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  1. Go ahead and get the 19/20 6.2 10 speed
  2. The camera I'm talking about is the one that comes on when you have a trailer connected and a turn signal is on. I recently installed a camper top so I thought this camera view might be handy since I don't have a good rear view mirror picture. I took a test plug for the 7 wire trailer connector and hooked it up and now the truck thinks a trailer is hooked up so the camera comes on when a turn signal is activated. I think this will come in handy when changing lanes on the highway. Not breaking news but thought I'd let everyone know
  3. Anyone interested in the camera might check with Teague Chevrolet in Eldorado AR. I ordered one but misunderstood the price so I ended up not getting it. They might still have it
  4. I just got my ARE CX Evolve recently. I'll post pics soon
  5. I wonder if you could plug one of the testers in the trailer receptacle and make it think there was a trailer connected?
  6. Since I've been following this motor I've noticed diesel fuel prices vary GREATLY. In my town it's $2.80 ish, travel 300 miles in the same state and it's $1.64. Deeeng that's a HUGE difference
  7. You sure about those 3.73 gears, I don't think they're available
  8. I doubt it. Why don't you get a trailer towing pkg on your new truck, that would make a lot more sense
  9. Nice. What product did you use to dip them in? How much trouble was it to get them off?
  10. Are you saying the increase in MPG outweighs the extra cost of diesel? I have the 6.2 but part of me wishes I had the 3.0 D
  11. Maybe, but employees may not be working also or working on limited basis. Who knows? Nothing I can do about it anyway. Dealer does have my $1500 down payment though
  12. I have a CX Evolve on the way. Supposed to be here early April, wondering if all that's going on will delay it?
  13. All trucks these days are too dang high. Seems this started several years ago that each Mfg. has to go higher than the other every updated model. While you can get a 2" lifted factory truck I wish they made a 2" lowered truck.Bought a 2020 1500 and I was shocked how much bigger it was than my 2009
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