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  1. I have the stock wheel to wheel, not super cool but nice to be able to step on and reach into the front of the bed
  2. Somewhere around 70 degrees is considered optimum fuel mileage temp
  3. Say what, does that apply to all trucks or just the 3.0
  4. I have to ask why do they need dimming if you select lights of the correct brightness to begin with
  5. I think this would be the simplest and best method. If you ran a wire from the battery it would be the same difference and probably wouldn't be protected as well
  6. I noticed there's a funnel in the glove box of my 2020 Silverado too
  7. Figured out who the dad is yet?
  8. Just added footwell lights using this wire, tapped wire with Posi-tap connectors, easy
  9. There is a hot wire on the 7 wire trailer connector if I'm correct. I think sometimes you may have to add a fuse or relay in the fuse box but the wire should be in place. I like to use posi-tap connectors for things like this
  10. How do these plugs on the soft panel come out? Don't want to ruin them if possible.
  11. I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe someone who has gone from regular to tow will weigh in.
  12. I'm pretty sure a trailer has to be hooked up to the 7 pin connector for the trailer camera to work. Haven't bought the trailer camera yet for my truck. Ordered one when I got the new truck and was shocked when it was gonna be $500+ so i passed
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