the mpg
  9. I've mainly driven mine since buying in Jan 20 on highway road trips to my kids 300 miles away. Early on it was 20-21 mpg. Now it's 22+ and my last trip back home was 24 with the AC running. Keep in mind I drive the speed limit, 60-70 and am a self described as SSSSSmooth (other say slow). I added a camper top at some point and I seriously think it helped the MPG. This is on a 2020 Silverado HC, CC, 6.5" bed and Max tow pkg-3.42 Pretty dang amazing considering the power available
  10. Just remembered there was a special deal with Gm card points , so $2500 was in GM card points
  11. Ordered mine without solid price, but sales manager did guarantee me a minimum off plus whatever incentives. Of the 2 dealers I talked to he was the most upfront so he got the deal. Truck came in and I got around 12k off list, i was happy. It was a HC so it listed around 64k
  12. The camera I'm talking about is the one that comes on when you have a trailer connected and a turn signal is on. I recently installed a camper top so I thought this camera view might be handy since I don't have a good rear view mirror picture. I took a test plug for the 7 wire trailer connector and hooked it up and now the truck thinks a trailer is hooked up so the camera comes on when a turn signal is activated. I think this will come in handy when changing lanes on the highway. Not breaking news but thought I'd let everyone know
  13. Anyone interested in the camera might check with Teague Chevrolet in Eldorado AR. I ordered one but misunderstood the price so I ended up not getting it. They might still have it
  14. I just got my ARE CX Evolve recently. I'll post pics soon
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